Seek to Edge on 6-2-8


Once again, I noticed there were searches for number patterns like 6-2-8, 6-8-5,2-5-7, 9-4-4 and phrases like “lucky number” and “lucky day” on this site. I’ll focus on the 6-2-8 (or 628) pattern in this article.

In simple keyword interpretations, the 6-2-8 is like [Money – Talk – Stress] which implies this person might be motivated by money before expressing his or her ideas to others; and the willing to self-sacrifice his or her time and effort to impress others. It denotes the subconscious perfectionist trait; someone who is crazy busy over getting things done perfect, and/or in a sense of personal satisfaction. The 6-2-8 suggest signs of a person seeking to edge over others through their excellent works. It could also suggest signs of external attractions (6+2+8=7) towards their fortitude, resilience, tenacity, and expressive works.

KnowingPatternsFrom an extended EON (Elements of Numbers) interpretation, we can correlate the 6-2-8 to [Intellectual – Expression – Responsibility]. It could imply signs of a person with a good mental focus or intellectually-charged with the urge to express oneself relentlessly. Because of the perseverance and responsibilities (commitment), there are signs suggesting this person might attract many people (supporters) through his or her expressive communications. These include the common traits like talking or speaking, writing, and singing or composing; and the extended traits like acting, photography – often attracting people because of communicative excellence. We can correlate the 6-2-8 as a person with [Think – Feel – Act] characteristics; that is, someone who is action-driven, anxious, and probably a non-procrastinator when they focus on achieving their goals. On the other hand, the 6-2-8 could also suggest a person who likes to hold parties or gatherings at home, and/or likes to beautify their house.

BANNER2aAll is not perfect though, as there are also negative implications that could suggest a stressful person who constantly worries unnecessary on trivial matters. It could suggest a person who might get distracted or swayed by feelings. A stressful person with occasional temperamental mood swings. The 6-2-8 could suggest a person who is, firstly, motivated by financial or home stability before they are willing to express themselves, and dare to take the extra effort to sacrifice their time in helping others. In a way, a thrifty or calculative person inspired by “money talks.”  Or someone who thinks “money could walk the talk.”

If the 6-2-8 is present in locations M-N-O locations, this suggests the person could enrich or grow their financial wealth from overseas assignments or venturing outside their state/county or city (for larger countries like USA, UK, China, and Europe) to work.

As the pattern could reside in any location of a person’s chart (like Birth chart, Personal Year chart, or Personal Day chart), what it means is that when such pattern exists in the chart, there is a likelihood the person might have inhibited or display the traits I’ve mentioned earlier. However, as there are other numbers present in the charts, the strengths and obviousness of the traits depend on the influencing vibes from these external numbers. So read it as one of the probable traits or behaviours a person might inhibit when the 6-2-8 is present.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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