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I posted the two articles “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” and “Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again” early this month. And I’m glad Nancy has commented on the positive changes she’s made, that gradually influenced her behaviours, thoughts, and attitudes toward her team mates. Through regular conscious awareness, I believe Nancy would become a best version of herself sooner, and it would directly influence the way she communicates with other people. Sometimes, problems can easily be resolved by taking a little grace. The good habits, when adopted regularly, could also alter the way she perceives others, as she’d be in a better position to pause, analyse, and think about how she would react to normal and challenging situations.

Nancy: I appreciated your advice. I’ve begun to behave in a calm manner during meetings with my teammates, and observed things get moving faster. I’ll change and treat others with the same degree of respect, and will consciously take note of it. I will also not act like a “big sister” all the time. I used to think too highly of myself, and now that I’m aware; I’ll change for the better. I’ll mind what I said, and will try to be a more respectable person.

Once again, I could sense Nancy’s enthusiasm and willingness to change herself. Nancy also attached pictures of the decorations at her office pantry where she and her teammates happily took the effort to put up. Good start to positive teamwork. She also enquired about the use of the crystals for energising and cleansing. I checked her charts, and then advised her of the type of crystals she could use, to help calm her thoughts and improve her communication skills.

I promised I’d post a separate article about her love life. I hope today’s article could bring useful insights to Nancy on her love vibes, and how she could differentiate between her needs and wants in a love relationship.

Last year, Nancy was facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes, based on the tendency signs present in her PY2019 chart. There was also the presence of someone “coming” into her life. Her charts show there might be more than one man. This suggests that the men who have exhibited a personal interest in her, could either be from within her company internally, and from external sources, like through social gatherings.

This year, the PY2020 Chart is suggesting emotional and exasperating times, likely caused by the 8-4-3 vibes which distracted her from receiving a clear, uncluttered mindset of the kind of relationship she needs. Nancy told me she had met someone – let’s name him Henry – and hope it could lead to a lasting relationship. She also gave me Henry’s birth details, and I quickly plotted their “Relationship / Compatibility (R/C)” Chart.

I strongly advised Nancy – yes, I used the word “strongly” here – to consider Henry more as a social or casual acquaintance, and avoid getting too “up close and personal” in their relationship. I’ve a few reasons for making that cautionary advices. For one, Henry is currently married with children, and confided to Nancy about his family problems. What Henry wants is for someone to care about him, to be empathetic, and be willing to listen to him. And Nancy happened to be in the “correct place, and right time” whom he could confide with. Frankly, what Henry urgently needs is not Nancy, but to seek a marriage counsellor, to help him and his wife communicates truthfully and openly discusses and resolve their “problematic” issues amicably.

I’d caution Nancy not to break up Henry’s family, and avoid being finger-pointed and innocently accused as the “third person” should there be impending separation or divorce. In her desperation to seek a better love life, and to have someone to love her, Nancy might be mixed up with her needs and wants in the type of relationship with a man.

There are signs suggesting Henry has strong “perfectionist” traits – a person who needs everything to be done his way, and according to his plan. There are also signs suggesting Henry could often be flaunting on his successes, career accomplishments, and wealth to others, to show off his abilities. Possibly, with signs of flamboyant attitudes. Yet, when we put all these upper layers aside, what lies beneath are signs of sensitive, fears, worries, anger, insecurity feelings, and non-committal behaviours. These could have created, directly or indirectly, to the strained relationship between Henry and his wife; and the more they should urgently seek a marriage or family counsellor.

The “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) chart shows multiple 2s and 4s. Nancy’s Birth Root is 2. These could indicate that both Nancy and Henry could “click” well easily, as there are so many things they could talk about, under the sun and moon. But eventually, Henry still needs to go home to his wife and family, leaving Nancy alone. I doubt that’s the kind of relationship anyone would enjoy, in a typical one-sided love affair. 

Besides communication, we could associate the number 2 with sensuous feelings, manipulations, and gossiping. These could suggest Nancy’s unconscious feelings toward Henry, could be more of filling the gaps for social companionship – her wants to have somebody where she could enjoy talking and passing time with, and not for someone she needs – to have blissful and lasting relationship together, as loving couple.

I’ve added another chart to enable me, or anyone, to gauge the strength points of the elements present in the relationship of two to four people. The “Elemental Strengths” shows both numbers 2 and 9, are strong. I’ve mentioned about the number 2 relating to Nancy. The number 9 is related to Henry’s Birth Root number. This means, the relationship between Nancy and Henry, is more to satisfy their individual’s desires. The number 3 – associated to love, joy, happiness, and passions – are low and weak. Again, it’d be ideal for Nancy not to rush hastily and committed herself too deeply into the relationship with Henry.

As I don’t have Henry’s wife’s birthdate, it is hard to determine if the current strained relationship that Henry has with his wife, is due to his character. Oh yes, I suddenly recalled there is a way, a special technique that I’d formulated many years back, and actually included in my FEN training slides. This unique technique allows me to check on the likely issues Henry had with his wife, by checking on his PY chart alone, still without knowing his wife’s birthdate. Yes, it was exciting when I found another interesting way to analyse charts.

There are tendency signs suggesting Henry might be facing challenging times with his wife this year, probably linked to financial issues, and/or home and family’s responsibility matters. Both might have quarrelled more times last year, and there are signs suggesting frequent heated disagreements on Henry’s complacent or non-committal behaviours. There are also signs Henry might be facing legal or contractual issues last year, and perhaps; these could have triggered the quarrels.

Nancy should continue to go on improving her tactfulness and communication skills. If she’d any broken relationship before, she could self-reflect what has gone wrong, and checked if her previous character and behaviours (mentioned in my earlier two articles) could have contributed, in one way or another. The tendency signs (8-3-2) are suggesting a strong likelihood. Like the chess game or many board games, you cannot undo the earlier moves, but you can think ahead and make the next step better. It’s more important that Nancy strives to improve her empathy, tolerance, and communication skills with others today, to avoid similar recurrences in her relationships with others.

The fact that she’s managing both local and overseas teams, establishes that she’s a capable career woman, who could also manage her finances. She could continue to socialise and meet new friends, including the men. Oh, she should not impose a timeline for marriage or to sustain lifelong loving companion. Set Henry on lowest priority, or consider him as one of her many social friends. With positive change, comes potential attractions. Yes, that’s the tendency signs present in her PY2021 chart, where there are ample opportunities for her to meet the right man – the one who loves her, and be the one she loves.

Wishing Nancy all the best in her career and love relationship…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


Updated (23 Sep 2020, 11:08am, GMT+8)

Nancy replied after reading this article. She picked up REKI and crystal healing, and felt good. Regretted she didn’t take up earlier. She met Henry two weeks ago, and witnessed another side of him; similar to the behavioural traits I’ve described in this article. According to her, Henry was hot-tempered, aggressive, and raised his voice, and expected her to listen to him. She was shocked by the sudden change in his behaviours, and decided they could remain as friends and move on with their separate lives. I’m happy for Nancy. She is anxiously waiting to sign up for my FEN class to learn and understand the extended EON method and FEN techniques.


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