David Wu and Sex Scandals

John sent me an email a few days ago with his analysis on David Wu’s sex scandal case. The Congressman resigned after claims that he’d “sexually assaulted” a young woman, according to this article.

As I’d previously explained, there is no right or wrong approach in analysing a chart. John’s email was timely as you’ve an alternate view on how to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for profiling. John’s maximising his right brain to think creatively. He could correlate the events to the numbers, a creative way to learn the fundamentals of EON.

John has made many references to my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” (FECP). You may want to refer to them to understand the meanings better. It’s an easy and fast means to learn about human behaviour and character profiling.

John’s analysis:

18-year-old daughter of a long-time friend and campaign donor.
3 – 4
Fast – Plan
( 3 + 4 =7) Attract Attention
Even before the sex allegations had surfaced, Wu had attracted unwanted national headlines.
2 – 1
 Talk – Alone
Woman and Man involved (18 yr old girl and David Wu
4 – 7
Plan – Supporter
(4 + 7 = 2 bickering) quarrel with donor over incident 
 7 – 2
Supporter – Talk
 sensual desire

John also provided extra viewpoints (see below) on David Wu’s Personal Year Root 7:

  • Root 7 – High sexual desire. “Wild and Sensual thoughts” (FECP, Page 173)
  • Locations J-K (4-2) and L-N (2-4) – Marital affairs (FECP, Page 206)
  • Locations I-J-M (8-4-3) – Marital issues (FECP, Page 209)
  • Locations S-T-U (7-2-9) – Surrounded by many people of opposite sex (FECP, Page 206, 180)
  • Locations R-Q-R (2-3-1) – “Talk-Aggressive-Alone” – Might be 18-years old girl aggressive to David Wu as it takes two hands to clap.

It is easy to correlate the numbers and patterns to events that happened earlier. Not many people could do a creative profiling the way John did.

John provided me with his birthdate, and I could identify the tendency signs of strong innate “intuitive and spiritual senses.”  Having strong “spiritual senses” need not always be about “ghostly encounters”. The person may be perceptive to the Qi energy changes in the environment that somehow influence their thoughts.

Putting the creative analysis and authenticity of the sex scandal claims aside, it is also possible to identify the “Career” vibes of a person in a particular year. I’ve shared the advanced techniques to identify the “Career Element” at the recent EON Workshop session in June.

In David’s case, the negative career vibes are strong and it could affect his career.

[Note to EON Workshop users: Look at David’s Career element. His career vibe is at a “stumbling block” because of a female person.]

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” – Tom Krause

Putting the sex scandal aside, David must take care of his health this year. He must learn to control his emotions, worries, and tempers should symptoms on cardiovascular, respiratory or urinary health conditions had already surfaced. He needs to reduce his sugary intake (including carbohydrates, potatoes, and alcohol) if he’s not already done so.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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