Finding the Diabetes pattern

According to this recent article, researchers noted that diabetes may be getting out of control in many countries. Millions of people may suffer from diabetes due to undiagnosed or poor treatment, putting them at risk with severe health diseases.

Can you know whether you may get diabetes? Can you minimise such possibilities from happening?

The doctors can tell whether you have diabetes after checking on your clinical test results. When they diagnosed the symptoms, the effects would already have started as the symptoms don’t appear overnight. Clinical tests are not definite especially when your blood sugar level is on the borderline.

Why waste unnecessary money over lifetime medications when you can spend less by investing in your own health?

Over the past few months, some of you have provided me with your birth charts for analysis. Often, when I advised you to reduce your sugar intake, you knew what I was implying. I made a discovery last year when I noticed patterns from birth dates of people who suffered from diabetes. Occasionally, it is possible to identify whether the health condition is heredity, or through external influence.

The possibilities of identifying diabetes pattern in a birth chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method are high.

Your birth chart can reveal health symptoms that you don’t even know. If the diabetes pattern does not appear in your birth chart, it doesn’t mean you will not have diabetes. The signs may be there in your Personal Year chart. The symptoms may surface that year (or later) if you don’t take care of your health properly.  Frequent consumption of excessively sweet foodstuff can increase your blood sugar level. Similarly, if there are diabetes sign in your birth chart, it doesn’t mean you will get diabetes. Eventually, it all depends on your follow-up actions. No one can decide on the quality of your health. If you know your blood sugar level is high, start taking preventive measures to reduce the possibility of getting it. Common sense, isn’t it?

“Beset by craving, people run about like an entrapped hare. Therefore, one who yearns to be passion-free should destroy his own craving.” – Dhammapada

What can you do to prevent yourself from getting diabetes?

Simple – try reducing the blood sugar level by cutting down on your sugar intake. Stop that craving. Drink less sugary and alcoholic drinks. Consume fewer sweet desserts, fewer sweet fruits, and less of everything that taste sweet.

You have one life. Live it in a positive and healthy way.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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