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Bryan attended my recent ‘Agility in Profiling: Career Profiling‘ webinar on June 17, 2021.

Bryan has his own business, and was thinking about restarting his legal practice next year. He was not sure whether he should continue his legal practice or consider other business projects, in addition to maintaining his current business. Bryan previously attended the UCMHP course and decided to attend my webinar to learn more about career profiling and look forward to getting answers during the session. Unfortunately, he had to leave the webinar before I could profile his chart. As I believe in providing quality values to those who have attended my webinar, I decided to follow up with Bryan to understand his concerns.

The article today will focus on Bryan’s questions. As always, what you’re about to read does not imply Bryan or anyone with similar charts, would inhibit or display traits that I’m about to share. Remember that an individual’s personality is based on their behaviour and state of mind, and they may change regularly. A person’s beliefs and perceptions of others are influenced in part by their formative years and social influences. That’s why I have come up with the phrase, “The Birth Chart is NOT the Personality.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityWhile many external trainers tend to associate the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) as bankruptcy or legal lawsuits, I tend to analyse from my understanding of the underlying reasons behind such pattern and observations collected from the multiple case studies I’ve made. Frankly, it was made possible because I used the automated FEON+ software to plot various charts within seconds, allowing me more time to analyse. While we could associate the 5-7-3 as carelessness, which often resulted in loss of money, or signing blindly on the dotted line of contractual agreement, there are other aspects which these trainers might have overlooked – the Yin and Yang energies influencing us. What this means, a person with 5-7-3 pattern (especially those who’ve multiple sets) might also be associated with “legal lawsuits” at the other side of the court – as lawyers and/or legal, police, law or security enforcement professionals.

Elements of Numbers FEON+ Pro screenshotI am pleased with my decision to formulate the Reflection Chart, as I have once again identified the relevance of a person’s “hidden” characters – their inner behaviours. Bryan’s Reflection Chart shows identical sets of 9-7-7-5-7-3 patterns as in his Birth Chart. A quicker way to explain is, Bryan is frequently having aligned thoughts “inside out” – his consciousness and unconsciousness are often in tuned with what he wants to do, and he’d usually do it without hesitation.

However, there is an incoming influence that puts a stumbling block to his plans, which was why he became unsure or hesitant whether he should pursue his legal practices or venture into another business. The influencing energies are present in the PERSONAL YEAR chart – the 5-5-5 pattern, which we could associate them as mountains or three high-walls facing him. Or a thicker three-tiered wall obstructing his path. The energies of the personal year are also important to help you understand the potential impact or effect you might feel or get. That was why I decided to set the next webinar topic as “Personal Year” to share the underlying techniques and show how you can utilise the knowledge to “ride with the flow of tide” towards better outcomes. I am pleased that Bryan and others have signed up for the upcoming webinar on July 15, 2021 as they have learned a useful career technique and may see a lot of values from the webinar session.

Bryan has the perfectionist mindset, and it’s important to loosen his strict allegiance to his principle-mindedness and logical reasoning, to know it’s OK to be less perfect. He also has to learn to be more tactful and diplomatic, and to reflect on his self-awareness (emotions, confidence) and self-management (self-control, conscientiousness) to  communicate and build better relationships with others. Once he could relax that persistent thoughts, it’d be easier for Bryan to break the thick walls (5-5-5) into smaller pieces, and cross over towards achieving his career visions and desired outcome (not outputs).

Bryan’s career vibe is in the air this year. He can resume his legal practices if he’s ready to go. Alternatively, he could also look at venturing into another business, especially those around service-oriented or humanitarian areas, like providing legal counselling, communications, relationship management, coaching, presenters, and any career or business that involves huge gathering of people. All he has to do today is to break the mountains and thick walls into smaller pieces, to get rid of the stumbling blocks in advance, and set a clearer path forward. This means, to put aside the hesitation, unnecessary worries, fears, principle-mindedness, uncertainties, doing too many things at one time, and others; and instead focus and prioritise his needs on what really matters to him.

Elements of Numbers FEON+ Pro DISC-EON ChartBryan needs to start taking steps to implement his plans today as his Personal Year (PY2022) chart shows beneficial and positive energies to reinforce his career growth visions. In the Five Elements principles, the Metal element supports the Water element, and the Water element supports the Wood element. I’ve shared with Bryan and others at the recent webinar, why the element at the “outcome” location could indicate certain tendencies, and it’s important to know them beforehand so you can act ahead of time to manifest the energies around and within you, to achieve the desirable outcomes.

A quick check on the “DISC-EON Style” chart available in FEON+ PRO only, shows Bryan has the I-D (Influence-Dominance) tendencies, the “Risk-Taker” with leadership abilities to influence and dominate, but often impatient and distracted. The FEON+ PRO software is currently available to my FEN students for their profiling application use, and to gather feedback.

If you’ve attended other courses from anyone other than me, and still feel uncertain about your luck and other life aspects in a particular year, then it’s time to attend my next webinar “Agility in Profiling: Personal Year” session. I’ll teach you how to re-look at the Personal Year Charts from different perspectives, and highlight how the influencing energies could boost or affect you. While future webinars would include topics like periodic energies (Year, Month, Day), it’s advisable and necessary for you to focus on one technique at a time, to learn and understanding the Personal Year energies for now.

Agility in Profiling, Elements of Numbers EON Ron WZ Sun

The next webinar “Agility in Profiling: Personal Year” will be held on 15 July 2021 (Thursday). Again, I look forward to sharing more ideas about the energies of the personal year with you. If you’ve attended courses on PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Clarity Numbers, Visiber, and other similar numerology method (including my earlier EON Workshop session), it’s a good time to refine and improve your profiling skill sets. Get to understand the right way on how the Personal Year energies could influence and affect you. If you’ve bought my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” sometime back, know how to plot the EON charts, and have been practising profiling charts, you’re also welcome to attend the webinar. Get to learn an extended technique on the Personal Year energies.

Click this link for more information about the webinar and to register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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