EON and UCMHP: Different Chart Layouts

I received an email from Laura who wrote, “I started reading your site few days ago as I completed my course with Dr Yeo from UCMHP. Very informative, systematic and respectable site indeed! I noticed the date of birth of Dr Mahathir is different in your site. His PQR should be 887 and not 584.

First, I apologise for the inconsistency as while searching the Internet earlier, I noted different sites (for example, check this link and this link) indicated Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s birth date as either 20 Dec 1925 or 10 July 1925. In the article, “Dr Mathathir and PY2017,” I use the 20 Dec 1925 birth date as reference to analyse the probable PY2017 influences on Dr Mahathir. For the other articles (check this link), the reference was based on the 10 July 1925 birth date. Let me know if you know Dr Mahathir personally and could confirm his correct date of birth.

Just a quick one – If I based the observations on the birth date of 10 July 1925, then his birth chart, and PY2017 chart would be different from the one used in my earlier “Dr Mathathir and PY2017” article. The 8-1-9-1-8-9 in his PY2017 chart could imply the persistent reluctance to let go of past resentments because of his perfectionist mindset. That could imply whatever he has set his mind on, be they for political target or personal achievement, he will make sure he goes all the way to accomplish his goal or target. Such relentless effort and own pride could impose fiery emotions and blood pressure rising temperatures. That is not good to his heart and brains (mental and respiratory), and of course, his health.

The other intent of this article is to clarify Laurel’s understanding of the locations P-Q-R in the chart. As she has completed the UCMHP course conducted by Dr Bernard Yeo, the charting layout and assignment of the locations are different in the UCMHP method than the one I designed for the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. According to her, the 8-8-7 is in P-Q-R location based on UCMHP method, but it is M-N-O in the EON method. At the same time, the 6-6-3 is located in the P-Q-R on the EON chart.

Due to the different charting method, I’d recommend users and students of other methods (like PON, UCMHP) to adapt and apply the EON method when checking out my articles, or sending me questions with specific locations to avoid confusion. Once the locations are identified and clear, students of UCMHP and PON would find my articles posted here more “informative and systematic,” as highlighted by Laura in her email to me. Thanks Laura, for the assuring words…

And like what I’ve replied to Laura, I’m OK with sharing information and providing general advice posted by users who learned from other trainers or methods like UCMHP and PON. As you might be aware of, few trainers are willing to take some time to share their knowledge to non-direct students and the public, and posting regular articles to allow interested users (and yes, trainers and profiling consultations too) to pick up some free lessons from me. However, I can only reserve the sharing of extended methods, the visualisation techniques, the Qi Tapping applications, and various “root cause” isolation techniques to my EON/FEN students who attended my classes. They’re the deserving one who took the time and effort to attend my classes, and wanting to acquire more in-depth knowledge.

I cannot comment on behalf of other trainers, like if their chart layout is correct or not. Besides the charting layout differences, while using the EON/FEN methods, you’ll recognise there’s no consistent “confirmed (assertion), chopped (self-asserting), and signed (endorsement)” affirmatives each time when analysing the number patterns, or series of numbers presented in a person’s chart. I have shared the steps to identify the various underlying causes leading to possible scenarios. You could then verify these clues to isolate the influences (elements and numbers) affecting a person’s current traits, actions, or events that happened.

Whatever it might be, use your judgement and logical reasoning to analyse the chart, and if possible, gather more feedback to improve your profiling observations. 

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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