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My wife was watching an episode of the “China’s Oprah” show “A Date with Luyu” where the female presenter Chen Luyu interviewed Sally Yeh, who was once a popular Hong Kong celebrity in the 80s. What got me excited and decided to profile her chart was when she discussed about her character, beliefs, and her relationship with her husband, George Lam, who is another popular HK celebrity who can compose music, sing, and act.

Profiling is not just about identifying future trends and the likelihood of tendency signs becoming a reality. It’s not about being right in our analysis and having high accuracy in our observations. Frankly, everyone prefers good things to happen to us only, and the bad ones… er, it better happens to someone else instead. That’s a naïve thoughts but let’s admit, it’s a fact more people have such thoughts. Who in the right mind would want negative signs to happen to ourselves in the near or far future?

Today’s article is about improving your analysis with “back-testing” profiling through reverse-engineering; that is, certain traits are already known and revealed by the subject person, and what we need to do is to correlate them with their EON charts.

While watching Sally talks about her character, I quickly plotted her chart using the FEON+ software. The FEON+ software is a great tool which allows me to plot a chart within seconds, after knowing the subject’s birth date. I’d encourage you to use the software, not because I developed it, but rather to realise the usefulness and potentials of its true applications. Furthermore, my profiling observations are based on the information displayed on the software. And because I have added information more than what’s taught in other profiling methods (like PON, UCM, LifeQuest), I could identify additional signs that would not be possible with the other external methods. That is also one major reason why I could share more signs and special information to students who attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.


Sally talked about her younger days, and why she was often the one who would initiate relationship breakups if things don’t work out according to her beliefs. She preferred friendly relationship without commitment, and felt that if the relationship is not in tune with her way or directions, it’s better not to marry. She also talked about marriage beyond love, and felt that there’s more than just romance as love can be presented through many actions and has various meanings to different people. In short, she felt love has many kinds. She prefers a platonic relationship (without deep commitments) as she believes romantic relationship seldom last. She also talked about individual feelings, the dependency for each other to show their true self rather than falsely acting on presumptuous behaviours to please the other person. She also talked about the rumours about her and her husband George breaking up, and how the public had assumed George is more of OCD-inclined kind of person than her. She then revealed she was more of the OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) person than George, who is a “messy” person back home. While one person is an extrovert and the other person being an introvert, the relationship works well for her and George. She is happy now and often “go with the flow” and enjoying life as it is, without putting unnecessary stress and worries.

GOOD_RELATIONS_2Let’s look at the relationship chart between Sally and George. The 7-2-9-2-7-9 patterns denote a friendly platonic relationship where both are dependent on one another, loves chatting and enjoys each other’s companion, just like BFF (best friends forever). Furthermore, both have the same Water element in their Root numbers, which further reinforce the same-samerespecting” attributes when they’re together.

The hidden 4 in H4 locations when combined with the numbers 3-8 in locations MN could suggest having the 8-4-3 vibes. This implies Sally has some form of interpersonal relationship strains, or having not-so-good EQ with others. In a way, she believes and acted what’s on her mind, and prefers being frank and direct (3-8-2). That could be a reason why she said she would be the one who would initiate a relationship breakup if she felt things don’t work out according to her beliefs (number 1 in H1), even if the other person interested in her is superbly wealthy and likes splurging on non-essential luxury items to impress her.

While you’re reading the earlier paragraphs, did you stop occasionally and check her birth chart and see if you can correlate what she revealed about herself (traits and beliefs) with the patterns on her chart?

Get the Book Now!If you did, then you might be on the right track towards becoming an inquisitive and curious person, someone who likes to find out more than others, and someone who is moving towards becoming a great behavioural profiler. What if you just read through and not do any correlations? Don’t worry too much unnecessary. You have passed through the first stage already – the inquisitive and curious habits. Next, you need to learn to plot the chart and analyse them, or rather, to learn how to identify signs in a person’s chart and build your own profiling knowledge base. Once you think you have a solid profiling reference, the subsequent stage is to start profiling other people’s charts, and identifies tendency signs that have yet happened to the person. It’s normal to be wrong in your analysis since a person’s behaviours and habits change over time. The information displayed in the birth charts and Personal Year charts are static, and what’s dynamic is the person’s current behavioural attributes. If certain signs don’t happen as it should be (based on your interpretations) it doesn’t mean your analysis is wrong; it’s just that the person has changed, or could have acquired more positive habits that somehow adjusted the quality level of their traits, behaviours, and actions.

Go ahead and watch the episode if you understand Mandarin. If you don’t and are new to my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I’d suggest you to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” which is available at local major bookstores or through online bookstores, if you’re residing outside Singapore. And if you want to learn more in-depth analysis and understand how to identify and interpret elements and patterns, then the natural way is to attend my FEN classes. That’s where I will share more extended insights and the visualisation techniques to enable you to profile others from practical perspectives.

I will teach you why it’s important not to profile someone based on theoretical assumptions that all people should be analysed equally and confirmed they will eventually have identical outcomes when certain patterns existed. You could cause more harm than good. We don’t need one more hurting and suffering person who could have changed his or her life if given proper advice. What we need is happier and joyful people around who gets to change their lives for better times ahead, with our help.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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