Anxiety over 9-4-4: Part 2

In my earlier article “Anxiety over 9-4-4: Part 1”, I asked for participation to kick start an engaging and interactive learning approach. The response was far from encouraging. Nevertheless, there is still a positive light in every dark tunnel, provided by one user Lim Chin Min.

I strongly believe your knowledge will improve gradually when you continue to practice, and dare to test your knowledge openly. For those who did not join in, don’t worry too much. Perhaps you are shy, and do not feel comfortable. You may have your own reasons. It’s OK. We should not let emotions rule our minds once too often.

Let us look at the forest image again. Can you figure out what the forest image has to do with the 9-4-4 number combination?

As Chin Min puts it, “A forest is quiet, still and does not want to be disturbed. It has a lot of hidden potentials that are not obvious to the human’s eyes. Plants and trees think of all ways to survive in the forest, and they are therefore independent and creative, and do not like to be controlled. Success does not come easily due to stiff competition (for sunlight), and they need each other’s support for survival (those plants that depend on others for food).

Can you relate what Chin Min said to the forest trees, ferns, wild plants and creepers? I know most of you can.

When it comes to visual representation of the numbers, we can adopt the same approach. Yes, you can relate what Chin Min said to a person who has the 9-4-4 number combinations in their birth chart. Check the section “Visual Representations of the Numbers” on Page 152 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information.  As both numbers 4 and 9 are Wood, check out the descriptions of the Wood element on Page 82.

A quick summary, the characteristics and traits of the two numbers are.

  • Number 9: Self-possession, receptivity, acceptance, firm, rooted, humanitarian, achiever, unselfconsciousness, inquisitive, caring, demanding, forceful, greediness.
  • Number 4:  Individuality, sensitivity, emotional, self-awareness, sensitive, compassion, honesty, plan, insecure, resilience, survivor.

With the 9-4-4 number combination (including 4-9-4, 4-4-9, 9-4-9, 4-9-4 and 4-9-9), you have extra traits like:

  • Fearsome, illusive, stressful, temperamental, forceful, responsibilities, scheming, remorseful, empathy.

So, 9-4-4 is more than just [Success-Plan-Plan], scheming, anxiety or emotional. The person may have the tendency traits mentioned, including those commented by Chin Min. There’s so many ways to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to analyse a person. Often, using the creative approach (Right-Brain Thinking) may help provide more clues to your analysis of the person.

Chin Min has taken the guts to comment about his imagining representation of the numbers. I’m glad he did. And I’m certain his knowledge of EON would progress higher as he is willing to take part and share his knowledge with all.

I believe many of you can be like Chin Min, if not better. Get the guts out the next time I asked for participation. This is the best time to take part and learn…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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