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He’s been known as the boxing great and cultural symbol of all time in the 20th century. Legendary three-time heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali died on Friday (June 3). He was 74.

According to this Reuters online article, Ali was admitted to the hospital the day before, on Thursday (June 2) with a respiratory ailment. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

I’ll not speculate on his probable cause of death in this case study article; let’s leave it to the professional doctors instead. Today, I will share my observations with you on the potential contributing factors that might have directly or indirectly, affected and worsen his health condition from an EON research view.

Oh, it might be harder to identify these signs if you’re a student of Dr. Oliver Tan’s PON (Power of Numbers) or Master Bernard Yeo’s UCM (Universal Character Method of Human Profiling), LifeQuest, or have attended similar modules conducted by other trainers. This is mainly because of the different theoretical approach the other trainers used to profile a person’s chart. However, if you’ve attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses, you would be able to correlate those signs that I’m about to share later in this article. And you can readily apply the practicalvisualisation technique” that I’ve shared with you to profile a person beyond number patterns, and analyse his or her life paths. Furthermore, those who had completed the FEN Advanced module could easily plot Ali’s chart using the FEON+ software that was provided free. Of course, if you have separately registered the FEON+ software, and have not attended my FEN class, you might be able to identify the mentioned signs, but it all depends on your profiling knowledge. In any case, since I’m going to share some insights here, it’d be straightforward for you to correlate my observations to the various charts generated by the FEON+ software.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyThe first thing that attracted my attention was the “Double Effects” vibes present on Ali’s Personal Year chart and the Selected Day chart (3 June 2016). On further observation, I noticed there was yet another set of “Double Effects” vibes present on his Birth Chart and the Combined Day Chart. What this implies is that Ali has two sets of “Double Whammy” vibes imposing on him on Friday (3 June 2016), the day he died. In addition, there was another third observation – both his Universal and Personal Day numbers are identical, and this could imply further manifestations of the vibes, including positive and negative ones.

CaseStudy_MuhammadAliFrom the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and applying the Five Elements principles, we can easily associate respiratory, pneumonia, including breathing, lungs, skin, and mental health symptoms to the Metal element. When a health condition related to the Metal element is weak, it means the opposing elements (like Fire, Wood, and Water) could have been strengthened on that day, and consequently, these weakened the Metal element.

There were three sets of 8s appearing in his “Combined Day Chart” for 2 June 2016. That could have triggered the strong FIRE element “controlling” and weakening the Metal element. That could suggest having respiratory ailments as health conditions associated to the Metal element is affected. On Friday (3 June 2016), there are multiple sets of 9s representing the Wood element, which repels and exhausted the Metal element. This implies some form of stiffening of his limps (or liver-related conditions), and these could have blocked the air pipes in his body, cutting off or reducing the air supply to his lungs. On the other hand, as we could associate the lungs to Metal element, it could suggest his lungs might be affected, and on a serious case, it could lead to acute respiratory failure. Oh, one more thing… As Wood exhausts Water, according to the Five Elements principles, this could imply the excessive Wood elements (present in the Day chart and Combined Day chart) could suck up the Water element (Qi energies, like relating to the kidney organs and deficiencies). We could also associate the Water elements to the body fluid, and the flow of the blood and air within a person’s body.

Based on the Five Elements principles, the interaction of the elements, and the Elemental Cycles (Production, Controlling, Weakening, and Repelling), there are different contributing factors that might affect a person’s health and the symptoms leading to their ailments. What I have described earlier is just a sample of the influencing vibes that might be a contributing cause. It is by no means, complete or conclusive since the quality level of the effects (be they positive or negative ones) depends on a person’s family upbringing, resilience and tenacity. Furthermore, A person’s current health condition is also a result of their past actions, lifestyle habits, diet, and their emotions and tempers. Once you understand the EON method, analyse your life path, and identifies the interactions of the elements present in your charts and its influencing forces, you can take precautions to dilute the negative vibes from creating more serious impact on your life. If you have access to the FEON+ software, make full use of the time to analyse the various charts displayed. And you could improve your analytical observations quickly.

And now back to the late Muhammad Ali… May His Soul Rests In Peace.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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