Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore

Today (9 August 2011), Singaporeans and friends around the world are celebrating your 46th birthday, Singapore. 

There’re signs of hastening moments in the next 12 months before your next birthday. The fiery passion is still within you. But do be careful as your friends may not like the aggressive and prideful nature in you.

But there’s little you can do as they always made out you as a “little red dot,” like a little rebellious friend.  They’re jealous of your influencing and communicative power (Birth Root 2) than anything else. You have come this far, and have shown the world your capabilities and capacities (GDP, Gross Domestic Product) for growth (4). You have created many role models where friends envy and love to follow. You have made it because you did it in your own unique way, albeit a stressful one.

But not many people are happy with your successes, and the hard work you’ve toiled over the years to come this far.

The recent watershed election in May is a sign that you need to listen to your younger siblings (843-729, PY2011). Though you may be at the top of your little mountain (or hill), times have changed.

The mindsets and expectations of the younger generation have changed. They’re no longer emotionally attached and excited about your experiences. They could only empathise with you but there’s little they can do as they’d not felt the same experiences as you did. Don’t blame the youngsters as their changed mindsets are happening elsewhere. Your overseas friends have also felt similarly with their younger siblings.

You’d suffered years back, and faced the stressing moments when you’re young (9-8). There was a need for you to express and gather your friends (1-2) to support your ideologies (4). You want your nation siblings to have a better place to stay. You want to create a safe, stable and prosperous nation (1-2-3=6) where everyone can come together as one united people. Thanks to your fortitude and foresight (4), and the risks you took (5-4-9); we have a safe place to live and a country I’ve proudly called My Home.

With the financial turmoil in U.S. in a roller-coaster ride (6-6-3, PY2011) this year, you must be vigilant. Think carefully about your strategies and tactics as there could be obstacles and risks you need to face in the coming months, probably escalating around Oct-Dec period.

Don’t rush too fast in your haste to achieve the goals you’ve set out as it could create unnecessary tensions among your siblings (9-3-3, PY2012). There’d be many necessary reviews of your existing plans and policies, political fire-fightings, and imminent obstacles next year. These are due to the stress (8-5-4) imposed by your siblings while you strive to work hard to create a better economy and stable nation (7-8-6).

Learn to keep your cool, amid the stormy waters and burning fires. There’s no need to be so firm in your mindset, the “been there, done that” attitude. Instead, invoke the creative passion and sparks in your siblings, and get them to be part of the whole nation building exercise (9-3-3).

On health side, do take care of your fiery tempers as it may affect the “immune” system – the economic and financial stability, affecting you and your siblings. Take a deep breath and expand your lungs. Be empathic and listen to your siblings’ views. Try to inhale more fresh “productive” air into your lungs and brains (mindsets) which is good for your health.

There could be plans to plant the seeds to improve the education, constructions, and energy (water, wind, solar) industries in the coming months and next year. You need to exercise perseverance and toleration as the little flowers of success would only start to grow around 2013.

“Learn the past, watch the present, and create the future.” – Anonymous

Change the present to create a blissful future. Learn the past, and check the signs that happened to you 18 years ago. Learned what you need to change for the present to reduce similar recurrences soon.

Nobody can do it like the way you did it, Singapore. Together, We Can Make a Difference!

Happy Birthday to You, Singapore!!!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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