What’s in 4-2-2-1?

There are different ways to interpret a sequence of numbers, or number patterns in a person’s chart. If the pattern is located in I-J-K-L on the EON birth chart, the influences from the pattern could affect the person when they’re at a younger age, like during the schooling days and formative years. If it’s located around the external sectors (like S-T-U and V-W-X), it could suggest influences from parents or friends and social lifestyle. If the pattern is present in a periodic chart, like in the Personal Year chart, such influences might affect them during that period of time.

What I’ve mentioned earlier relates to the common charts where the influences could impact a person. If you have the FEON+ software installed, you can check other essential and equally important charts (like time chart and combined charts) to determine if you can find the pattern. Then correlate the tendency signs and probable impacts to the specific purpose of these charts.

Someone searched for the 4-2-2-1 (or 4221) pattern recently. As usual… it’s sharing time for me and learning lessons for you. I also noticed searches done on other patterns, phrases, and traits; and suspected it could be one or more readers who might have recently completed profiling courses conducted by some external trainers. As their charting layouts and indexing locations (like I to X) are different from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I’d encourage you to tune yourself to the EON principles when reading my articles. This means putting aside (unlearn) the theories what the trainer taught you, and concentrate on understanding (and learning) the EON principles from a fresh perspective.

In keyword interpretation, we could associate the 4-2-2-1 as [Plan – Talk – Talk – Alone]. I’d interpret that as a persuasive person who contemplated on communicating with others about their visions and innovative ideas (and plans), through discussions and probably social media. And they’d not keep silent until they deliver their message across. Others might felt excited about the promises, but eventually, this person might become lonely and stressful. Others could relate them as a gossiper, charismatic talker (silver-tongue), and manipulator who seldom deliver exactly what they’d promised.

There are signs of interdependence on others, or getting others to do the work to attain their desired goals. Here’s the key motivating factor – monetary pursuits and self-beneficial gains. Others might noticed the materialistic behaviours and selfishness actions. Often, presence of tendency signs suggesting backstabbing, manipulations, tongue-twisting of facts, and forceful aggressions – for success, power, and money.

Wow, that’s a mouthful lot of tendency signs and observations made just on the 4-2-2-1 pattern. If you know someone with the pattern, you might find it easier to correlate the mentioned traits and behaviours in the person. If you have such patterns in your charts, chances are you are not like that, because you presumed so. If you are, take action to change the bad habits and attitudes. If you aren’t like that, then consult some friends to see if they could identify similar traits in you.

What I’ve described in earlier paragraphs is specifically on the number pattern, on an “as is” basis. There’s no specific reference to the pattern in any location of the chart, but rather on the elements and numbers present in the pattern, including the hidden signs. For example, you can also interpret the 4-2-2-1 pattern as [Emotional – Sensitive – Feelings – Anxiety].

Now if the 4-2-2-1 is in I-J-K-L location, we could interpret that as [Study – Express – Communicate – Leader]. It could suggest a smart and resourceful individual who can converse confidently and communicate with others intellectually. To some extent, this person might easily feel emotional and temperamental – accumulated stress resulting from their perfectionist mindset and perseverance attitude. Unless the parents inculcated moral values and good social ethics when they’re young, there are possibility of stumbling blocks, and pursuing success for the wrong reasons. Once again, the money factor has an eventual influence. If the person is raised well, he or she might become an achiever, successful entrepreneur, or someone with innovative foresights or good marketing records. Or a compelling and appealing PR person. Hmm… there are also signs suggesting power-thirsty person, or having a career with political inclinations too.

From a Yin-Yang perspective and understanding the need to harmonised the energies, we could interpret the 4-2-2-1 as the need for the person to concentrate and fulfil their plans first, before they reveal it.

This means working harder on their Creative abilities, humility and warmly nature to showcase their working prototypes, and discuss what’s necessary to materialise and transform into fruition. With positive attitude and adaptive mindset, they can communicate clearly (on action items, workarounds, and fallbacks), respect and cooperate with others (work responsibly as team players), and motivate (drive and inspire) others with their innovative foresights and leadership abilities.

That’s all for my brief observations and interpretations on the 4-2-2-1 pattern in this article. Happy profiling.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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