Signs of 2011 Outbreaks

When I suggested taking up a medical or health insurance late last year, I was not joking. I mentioned “the emergence of new super-virus and mutation of existing viruses bringing it to a new higher degree of severity may be prominent in 2011”. I was not making a wild guess when I first wrote and posted the article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2011”.

If you have attended similar Power of Numbers (PON) courses before, chances are, you should be able to do basic forecast “theoretically”. I know some of you couldn’t. Some of you could have learned about visible numbers, like how to check whether specific numbers or patterns exist (visible) in the chart. Some of you could have learned about the science of numbers, applying your knowledge power on the numbers.  These methods are great and you can learn them easily. However, I noticed some students found the methods learned are general, limited, intense, or confusing. Perhaps the reason lies with the lack of understanding of the number vibes and its energies. Could that be why you seldom see regular articles posted on their site to share their discoveries with others (for students and public), and educate them along the way?

Anyway, when you look at the elements of the numbers, it’s all about understanding the energies of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These “Five Elements” form the fundamental energies that influence the force of nature, the environment, all living creatures and human beings (including our internal body organs).

I was glad when some users told me about their experiences after learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. They could profile using a wider spectrum of viewpoints, allowing them to fine-tune their observations. Many have read the regular articles I have posted, and have bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

The recent outbreak of E.coli in Germany is a new form of the bacterium, affecting the blood and kidneys, according to this article.

In another report, experts have reported that a new strain of MRSA superbug was found in British cows. The cause was due to over-use of antibiotics by the dairy farmers. Imagine what antibiotics could do to our health especially when it’s easily overprescribed by doctors and consumed.

In short, it’s all about the number vibrations and elemental influences of the energies present in the year 2011. There may be another major health or medical-related incident happening this year. It could happen around the Autumn to Winter period (particularly between Sept – Nov). I hope it’s a major medical breakthrough and not an outbreak.

I may be wrong here as I’m not a medical scientist – I suspect the E.coli outbreak could be caused by the overuse of pesticides or other toxic chemical fertilisers used to speed up the vegetables’ growth. The disease could also be caused by airborne particles or unapproved chemicals or addictives. Maybe we should let the medical experts tell us what the causes are. Many of today’s non-organic food like vegetables, fruits, and meats you are eating now are mainly genetic-modified, or chemically-enhanced. In many ways, your health is at stake, with or without an outbreak.

There is yet another conspiracy theory about pharmaceutical companies involved in the release of the virus and afterwards announcing quick breakthrough of a new drug to suppress the disease. Hmm… anything is possible in unethical profiteering for the love of money. For now, it’s just an unfounded opinion.

Please do yourself a favour, for your own health’s sake. Insure yourself (and your family) with a health insurance now if you can. A little investment on your own life and health goes a long way to ensure you have proper healthcare benefits, should the needs arise.

Don’t wait until the last-minute to take action. By then, insurance premiums and health bills may rise to unrealistic rate.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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