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Do you use the method in PON whereby the women with root 6 control ‘everyone’ else? Or all are equal in rank?” asked Oscar in a recent email to me.

CaseStudy_Wyson_wifeLet’s look at the underlying principles of the number 6 first.  We can associate the number 6 to different traits and characters. These include suggesting a person with security, mental, boastful, show-off, homely, and financial tendencies. For ordinary people, the ‘homely or responsible’ traits suggest a person who cares a lot for his or her home and the family members. For a politician, the ‘homely or responsible’ trait could also include the care (economic, financial, and political stability) for the country.

There is some truth in Oscar’s question about women with Root 6 having the controlling nature. Yes, they could be the ‘Big Sister’ of the family or the controller of the team.

From an extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we need to analyse the person’s chart as a whole rather than just focus on the Root number. There are times when I noticed a person’s prominent behaviours and habits does not associated to their Root number. Instead, I could identify them from other surrounding numbers in the chart.

Well, you need to analyse beyond numbers which often acts as a symbolic icon just like a typical signboard. You can easily identify the graphic representation – a STOP or NO ENTRY signboard is a warning sign. Many people don’t take notice of the background colour of the signboard. For example, we usually associated street signboards painted with RED background colour as rules we must follow as there might be ‘danger’ ahead.

FEN_COURSEThis is one significant reason EON is different. Other methods (like PON, UCM, LifeQuest) focused mainly on the numbers whereas EON focuses more on the Five Elements associated to the numbers. When you analyse the chart from EON principles, you would notice the Root number’s influences, though obvious, might have varying strengths or weaknesses. Therefore, a female person with ‘Big Sister Number 6need not necessarily imply she’s always the controlling person, or often control others without hesitation.

The Five ElementsCheck out the ‘Five Elements” section in Chapter 3, Page 81 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you have access to it. Alternatively, you can also buy my book from major Singapore bookstores like Kinokuniya, Times, or selected Popular outlets. You can also get the book at specialised metaphysics bookstores like Wan Li Book Co at Golden Mile, Beach Road. For those living in SE Asia countries, you can order the book direct from me. And for those living in Europe, US and other countries, you can order the book from online stores like Amazon. Click this link for book purchasing details.

You can find out the strength of each element in a person’s chart once you understood the interactions of the Five ElementsElemental Cycles (production, weakening, controlling, and repelling). You can check its possible influence on a person’s Root number element. Using symbolic representation, we can visualise the number 6 like a big knife or meat chopper; and the number 1 is like a small knife or a sword. By character associations this means that a person with root number 6 have more forceful, arrogant, and Goliath-like tendencies than someone with root number 1.

The vibes present in the Periodic Charts do influence a person as well. That is why it is important to check a person’s Personal Year chart to find out the combined strengths manifesting the stronger and weaker elements. And use the Five Elements principles to identify the probable vibes affecting the person.

AnnualCodeMost people would, by default, associate controlling and forceful nature to the masculine gender. From a YIN and YANG perspective, the number 6 has YANG energies. People assume it is ‘NORMAL’ for a male person with Root 6 to behave manly and talk loudly. But when a woman has Root 6, it’s an exception behaviour beyond the norm. People assume women to be feminine and talk softly. So, when a woman has Root 6, people do take special notice and assumed these women have ‘man-like’ controlling behaviours and habits. Some people even stereotypes them as ‘worst’ than men as they want to control everything.

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In practicality, I’d say that all people (both male and female) with Root 6 are equal and have similar controlling nature. Their actions and expressions are partly influenced by the gender role. The strengths and weaknesses of their characters, behaviours and habits mainly depend on the elements present in their birth chart. We can also find out a person’s current behaviour and actions from their periodic charts, and their year influence tendencies from their ANNUAL CODE patterns.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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