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In my previous article Beyond Intuitions & the Third Eye, I’ve briefly explained how we can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify the “spiritual signs” of a person. Natalie provided the birth date of her friend Cindy as case study. You may want to attend the next EON WORKSHOP session to know more on the tendency pattern and explanation behind the observation.

In her recent email to me, Natalie asked if she can use EON to check if a person is suitable to setup a business. She noted few people have the “fate” to become their own boss. Her friend Cindy is considering setting up her own business instead of working for others.

Should you leave it to fate to start a business?

You should thrash away the pessimistic view that you cannot do anything to change your fate. Be optimistic and take charge of your own destiny and forge your own career life path. You can be your own boss when the favourable conditions and positive energies are present and strong. Running your own business can take up much your time, besides the commitment, gung ho Gut feelings, and spare finances to continue the operations. You need to cope with the undue stress that often goes with the responsibilities and deadlines. You don’t have to rely on fate to start a business. But you have to rely on your personal and passionate efforts to commit and make the business a success.

Knowing a person’s entrepreneur traits is important. It is equally important to know the favourable period a person can carry out their business plans. You can check on a person’s Career element to find out if the energies are favourable and positive.

Let’s take a look at Cindy’s chart and analyse her career luck.

I’ve shared the methods to identify the Career element and the various “conditions” to find out the influence of the Career vibes at the EON WORKSHOP sessions. For this article, I’ll briefly focus on the energy influence of the Career element.

According to Natalie, Cindy is a business development manager in a manufacturing company which needs her to travel overseas often. As a well-liked top salesperson with good networking contacts, she’s considering of earning the profits by setting up her own business.

The Career element is strong in Cindy’s PY2012 chart. The knowledge confidence and resourcefulness traits are strong in her PY2012 chart too. These vibes could trigger the enterprising influence in her thoughts to setup her own business.

If Cindy is serious about setting up her business, she must remain committed and responsible to her customers as the 8-5-4 pattern in her PY2012 chart denotes [Stress-Obstacle-Plan]. This could imply there could be stumbling block and challenges that may affect her business plans. But if she can overcome these obstacles and continue her relentless pursuits with careful planning, she may see some improvement in her business since 9-3-3 implies [Success-Fast-Fast]. However, these are just short-term successful goals that may create ‘health’ problems for her since strong Fire can lead to temperamental mood swings, and mental stress. She must learn to be adaptable and flexible in business transactions with her customers, and be less stubborn with principle-minded thoughts. The tendency sign of better success is present in her PY2013 chart too. As long as she work on her plans and deliver her promises, she could see better results in her business for the next few years.

Cindy has to decide what she wants to achieve in the next five years. She has to understand that besides meeting customers’ expectations, customers are like businesspersons who’re shrewd. They will do research on the company’s stability, manufacturing expertise, and financial management before committing.

Cindy is a street-smart and resourceful person. If she continues working for her current boss, her career would still be in the upswing level as long as she remains committed to her company’s mission and remain indifference to temptations of monetary kickbacks. If she decides to setup her own business, then she has to compromise the lifestyle she could have for the next few years. She could consider having a partner to help her, or be a sourcing agent for her current company. Whatever career path she takes, she has to weigh the pros and cons. Having your own business is not about getting short-term success but a long-term commitment to your customers, especially in the manufacturing industries. Success is the result and accumulation of many small little failures.

She has to decide and plan her own career life path. While she works on improving her career path, she must continue to take care of her health and well-being. It’d benefit her to work on improving the health conditions that may arise from strong Fire element. Check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”for the tendency signs on possible health issues.

The Career luck is with her for the next few years. Whether she can ride with her Career luck mainly depends on her personal traits, perspectives, thoughts, and actions.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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