Former Spurs star Dean Richards dies

According to this article, former Spurs soccer star Dean Richards has died on 26 Feb 2011 (Saturday) after losing his battle with a long-term illness. Richards had to retire in March 2005 after suffering from dizzy spells and headaches.

Let us look at Richards’ birth chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and check on the health areas.

I have included a screenshot of the “General” chart here, taken from my EON (Android) software. This “General” chart is also available in the “Free” version. Other advanced features are available only in the “Registered” version. I’ll provide more details on the software and features in later articles.

OK, let’s start with the analysis.

His weakest health symptoms are of the Water and Earth elements. In the Five Elements, we associate the kidney to Water, and stomach (and digestive system) to Earth.

If you wish to know more on the Five Elements and how to identify the health symptoms, do check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dizzy spells and headaches are conditions of kidney deficiency. Richards’ death may be caused by kidney failure. Consequently, this may have affected his lungs and heart.

In TCM, kidney provides the essence of energies to all body organs.  Using a popular analogy, it’s like “the candle flickers once the oil is used up.”

In Five Elements, weak Water would drain out the Metal, and be “exhausted” by strong Fire. The kidney may not produce enough oxygen and blood essence. This may triggered the dizzy spells and headaches.  When such condition arises, the person may go into complications of stroke and other cardiovascular health conditions.

Let’s look at Richards’ Personal Year 2004. You may want to try plotting his PY2004 chart. The Fire was strong and affected the Metal. When Metal is “exhausted”, it further weakens the Water. His negative health symptoms could be at its peak in 2004, and these could lead to his forced retirement in March 2005.

Now, let’s look at his PY2010 chart from the screenshot. He is facing the “Double Effect” year. The positive and negative energies are doubly manifested. It affected his body organs, especially his kidney which in turn may have affected his lungs, immune and heart.

Keeping ourselves fit by exercising is good. However, apart from the “physical body” fitness, it is important to ensure that our internal body organs are also fit. Have you heard of marathon runners and sportsperson who are “certified fit” in good health and suddenly died of heart attacks?

We seriously need to understand our own internal health conditions if we want to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. Using the EON method would provide a quick and easier way to identify the potential issues. Take preventive measures to reduce the deficiency in the specific body organs of yours… now!

Taking natural health supplements to revitalise and re-energise our body is one good way, besides regular exercise, meditation and balanced diet.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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