Total Wellness Is More Than Physical Fitness

I received an email from Lionel in May. He bought my book and found it interesting and accurate. He recently attended a seminar by a company which conducted similar Power of Numbers (PON) courses in Mandarin and wanted to know more about my forthcoming EON WORKSHOP.

I told Lionel the EON Workshop is for users who have completed PON courses, or similar courses conducted by other trainers. I also suggested him to attend those basic courses conducted by these trainers or directly from Dr Oliver Tan (Numbers Academy Singapore) since their course contents are more suitable for him to learn the fundamentals first.

Lionel then mentioned “The course taught by <company name removed> seemed to be a bit more detailed, like for example you can see the person will die of cancer or unnatural death.”

In typical cases, the elementary levels of a course usually have more contents than specialised courses as the former covers the fundamental theories and applications. Again, I suggested to Lionel to attend the courses conducted by these trainers.

But what surprised me was the statement “you can see the person will die of cancer or unnatural death”. Did Lionel correctly interpreted what the trainer said during the preview session, or did the trainer say that?

Can the trainer guarantee a person will die of cancer on certain date? What if the person didn’t die on the date speculated but many years later? What happened if the person did not die of cancer?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed and definite sign that a person will die of certain illness on certain date. We are not GOD and should not behave like one, or like God’s messenger. There are negative implications when people impose fear on others. It could aggravate the health conditions and fasten the death date as many people would start to worry unnecessary. When a trainer said they know when a person will die and from what sickness, it’s unethical and false. They are indirectly causing people to lose hope, that their sickness is incurable, and their health could not be improved through alternative and holistic methods. There’re karmic consequences when you try to act like God and claimed you know when a person will die or they will die of a specific illness.

When you learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or any other Chinese metaphysics method, you can identify signs affecting certain health conditions and the body organs. In the Five Elements theory, the body organs in our body are connected. A deficiency in one organ may cause imbalance energies that could affect other organs. Though there can be signs of common sickness present, it doesn’t necessary mean the person will suffer from that sickness. You will learn about your life path and health conditions. You can then take positive actions like remedial healing and life-changing methods to improve your health conditions.

There are people who were certified with their “health state at the point of no return” by western doctors suddenly became healthy and normal. These are possible by using “natural cures” and alternative health methods.

I have mentioned the five remedies in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. One effective and FREE method is to “change your mindset”. If you know you are suffering from a certain illness, then change your eating habits and lifestyle, and try alternative means to reduce the toxins, free radicals and acids in your body. If necessary, you can always take natural supplements to ensure holistic wellness.

Talking about holistic wellness – there are cases where certified fit and healthy sportsperson suddenly died during or after the sports event. How can a certified FIT person die suddenly? How accurate are the health detection tests conducted by the medical specialists?

Most health equipments are used to test for signs and symptoms of the specific health condition. Technically, if the symptom doesn’t shows up, these machines don’t detect them, and the test result doesn’t reflect negative signs. Most doctors would then consider the person to be fit and healthy based on the medical test report.

It’s a WAKE UP CALL. When a symptom shows up, it’s too late. Health symptoms don’t show up overnight. We need to look beyond physically fit and healthy “externally”. We need to look at the total wellness of the person, and ensure they are holistically fit. That includes “inner-fitness” as well. Many of these unfortunate fit and healthy people who died suddenly at marathons could be “unhealthy” inside their bodies. They could have suffered from deficiencies in their body organs. The extreme exercises done by the person could have aggravated the deficiency in certain body organs. Though the person is physically fit, they could still suffer a stroke or heart attack should one of the body organs fail.

Make a conscious effort to identify the possible health signs, and reduce the “negative” energies from manifesting. We have cancerous cells in our bodies. If we allow the negative energies to manifest, the possibility of getting a cancer is high. But when we ensure these cancerous cells continue to be benign, there is no need to worry unnecessary. When you learn EON, you take charge and in control of your own life. When others try to impose fear on you about your negative characteristics and traits, you can just laugh it off since you have taken the effort to change your mindset, habits, perspective and actions.

Why do you want to learn when you will die? We will all die one day. What’s important is to learn how to improve our health and life, and experience the kind of life we always wanted before we die. Death can wait. There’re so many happier pursuits we can do in our life, and we can always look forward to do them everyday. No one can fulfil your dreams and make it a reality except you. So, heaven can wait… plan the life you want to enjoy tomorrow, today.

Stay holistically healthy always!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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