Choosing a Better Date

Sometime back, I had a short discussion with a friend after posting my article Using EON to Analyse Dates. We were discussing about choosing dates using different metaphysical science methods.

Every metaphysic method has its own merit and limits when you use it for selecting favourable and auspicious dates. A good date chosen using one method can be a “no-go” date for another. There are also varying layers of filtering to reduce the possible dates to a few “ideal” ones.

The first layer of date selection is to plot the specific Day chart.

Take the case of last month’s Singapore General Election (GE2011) on 7th May 2011. Before the Polling date was announced, many people had speculated whether the GE2011 would fall on 3rd May or 7th May.

Many people also speculated the Polling Day would be 7 May 2011 using common sense thinking as it’s less disruptive to businesses since the day falls on a Saturday.

Do you know that you can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to decide an ideal date?

Oh, that reminded me of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa event where I used EON to find out the team wearing jerseys of certain colours would win.

I have not mentioned the methods to plot the Personal Month and Personal Day yet as these are extended theories beyond the fundamentals described in my first book. These would be covered at the EON Workshop.

Even without knowing them, you can still use your current skill sets to find out whether May 3 or May 7 is better. Let me show you a quick and easy method, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Here’s the first “layer” of analysis that you can apply when deciding which date is better when given a choice of two dates.

Plot the Day chart for the two dates and analyse them using the elements and number vibes I have described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Take a look at the screenshots.

Go ahead and try to analyse them. Are you able to identify which chart is better? Once done, you can add another layer of analysis. This time you can combine the date with the subject’s or person’s birthdate.

With different formula used in different metaphysical science, choosing the ideal date can be a headache if you have to consider every aspect on each system. Why make your lives so stressful when you can enjoy the extra time in healthier pursuits?

PS: See you at the EON WORKSHOP on 25 June 2011. I’ll share the EON techniques for date selection on that day.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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