Charles on His Tendency Patterns

Charles read my book and found it intriguing. He sent me an email recently with a list of questions to reconfirm his observation.  He noted that his forecast for this year is not promising and wondered whether his business would succeed. He also asked whether there is “bankruptcy” number in his chart.

Let us plot Charles’ Birth chart and do an analysis using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

You should not associate the 5-7-3 pattern as an absolute “bankruptcy” number. Bankruptcy is an end result of poor judgement or wrong actions taken by the person. Just like a road junction with many different exits, there are many alternative paths the person can choose without going towards the bankruptcy gate.

In the EON analytical method, one of the tendency signs for 5-7-3 is about carelessness and money lost. There are different signs when 5-7-3 is present in the Personal Year chart. Perhaps you may received a ticket or summon for illegal parking, jaywalking or littering. Perhaps you could have misplaced or lost valuable items. Perhaps you may have met contractual disagreement with others, but you decided to settle for an amicable resolution. Yes, you may lose some money or not get the amount as originally agreed.

In short, the 5-7-3 pattern has the tendency influence to make you lose money somehow. Strive for a win-win resolution. Check this link for related articles on the 5-7-3 patterns.

Charles could have invested more money into his business recently or last year, but he could not achieve the desired results yet. Notice the 5-7-3 in the PQR locations of his PY2011 chart? Although the opportunities to make more money is strong, there is a likelihood others (e.g., customers, suppliers, partners, officers, family members, etc) are creating a stumbling block for him. Charles need to plan carefully this year as the 6-6-3 in the Year 2011 influence can result in a roller coaster effect – the money can come in fast, and yet goes out fast too.

The presence of 1-2-3 in his birth chart implied the ability to make money or investment easily. Technically, it was possible for Charles to make money through external influence, i.e., in his business. However, there are constant stumbling blocks (2-1-3 in locations VWX) that he must overcome while pursuing his business goals. Check my other article “The Stumbling Blocks of 2-1-3” for more details.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to find out more on the various locations of the numbers, including VWX.


There are more questions Charles asked and wanted to find out, including the relationship status with his girlfriend and his Time of Birth chart. After plotting his Time of Birth chart, I replied to Charles, “It’s like you are sitting at the wheels of a Lamborghini. You are feeling great and ready to step on the accelerator. But somehow you could not drive beyond 80km/h most of the time. Something in you is ‘obstructing‘ the “Feel the Fear, Experience the Success” mindset.”

Charles agreed and wanted to know why.

Do you want to know the reason?  What other possible traits can you identify from Charles’ chart?


Let’s take a break for now. I’ll continue with his Case Study in Part II.

Meanwhile, I hope you have learned as much about the EON method as I do in sharing them with you. I look forward to see you at my first EON WORKSHOP where I can share “unwritten” discoveries with you.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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