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A true relationship is two unperfect peoples refusing to give up on each other.” That was a “relationship” quote I took from the Internet after reading an online article about the relationship breakup of a celebrity couple.

Today, I’ll share insights on my case study observations on the relationship issues between Stephy Tang and Alex Fong. According to this AHMIKE.com article, Stephy was quoted to have said about her ex-boyfriend when asked about reconciling, “our biggest problems were communications and timing.” And when Alex was asked their breakup, he also admitted in a separate AHMIKE.com article and said, “our biggest problem is communication.

GOOD_RELATIONS_2Both Stephy and Alex discovered one common contributing cause – communication, or the lack of sharing and dialogues with each other. It wasn’t difficult to identify the communication drift after plotting their “RelationShip / Compatibility Chart” as the obvious signs are there. The 8-3-2 could imply stressful moments both had while focusing on their thoughts before communicating with each other. It could imply extra effort needed to conceptualise, or rather to formulate or reframed their thoughts before talking to their other half. In many ways, there are no real issues when talking about non-personal topics, and both could chit-chat happily “until the cows come home” since the 8-3-2 could also be about endless talking, passionate and Creative dialogues about global issues, gossips, and overseas-related investments or work assignments, and so on. That was why they could publicly talk about home and marriages in general.

The 8-8-8 in their “Compatibility Year Chart” depict signs of stressing moments both had this year, probably due to individual self-pursuits and priorities. This could lead to emotions and tempers rising and could lead to frequent quarrels, fiery outburst, and heated arguments.

CaseStudy_StephyTang_AlexFongBoth Stephy and Alex have same Root 1 in their birth charts, and these depict among many others, the traits of an individualistic person and someone who feels their ideas is the best, and what they said is for the best of both interest. More often than not, it portrays the self-egoistical mindset of a demanding leader who prefers doing things on their own – automatically – without consulting the other party because they thought they knew their other half well. And these assumptions and “lack of communication” could also lead to frequent disagreement and minor squabbles. Over time, these squabbles could cumulate to influence the decision to break up their relationships.

The 7-3-1 pattern in Stephy’s chart could indicate pettiness and triggering points. It’s like believing more on her friends gossips and suggestions, and acting on impulse rather than verifying through facts and dialogues. The 4-8-3 in her chart could reinforce the poor EQ mindset, and her emotions and tempers, plus stubborn insistence on certain issues could have strained the relationship.

Alex, on the other hand, has the 1-9-1 pattern in his chart, and these could make him confused and readily distracted over his visions and life goals. The extra sets of 1-8-9 could imply he has the “perfectionist” traits, and this might frustrate Stephy. Furthermore, there are signs suggesting he tends to do things alone and easily believes what his friends said (about opportunities) than checking out the facts. It could have created more unnecessary worries and fears, possibly about financial and/or home matters, or about settling down. Perhaps these could have affected Stephy’s feelings and triggered the quarrelsome vibes, about him making decision on his own without seeking her advice first.

GOOD_RELATIONSAs both have agreed that the problem is about the lack of communication with each other, it’s good to take some time off and ponders over what the real issue is. Could the lack of communication error because of following issues? Like one party having the “selective listening” traits and preferring to hear “only the good stuff” and as such, making the other party reluctant to talk about it because “there’s no point to discuss after all since the ears would be shut.” On the other hand, could it be because the other party is often quiet and reserved, and unwilling to share the worries and thoughts, which makes the other party unsure what was on the mind. Well, they need to open up and share their views and feelings, and accommodate each other’s wishes if they want to reconcile their relationship and make it even better.

AnnualCodeFrom extended Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives, the signs from their Annual Code is about the need for them to rely less on their friends who might create obstacles disguised as pretentious opportunities. There are tendency signs suggesting Stephy and Alex need to face the challenges together and perceived them as opportunities. They need to discuss on home and financial matters and how they plan to make it happen. They need to stay focused and be serious about their relationship if they want to reconcile and get married – the willingness to commit, sacrifice, accept their differences, and take the passionate approach to get thing moving toward their shared goals. This includes changing their habits. It’s not about adjusting their behaviours, thoughts, and schedules. Instead, it’s about taking extra effort to seek and listen to each other’s views, discuss, and the real need to be more understanding and accept that things don’t change overnight.

As it takes two hands to clap, they need to work hand in hand to make things happen the way they desire if they don’t wish to give up on each other and want to reconcile their relationship.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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