Violent State of the Mind

“Thousands Killed in Torrential Downpour”.  I picked up the newspaper and saw the headline. As I turned to other pages, there were more devastating headlines like “Millions Feared Dead from Volcanic Eruptions” and “Millions Evacuated from Deadly Tornadoes”.

Is this a sign implying the world will soon end?” I asked myself.

Usually I’d skim through the newspaper articles. Many of these articles are semi-factual or excessively exaggerated by journalist just to boost up newspaper sales (and profits). It was different today. The humanity urge to know more was just too compelling. So I began to read further…

“Chirp… chirp… chirp…” I was woken up by the chirping birds outside my bedroom window.


What were you thinking when you first read the headline. Were you curious or concern to know more?

I’d say that it’s all in the mind. The state of our minds do tricked us at times, confusing us by mixing fiction with reality. Occasionally we could not distinguish reality from fiction. Our thoughts influenced our mind, and our mind influenced our actions.

In my dream, I was reading a life science newspaper. The millions who’d sacrificed their lives or evacuated from their homes were the ants, frogs and insects. What were you thinking? Human lives?

Sadly, many people are still having “ancient mindsets” today even though we are all living in modern times. Take the case of this recent Malaysian report where some people claimed that social ills like domestic violence are a consequential result of disobedient wives. When my wife read the article, she laughed. I believe many of you will LOL (“laugh out loud”) too.

Could obedient wives who appease the sexual mindsets of husbands reduce the number of domestic violence cases? If the man treats their wives as servants or “sex toys”, how certain can others assure that they don’t stray their minds and widen the sexual radar beyond their homes?

I have posted articles on identifying tendency numbers and patterns on domestic violence. Many of these violent acts are a result of the person feeling frustrated, angry or having temperamental mood. You cannot push the blame entirely on the wife for causing the man to become violent at home.  Assuming if the wives are obedient sex servants, would it prevent their husband from acting violent outside? Could it prevent their sensually gratifying husband from tryst relationships with someone else?

In the Five Elements theory, strong Fire may trigger the temperamental mood and violent nature of a person. They could feel stressed because of work, peer pressure, financial matters, status and anything else. Having a disobedient wife may trigger the tempest mood. An obedient wife who cannot satisfy the sexual need of her man could also trigger the fiery temper. Technically, anyone can trigger the violent nature of a person, and it’s not just their spouse.

Let’s come back to reality, and walk along this wonderful world of the Elements of Numbers (EON) and discover more insights while we walk this journey together.

I have shared with you the tendency patterns of the numbers (and the elemental influences) that may invoke the violent nature of a person in previous articles. Domestic violence is an uncontrollable act of the person. They shouldn’t blame others or their spouse for their fiery tempers and violent nature. Instead, they should learn to control their tempers, learn meditation or redirect their excess sensual energies to other positive, healthier and moral pursuits.

We are all living in modern times. Why are there still people having thoughts of old times? Are they so gullible to accept what others convincingly said? Do they feel a sense of insecurity inside them and accept they should be obedient and treated like a sex toy to their husband’s needs? Don’t they have some “street smart” or streetwise genes in them?

Can we identify tendency traits related to streetwise?

Yes, it is possible to identify such traits using EON. That’s exactly what I’d be sharing with those who are attending the EON WORKSHOP on 25 June 2011 (Sat). There are tendency signs in a birth chart that could imply a streetwise trait. Street smart or streetwise person often have shrewd resourcefulness to survive in any environment. Reading books, social networking and attending seminars and workshops that are worthwhile are just one of their many passionate pursuits.

Come down for the EON WORKSHOP. There’re so many discoveries I’d want to share with you. Learn as much as you can on that day and enjoy the favourable rewards of new-found knowledge and life skills beyond personality profiling.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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