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Elements of Numbers (EON) Method: Case Study articles

I received an email from Zak some weeks ago. The following is an edited excerpt from our conversation.

[Zak] I came across your website and I’m interested in registering for the FEN Workshop to know more about my pinnacles and challenges, especially health signs and symptoms. Is your FEN Workshop suitable for a beginner like me?

[Ron] The FEN WORKSHOP is more for advanced users, and is unsuitable for you. Furthermore, it’s currently put on hold until further notice.

The Birth Chart is NOT the PersonalityWhile the COVID-19 situation may be an opportunity for external trainers to participate and teach, to ensure business continuity and sustainability, I have a different approach to the whole situation. In times like these when uncertainty prevails and the cost of basic necessities increases, we must be prudent in our spending. I’d highly recommend that you take the opportunity by investing in yourself, to upskill and hone your critical core competencies, soft skills, technical skills, and behavioural flexibility.  With the knowledge gained, you can apply them at work, at home and in your social life at any time, and become a better version of yourself. And be ready for the future of work.

I don’t normally volunteer to post case study articles during my earlier responses, in part to filter some criteria based on my intuition. Although I’m conducting courses on a passionate, non-commercial basis, there is “no such thing as a free lunch” every time as I still have to pay to maintain the hosting of my web sites, research and operational costs incurred. But for Zak, my inner subconsciousness tells me I could help as much as I can, within my means.

All I aim to do this year is BETTER[Ron] I can do a quick analysis and post them as a case study article (when time permits) if you don’t mind sharing your birth date. I don’t need the time of birth, but they might be useful, too.

[Zak] Thank you for your help. I appreciate you doing a quick analysis for me. If you don’t mind, I would like to share a little about my background story and why I came to you for help. I have been suffering from an illness for many years. This illness prevents me from having a long-term employment / career.  As of now, I am unemployed and depend on the social service welfare office for financial help. Please don’t judge me. At the moment, I’m trying to improve my life a step at a time. Please let me know if there are any disturbing signs in my life’s pinnacles and challenges. I have a gut feeling that I am being derailed from my life path.

It is unfortunate that Zak was not able to obtain a long-term job because of his illness. When I read his reply, I was concern, and told myself I’d want to help him as much as I can, within my abilities, from an EON profiling standpoint. However, I’d still recommend Zak to continue to consult professional health care specialist to check and monitor his health.

[Ron] Just a quick one… when you mentioned health issues, is it related to kidney or skin/mental or movement restriction?

[Zak] Mental illness

[Ron] Meanwhile, do some form of meditation or calming exercises to get rid of the unnecessary worries and phobia. I’ll explain the tendency signs (strong Fire) affecting your mental areas. I hope you strive to reduce mental stress so that you can look forward to happier times with your loved ones and family…


Let’s get right to the point and start the root cause analysis from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, on what could have aggravated mental illness in Zak.

CaseStudy_Zak_ElementalStrength_FEON+ProFrom his EON chart, and as well as the “Elemental Strength (Elements)” chart, the Fire element is strong. On Page 105 of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, I’ve included a visual illustration of strong Fire element, with a description of the likely elements that might be influenced or affected. For instance, I wrote, “when the Fire element is strong, it can control and attack the weakest Metal element directly.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can associate the Metal elements with the lungs, respiratory systems, skin, and brain (mental). As mentioned in many of my earlier articles, we could also associate Metal with traits and health signs like hyperventilating, unnecessary worries, hallucinations, fatigue, mental disorder or depression, motor neurone, and breathlessness. The strong Fire element shown in Zak’s chart affects the weaker Metal element, which could, indirectly, cause his mental illness to the surface. We associate the strong Fire with traits such as hyperactivity, bipolar disorder, hurtful, pain, domestic violence, hot tempers, fiery outbursts, creativity, energy, passion, radicalism and power.

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingOn the same Page 105, I also wrote, “if Fire is too strong and we need a quick and short-term preventive measure, increasing the Water element may be useful as it can directly attack the Fire element. When water mixes with Fire, there will be steam. Too much Water is not good as the Fire May extinguish. Too little Water, it will become hot (steam) and evaporate.

What this means is that the use of water, as an immediate short-term measure, might be useful temporary. Over time, it is recommended to consider balancing and harmonising the energies, for a well-balanced and manageable control. Zak might want to start swimming, if he’s not in right now; take relaxation exercises like qigong, and drink sufficient or moderate water. And occupy himself with more positive-thinking and forward-looking people. Now, finally, the ideal remedy is through a shift in mentality – a shift in beliefs, attitudes, and habits.

If you don't like where you are, then change it. Elements of Numbers.I’ve applied “future pacing” techniques for many years and it does help me to visualise the “end goal in mind” of what I hope to achieve. I then take steps to plan backwards what I need to do, to achieve and experience that desired outcome. What Zak can do is envision the future-state showing how happy he is after dealing with and controlling his mental illness, and perhaps overcome it.

He could also record down the triggers that accelerated his mental stress. Once these triggers are known, he could plan small goals to improve his mind, such as the elimination of one trigger at a time. For easier goal-setting techniques, I’d suggest applying the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, Time-Bound) Goal technique to start small by making incremental goals to change his habits, knowledge and understanding, and mindset. Just don’t rush to do it, for the sake of meeting the timeline set for the goal. Set realistic and relevant goal within reasonable time frame. And most importantly, make it happen!

Stop Waiting for things to happen; go out and make them happen. Elements of Numbers.Zak could also find a closed friend (preferably not loved ones or family members, to avoid biases) to help him identify the likely cause, from a psychological behavioural point of view, by asking the 5-Whys about what might have triggered it. Could it be because of an emotional experience in childhood? Could his formative and educational years be unpleasant and have an impact on his feelings? Maybe, if Zak is on regular treatment, he might want to see if the hypnotherapy help is available to identify the trapped blocker.

Although this can be challenging due to cultural habits, Zak may want to reduce his consumption of spicy condiments and chillies. In Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), when there is too much Fire Qi in his body, taking more hot, spicy condiments could aggravate his inner body Qi. These could eventually affect and inflame his lungs (especially if he’s smoking), and eventually, might affect his heart and his brain.

Five things to quit now. Elements of NumbersZak must also look after his digestive problems. That’s partly because both the Metal and Earth elements are shown under the “Health Symptom” areas. While the focus has been on the Metal element, it’s equally important for Zak to improve on areas relating to the Earth elements, like as mentioned, to check on his digestive systems. If you noticed from the “Birth/Natal Strength (Elements)” chart, the Earth element was not shown (meaning, very weak), and in the “Overall Strengths (Elements)“, the Earth element was low.

The Pinnacles and Challenges charts are derived from external sources. I included that in the FEON+ tool as I found some relevance in its meaning and applications in the EON method. More detailed information can be found online. In general, from an EON perspective, I suggest working on behavioural traits related to elements and numbers in the current age range.

Elements of Numbers. Ready to ChangeThe Opportunities section indicates the favourable energies present during the age zone. Zak could maximise his energies as long as he takes proactive, positive actions. For instance, if Zak’s age is in the range 0-28, he should concentrate on the positive aspect of the number 8. This implies “take charge and control”, responsibility and accountability, to be determined to make this happen, but not over stressing himself, to seek alternative views, to widen his perspectives, to show warmth and care, and to apply the “6-second rule” to pause before replying, and so on. As the number 8 (stress) comes before number 9 (success), this implies Zak has to take action, accept it as good stress or pressure, to get him to a few steps ahead to achieve success. For this reason, it is recommended to adopt a goal-setting approach, which is to begin small incremental achievements. Think BIG, start SMALL.

Profiling people is not just about the number patterns. Elements of Numbers. UCMHP. Clarity of Numbers. LifeQuest. Visiber. EON FENThe Challenges section identifies obstacles and stumbling blocks that, in my opinion, can be overcome by a change in behaviour and mindset. If Zak’s age falls within the same 0-28 years old, the number 1 is present. Many of you might quickly correlate that as a leader, innovation, and so on. While these traits are correct, we should also look at the context for the purposes of Zak’s questions. Therefore, number 1 is all about taking personal responsibility to fix things, or at least taking proactive steps to manage and control the mental illness. The number 1, being a Metal element, is, unfortunately, associated with his mental conditions. Generally, Zak has to learn to accept his condition and take steps to mitigate its effects, probably through transformative change and a change in mindset. Many people have experienced and overcome mental illness as a result of a paradigm shift. I know Zak can get over it as long as he doesn’t give up hope and start taking proactive steps. The fact that Zak is searching for answers and wanting to know more from alternative views, shows he’s on the right pathway.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONThat’s all for this article. In my next Part 2 article, I will share other findings from the EON perspective on the elements and numbers that might have influenced Zak’s behaviours and attitudes over the years.

Hopefully, it will shed light on any incorrect responses and reactions that Zak has adopted that have affected him. And knowing what those signals are, he could correct it by doing the right things. And manage, control, or rid the mental conditions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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