Uncontrollable Thoughts of Rolando Mendoza

By now, many of you would have heard or read the newspaper about the hostage-taking ex-cop who hijacked a tour bus in Philippines on 23 Aug 2010. The chaotic result was unfortunate as no one would expect it to turn out this way.

Let us look at Rolando Mendoza’s birth chart and check whether we can gather signs of anger, frustration and uncontrollable emotions that could have agitated him to resort to such deadly actions.

Mendoza’s chart is unique. Apart from having the ‘mirrored’ numbers, the numbers in the top row are all 1s. If you look closely, there are also number 6s in his chart. He has the authority and power, and is proud of his own achievements. In many ways, he took pride in his work.

However, not many people like his arrogant, blunt, direct nature, and forceful attitude. As a result, some may backstab (sabotage) him out of jealousy, or to spite him.

This could imply a fiery and hot-tempered person if invoked.  The number 1 (and 6) is Metal. In my book, I have also associated Metal to knife, writing instruments, medical equipment, and weaponry.

When Metal (numbers 1 and 6) is strong in a person’s birth chart, we should not try to invoke anger or agitate them. When they are angry, they would not hesitate to use hard force to get things done their way.

In my book, I have also mentioned Metal could also imply ‘self-egoistic’ (self-conscious, afraid to lose face) traits. The 6-6 number combination is also present in his chart. Do check my other articles on the effects of 6-6 combinations.

In addition, the multiple sets of number 3 (Fire) is in the external area of his birth chart. Although he could be exposed to areas of smoking, binge drinking, and consuming drugs, it does not imply he will smoke, drink, and take drugs or involved in drug activities. After all, it is part of a law enforcer’s job to be exposed to people and places involved in drugs activities and corruptions. A well-disciplined and law-abiding policeman should know where to draw the lawful line, and where they stand.

As Mendoza has a ‘mirrored’ chart, let us look at his Reflection chart to find out more on his ‘hidden traits’.

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This year, he is experiencing a “Double Effect” effect based on his Reflection chart. This implied his fiery tempers, emotions, and egoistic thoughts are high. He became easily emotional and forceful because of the strong Metal and Wood. In addition, the strong Fire could have invoked the wildfire trait to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. His deadly emotional state could have further aggravated when the police arrested his brother, and for some reasons unknown to the public.

Now that he is dead, not many people would know whether Mendoza is innocent and telling the truth.

If you have a similar chart, try to redirect your tempers and emotions to other purposeful and healthy pursuits. Learn to relax and meditate to bring your emotions and tempers down to a controllable state. Be humble and share your accomplishments with others. Learn to work as a team – you need others just as much as they need you, to accomplish the tasks.

No one is a bad person when born. It was unfortunate Mendoza’s emotions and uncontrollable mind had influenced his thoughts and actions, resulting in the death of others and him.

Regards, Ron


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