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There are more than 120 articles posted here since I first launched this site in June 2010 to promote the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Many of the articles include useful information that can help you better your knowledge on EON. I have also included case studies where you can digest and learn as well. I’m glad many of you have found the articles useful based on the emails received.

Now, I have a problem – it’s a “Catch 22” issue. On the one hand, I’d like to share as much information as I could with you in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, I noticed many of you are eagerly waiting to read my articles daily. Some even visited this site more than five times a day, hoping there’d be new articles to read, digest, and learn.

Confucius once said, “Knowledge without Practice is Useless. Practice without Knowledge is Dangerous.”

Perhaps it’s true that I may have been overloading your mind with too much information. It’s time for you to start practicing what you know about EON. And the easiest way is through the EON Forum. I have created the forum sometime in August but could not get it up and running, because of some compatibility problems with the forum software and the Word Press program that I’m using for this site. Now that the compatibility issue has been fixed, I have decided to open the forum to all.

Post your questions for others to reply. Share your experiences by answering the questions. Let’s get interactive and learn at the same time!

And while you are getting yourself engaging in the forum, here are some sneak peeks of what you may expect in 2011.  No, it’s not about the Global Forecast – we’ll leave that to another day. Instead, it’s about what I’m doing to help ease and quicken the learning and analysis process.

Apart from continuing my EON research, I am exploring on EON software development. Many of the images showing the birth charts and Personal Year charts used in my case studies were screenshots from the Windows OS and/or Windows Mobile 6.5 versions of my EON software. I used it often to analyse charts, and most importantly, identify patterns. I believe you’d be able to shorten the analysis time using technological gadgets.

I have also received questions from users who asked when I can release my EON software, and whether it support mobile devices like iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry.  Currently, all I can say is – development has started. Perhaps that could explained why there aren’t any posting the past few days.

Now, let’s put the excitement aside, and work on practicing the EON methods. There’re many areas you can apply with the EON methods. Take charge and change your life now for a better tomorrow.

Remember, success is just a target. It’s the little steps you take (like climbing the stairs) that matters as it will move you up towards your goal. So, start engaging in the EON Forum now!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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