Paris Hilton arrested in Las Vegas

American socialite Paris Hilton has been arrested in the US for alleged possession of cocaine, according to a recent article.

Once again, it reinforced on the effects of strong Fire element (numbers 8 and 3) and the 5-7-3 number combinations.

Do check my earlier articles on Ms. Hilton:

Meanwhile, it doesn’t necessary mean that only a person with strong Fire element in their birth chart would have a tendency to smoke, drink, or take drugs. The same effects could also apply when the Fire is weak – there is also a need to boost up the passion and energy, and the desire to stimulate the effects by smoking, drinking, or taking drugs.

Take the case of Lady Gaga (born on 28 March 1986) who recently admitted she took cocaine, and that taking drugs inspired her music. It’s an unfortunate comment made by a celebrity. She claimed she doesn’t need drugs anymore but yet admitted she took them occasionally now. Anyway, you can check the Contactmusic News article out for more info.

Now that my book is available, try plotting Lady Gaga’s birth chart. You will find that she has the 7-5-3 and 5-7-3 number combinations in her chart. Fire is weak while Metal is strong. Plot her Personal Year 2010 and 2011 charts as well. Some common number patterns (1-2-3, 8-4-3, 3-3-6, 4-4) are also present.

I encourage you to plot her chart out and do your own analysis. Practice as much as possible as it will help improve your analytical skill.  Leave your comment or send a personal email to me if you are shy. There is no right or wrong answers as it all depends on what you are focusing at.

Regards, Ron


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