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In my earlier article, “On Zak’s health signs – Part 1,” I mentioned the use of “future pacing” techniques that makes it possible to imagine being in the future state where we have enjoyed the completion of the “end goal” in mind. Then I planned backwards the tasks needed to achieve that. While this approach can work for most, it is not a “one size fits all” approach to all situations, depending on the urgency and priority of the case.

Know yourself through Elements of Numbers (EON) Profiling methodThis means that while a long-term goal is a good one, managing the current mindset is more important and more urgent. Maybe working at the present time is more ideal and necessary for Zak to look at how he can take measures to manage his OCD state.

In this article, I’ll be sharing more insights on Zak’s EON charts from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and applying the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) technique to widen the analytical perspectives.

As mentioned in earlier two articles, there are more Fire elements (number 8) in Zak’s EON chart. It’s like having a wildfire attribute. On the positive side, it’s like having a lot of creativity, passion and excitement to do things; and joy and contentment to help others, to inspire hope, warmth and care. The negative implications include bipolar disorder, fiery outburst, quick tempers, hurtful actions, potential violence, radicalism, hallucinations, and the “don’t get in my way” attitude.

CaseStudy_Zak_EON_Chart_TimeOfBirth_FEON_ProWe associate the 1-8-9 pattern to signs of “perfectionist” and together with multiple 8s, it could create the OCD-like tendencies. When I applied the visualisation technique, the EON chart reminded me of a hot steel milling facility where the environment is hot and stifling. This means, Zak has to find ways to “release” these hot and stuffy feelings and inner pressure out from his mind, through proper ways, and not through violent or hurtful ways. One way is to redirect excessive Fire element into activities or hobbies that require creativity or physical exercise – such as painting, art and crafts, jogging, Silat, etc.

The Time of Birth chart allows us to identify signs of tendency leading to a person’s subconscious or unconscious behaviours that could in some ways influence a person’s conscious thoughts. As Zak provided his birth time, the signs suggest that the strong energies of Fire affect his mental state and his healthy mind. Radical hallucinations which, if not carefully controlled or managed, may lead to disastrous actions.

The 7-7-7 pattern in his “Combined Birth Date and Time Chart” and as well as in his “Reflection Chart” are suggesting some form of elemental clashing with his multiple 8s on his Birth chart. And as mentioned in previous articles, that’s like having FireWater elemental interactions – the hot and smoking effects that could confuse the vision (false hope, fuzzy mind) and the aggravating temptations of “just pulling out the energies under pressure” inside him.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Elements of Numbers

Thus, in Zak’s case, the short-term, immediate measure is more urgent and important for him to take action to manage and control the current state of his mind than long-term action.

In the principles of the Five Elements, the natural flow of elements is vital for creating a harmonious and balanced state of Qi. It means the productive cycle of Fire, which flows to Earth, then to Metal, then to Water, then to Wood, and eventually back to Fire. And the cycle goes on and on. From Zak’s various charts, the Earth element is the “weakest link” that affected the outgoing flow, just like what was displayed in the “Birth/Natal Strength (Elements)” and “Overall Strengths (Elements)” charts. Once the Earth element is strengthened, it could exhaust and reduce the strength of Fire and potentially, his OCD behaviours.

CaseStudy_Zak_EON_Chart_PersnalYear_FEON+ ProPersonal Year (PY) charts allow us to identify any trend signs present in the year that might influence our personality, emotions, behaviours, feelings, thoughts and thoughts. Root 5 in Zak’s PY2022 chart suggests that the Earth element is in focus, and somehow strengthens the Earth element and elemental flow. This could be one of the reasons Zak decided to seek further answers to understand and hopefully manage his OCD condition. Thoughts about managing mental health issues could have begun early last year after possible heated disagreements in 2020, based on the tendency signs in his PY charts.

The 9-Year Cycle Code (9Yr-C) provides tendency signs suggesting the influences of the elements over a 9-year period. For Zak, the 9Yr-C shows the 5-4-9 pattern for 2017 to 2025. This means that the Earth element is manifested during these periods. However, as the number 5 (Earth element) can be influenced and display the characteristics of neighbouring numbers, it is also manifesting the Wood element.

In the Five Elements principles, Wood produces/supports the Fire element, which further strengthens the already strong Fire element. And just like putting in more charcoal to a strong fire, the effect could be like in a typical campfire (fire becomes more furiously wild) or BBQ pit (fire may be overwhelmed by the excess fuel). Either way, characteristic traits and health signs associated with the Wood element may surface. Refer to my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on the potential traits. This implies, Zak must take care of his liver too, and avoid consuming too much sweet drinks, or food with high carbohydrates, and salt.

CaseStudy_Zak_ElementalStrength_FEON+ProNow, let’s look at the missing numbers. The missing number 2 suggests that Zak should open up and share his feelings with other people. It’s just like the phrase, “Happiness when shared, is doubled. Sadness when shared, is halved.” He must communicate calmly and patiently, and avoid hasty responses. Number 3 is for him to consider working on projects or recreation that can unlock his creativity and passion. The number 4 is for him to begin working on his plan, the strategy for setting goals, and to achieve them. Therefore, starting with small and attainable goals, are encouraged to obtain momentum in progress. The number 5 is about the need to strengthen his Earth element, like what I’ve described in earlier two articles. In addition, he needs to learn to say “NO” if he can’t handle requests that might take most of his time, and focused on achieving an objective/area at a time.

If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or any other numerology method taught by external trainers, get a copy of my EON book to learn more on plotting the charts, the numbers and elements, missing numbers, and so on. Get the book direct from me, to finance my website hosting and ongoing article sharing. Please click this link to buy.

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingNow, in addition to the fundamental principles described in my EON book, here is the second part of profiling application practices: remediation or solution-based techniques. There is no commercialised, limited-effect LifeCode to buy (as promoted by external trainers from other numerology method), which, to me, can do more harm than good when applied wrongly. The solution-focused techniques are shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, where besides explaining how the techniques work, I also elaborated on the underlying reasons that I’ve discovered.

Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Learn to let it go. Elements of NumbersLet’s focus on the EFV FLOW technique which emphasises the person’s behavioural flexibility. In Zak’s cases, the EFV Flow (Natal/Life) is suggesting Zak to seek the help of others, and not to do everything on his own. While he has to make his own decisions, he has to accept alternative views to know and understand the bigger picture. He must carry out his plan and avoid making too many plans or creating plans that take more time and effort to accomplish. This year, his EFV Flow (PY2022) suggests the need for him to take charge, and to accept that eventually he must work hard to achieve the success he desired. And all positive transformational change within him is due to his own actions. While listening for alternative views are encouraged, he needs to identify the priority and urgency of the suggestions received. Then decide in which area he wants to take action and finish in a short time. His EFV Span (PY2022) is suggesting the need to be more responsible and be accountable for his action and his current mental state. In this way, he can go ahead and manage them knowing that he is aware of his vulnerabilities and elemental weaknesses.

Zak’s Annual Code (PY2022) suggests that he must seek help from others to learn how to manage and control his health issues. Then communicate his feelings and share his visions with others, for a better and healthier lifestyle. His Annual Code (PY2023) is suggesting the need for him to take charge of his own health conditions, plan ahead to do the right things for happier family life and financial stabilities. Then share his experience with others and how he was able to overcome the obstacles and challenges.

Change your perspective, change your life. Elements of NumbersZak has the smart genes, especially the street-smart genes that suggest that Zak is a resourceful person, and could gather the information when he focused on it. And because of his perfectionist character, he should avoid being too rigid and headstrong, and putting pressure on himself unnecessarily, especially on areas beyond his means and control.

The “Career/Business” table indicates that the ideal career element (from highest to lowest) is Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth and Water. However, due to the strong Fire influences in Zak’s chart, and in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment, he might consider working in jobs or industries related to the Water and Earth elements. As I have suggested to Zak to focus on the Earth element to boost his health, it is also timely that the energies related to the Earth element are strengthened and balanced. Zak would have a career opportunity later this year, due to root 5, and also number 5 present in his 9Yr-C code. The number 5 is also present in next year’s PY2023 chart.

You can refer to pages 146 to 148 of my EON book on the jobs related to Earth and Water elements, and essential notes. While career lists are limited, they are a general guide for getting you started.

Healing doesn't means that the pain is no longer exists, it means that the damage done no longer controls you. Elements of NumbersOnce you understand the principles of the Five Elements, the career element is no longer an important criterion for success in your own way. Instilling the growth mindset and making the paradigm shift to transform you is all that is required, to help you become a better YOU. The keyword for this is ACT (Action-Change-Transform or Adapt-Commit-Tenacity)

Finally, Zak needs to take steps to clear the clutter in his mind, and control the radical thoughts (due to a strong Fire) to overload his mind (Metal element). Improve his digestive system (Earth element) so that the elemental flow can be harmonised.

Remember that every little failure makes you more knowledgeable and experienced; it has prepared you for the eventual success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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