To Fight Even on 2-5-7


Today’s article is special as I noticed I could correlate a certain pattern to some of Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategies. For example, I retrieved three relevant translated-to-English version of Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategies from the Internet:
Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
• He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
• Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

TakeStockNo, we’re not talking about war strategies here or how to adapt these theories to fight against the modern-day terrorists or your enemies. More often than not, it is easier for us to relate these strategies to office politics, career survivals, and business competitions. However, that’s not the focus here. Instead, we could correlate, or rather, adapt the strategies to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and specifically apply it to the 2-5-7 (or 257) number pattern. Click here to check other articles that I’d posted previously on 2-5-7 pattern. And now, I’m going to use a different approach to share my observations, through analogies and visualisations. I hope it could provide fresh perspectives on how you could profile a person beyond the rudimentary number patterns.

Let’s begin with the keyword interpretations. We could decode the 2-5-7 pattern as [Talk – Obstacle – Supporter], and interpret that as a person who likes to talk but often creating bottlenecks and stumbling blocks toward other people. To translate that into a visual form, it’s like you are trying to talk to someone standing from the other side of the high wall. You don’t know who they are, or even if you know, you couldn’t care less how they feel or behave, or whether they are listening to your talking. All you want is to get your message across, and expect the other person to assume they “get it right” and perform the tasks you wanted. You like to manipulate others and arouse their feelings, and possibly, including their sensuousness. And when they don’t deliver what you’d expected, you quickly throw tantrums, get overly emotional, and flare up your tempers. Be careful though; while you might want to flirt or take advantage of your appealing and “sweet talking” nature to get your way through, others could also “play along with your game” and take advantage of you. Know yourself and understand your limits and strengths. You are like a river (or a reservoir) while others are like the seas and ocean. When tensions arise, you are only like a river with overflowing water; others are like the huge waves coming in, almost like the Tsunami. Eventually, you might be the one losing out; a thousand battles… lost. And you’re often the one who’d not hesitate to trigger and aggravate the communication strains, quarrelled with others, and ended up being lonely.

ACCURACYThe number 5 in the 2-5-7 could also be like a virtual mountain that you might subconsciously create. It’s like a mental divider making it harder for you to communicate with others, or achieving your goals. What this means is that you might have high hopes and aspiring goals, likes to create deceptive visions and ideas, and portray the magnanimous attitudes. However, you continue to assume your perceived thoughts are correct and your choices are only the best applicable ones as you could not see what’s on the other side of the virtual mountain. You feel at ease and entrenched yourself in your comfort zone and prefer working with people you know, or people you could easily persuade and convince. These could imply you’re susceptible (likely to be influenced) to gossip and rumours, and quickly assumed them as facts without verifying. In short, it’s all about talking about your promises, without considering if you could deliver them or not. What you think is what you “see” and that manifested the manipulative, sensitive, and insecurity traits in you. There are signs you might have acquired the “selective listening disorder” trait as you only want to hear the “good” things. And because of that (only hearing the good things), you become more agile, adaptable, and flexible for a self-beneficial reason; nevertheless, the demanding, sneaky, and forceful behaviours often compelled you to get your way through, no matter what. You don’t plan what action you should take; you simply go with your feelings and subsequently regretted your rash and impatient actions at times, even though you might have achieved reasonable short-termed success.

DO_BETTERNow, if simply you could adapt Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategies, life could be better and happier. If you could just pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and smell the roses. Change yourselfbe more relaxed, stay calm, and stop your fearful worries. You will be able to know yourself better and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You could easily cross the mountain and find out what’s on the other side of the mountain you’d once perceived. You get to know yourself, and you also get to know who your supporters are. Plan your strategies and tactics to act to get things done amicably since you are now able to communicate with others better, without apprehension and fearful feelings. Don’t fight against others; instead compete or work cohesively as a team on fair grounds. Others would perceive you as a more appealing, charismatic, and presentable person, and someone who is less manipulative and deceptive. You have finally built a road or tunnel inside your ‘virtual mountain’ and could get things done quickly; ideas transformed perfectly, and instructions interpreted correctly. Isn’t that great?

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

If you have the 2-5-7 in your chart, especially if the number pattern is in M-N-O locations in your birth chart, you have to decide what you want in your life. You might find the traits that I’ve described earlier to be familiar; and if you don’t, your friends might perceive you as such since they can observe your obvious behaviours and body language. You can read Sun Tzu’s Art of War and apply the strategies to better your communication skills. You have the opportunity to transform and embrace others for positive outcomes. To have a “virtual mountain” between you and others; or conversely, to build a “tunnel in the virtual mountain” so that you can have the direct, harmonious communication link with others, is up to you to decide.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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