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Dorothy emailed me recently with some questions. I decided to post the answers here in this article as you might face similar situations too.

[Dorothy]: I bought your book (“Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”) and found it to be very easy to understand. Furthermore, I had attended an Elementary class of Numerology, which made it even easier for me to absorb what you had written. Just wondering… do you have any advance books coming out or is already retailing in the market? Also to do with Elements of Numbers, but in different aspect whereby covering Interior Design of a house, etc.

I’d initially planned to publish my second book, which focused on “Life Path Profiling” a year after the release of my first book in Singapore. However, I was hesitant to embark on the project because of the various reasons, including the followings:

  • Self-publishing requires financial investment, time, and dedicated effort to research on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.
  • I discovered there are so much that I still don’t know, and that requires more time to do research.
  • The royalty payment of my book is very little (most book authors would know) which is inadequate to offset the cost as my book caters to a small, niche market.
  • Retail spaces are evolving and getting smaller. Local book sellers have shifted their choices of books at their retail outlets due to rising cost (like shop rentals and storage).
  • Publishing an online, PDF document is still an option to consider, but not viable for the moment. This is partly due to limiting encryption and copyright technologies currently available to protect the document safely.

My answer to Dorothy would be, “there is no second book focusing on Advanced techniques.” Perhaps I’ve still had a little of the perfectionist trait in me, and a self-sacrificing person at heart. I wanted to empower readers to get the best techniques at the affordable price. That was one reason my first book already covers some advanced techniques formulated by me, like the Time of Birth charts, Double Effects, and others.

There isn’t a single metaphysics method that is suitable for everything – it can be messy, conflicting, disruptive, and detrimental. Take the case of Interior Designing – besides understanding the occupants’ desires to furnish their house beautifully and comfortably, you also have to consider the environmental and periodic energies that might affect them. The application of numerology is not entirely ideal or is limiting for determining good design elements and structures in the house. That is why there are different Chinese Metaphysics systems where professionals find its usefulness for different applications. Like the study and use of Land Forms for external environment, 8 Mansions for the house, Flying Stars for the ideal Facing and Sitting of the houses and rooms, and the periodic energies “flying” in. And you could use ZiWeiDouShu (PurpleStar Astrology) and Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, Phat Chee) to identify a person’s character and energies, complementary to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Of course, you can always combine these systems, and others, if you have acquired advanced techniques to accomplish the goals.

I’ve also adapted an application technique of QiMenDunJia into the “Qi Tapping” techniques included in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. It’s not part of EON, but introduced in the FEN lessons as another potential remedy choice you can decide to enhance the luck needed at different times. It’s an applicable Qi (transient energy) enhancement technique that you can tap on for positive optimism and luck. It’s an easy-to-learn technique that doesn’t cost you anything except your time and effort. And what’s more… you don’t have to waste money on costly symbolic ornaments, rings, and plaques that some external trainers like to promote as lifelong, LifeCodecures” to compel you to buy. FEN students have frequently urged me to show the different LifeCode plotting sequence in class. I’d usually obliged them as I want them to “move on” with the lesson and focus on more important things instead, i.e., to understand how the Annual Code works – for forecasting (tendency signs) and yearly guiding code (like an almanac).

I wanted my second book project to include topics like smart genes, skills ability, academic, achievement, spouses’ and parents’ health, career, job change, and other life aspects like attracting optimism and better health and financial wealth, and so on. That would take years to complete the draft of the book, with extensive hours of research and thousands of case study profiling exercises.

As time is precious, I then decided to put aside the perfectionist traits and work towards a more realistic, short-term target, which are more achievable and sustainable. I decided to conduct classes and impart my on-going knowledge and discoveries to the students. That is another reason I’d encourage students to repeat the classes, if they can, as each session is an extended version of the previous one. There are always new discoveries and extended techniques to learn at each session. Furthermore, I decided to post articles to share bits and pieces of techniques with you on this site, hoping you will learn something useful as well, while you wait to find the right time and budget to attend my class eventually. Some trainer friends hinted at my stupidity to provide free lessons by posting articles here. They suggested I should “go with the flow” and start commercialised training with a standard syllabus, and charging high course fees. That sounds compelling, inspiring, and wealth enriching too. But then… Nah, those are not the key influencing traits in my birth charts, and the current way of imparting knowledge and coaching style. Even if I do go along the commercial route one day in the future, you will still get the best that I can give, with even more techniques and findings because there is still the important part inside me – the researcher mindset with data mining habits.

[Dorothy]: Too bad, I came across your book too late as we had signed up for the Advance course with another master. If I had gotten to see your book earlier, we would have registered the workshop under your teaching as yours is much more comprehensive.

It’s better late than never, “ as the popular phrase goes… I’m glad Dorothy has signed up with someone else earlier as she’s in the good position to judge how much the trainer could impart the knowledge to her. Putting it in another perspective, Dorothy paid to compare and found out that even from the information provided in my book alone (and most likely, the continuing articles posted here), she could gather more comprehensive information to build her profiling knowledge base, than what she’d learned from some other trainer.

Thanks Dorothy, for the confidence in me and my knowledge sharing attitudes. Like many other FEN students who’d paid to learn from other trainers first and then attended my class, it was not a mistake on their part, but rather the “time is not right” for them to learn from me yet. Wow, while that might have sounded like some old-age Chinese Kung Fu or martial arts learning, I believe there is always a connection somewhere along the divine path (the link way) to when (the time) and how (the lessons) we shall meet one another.

[Dorothy]: In your book, you taught about the 5 “Hidden Numbers,” the 5 Elements which affect our Yearly Health. What to look out for, etc., whereby we don’t learn from another coaching. However, your book didn’t cover much on the Yearly Chart. That’s why we can’t really read the chart, though we know how to plot it.

As mentioned in earlier articles, the core ESSENCE in the Elements of Numbers (EON) system lies in the understanding (of the fundamentals) and knowledge (of its application) in the Chinese WuXin or the Five Elements principles. That is the major difference between EON and other methods, and the vast comparison between my teaching style and other commercialised trainers. Inside me, I’m a researcher with a coach/mentor mindset. And yes, I’m both an author and blogger, plus a Metaphysics software developer. I’m not sure about the other trainers as I’ve not seen much continuing knowledge sharing from them except for conducting regular class and preview talks.

I’ve described the steps to plot the Year chart in my first and only book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.You might want to check out Page 176 of my book for more details. I’ve not described the extended techniques to identify potential traits in a Personal Year, or for that matter, in a periodic chart which includes the Personal Month, Day, or even Hour as well – and finding clues leading to particular influences that might affect the person’s traits, behaviours, habits, actions, health, career, wealth, spouse, and other life aspects, at certain times. This information was supposed to be included in my second book project, but I decided to include them in my class anyway. In short, the extended topics that I’d wanted to include in my second book on “Life Path Profiling” is now taught in the FEN (Advanced) module.

Now that I’ve shared more insights on the differences between EON and others, and my continuing free “preview” lessons (through the articles posted here), I look forward to seeing you in class where I can share more extended techniques once I have firmed up the schedules and course materials.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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