On James’ Concerns – Part 4

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I thought I had completed a three-part article on James’ concerns. However, it created the “I started rolling the ball, and the rolling continues” effect. I’m aware James is excited over my analysis on his character and behaviours, and it hit him hard. That was why he has been giving me lots of feedback (on his past actions that he could resonate with what I’ve described) and started to ask more questions. Hence, it’s “natural” for me to extend the case study on him.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop - Elements of NumbersI told James it was necessary to close “the loose ends” even though I’m not obligated to analyse and advise James, as he’s not attended my EON/FEN class. It’s my compassionate nature, which allows me to help others as much as I can, to check out only when I’ve the time to spare. For me, there’s always a divine reason why James connected with me, and it might be me who has to show him “the light.” Hence, this Part-4 article…

[James] I really enjoyed the 3-Part articles so far. Your surface-level profiling hit close to home. I mean, some of the things you said took years for me to notice, like spending money on “wants and “ego.” It’s these actions that have left me in debt right now. And that woke me up and made me want to change the way I spend things just for the convenience. Actually, I don’t even use it often or at all; it’s primarily because I’ve been influenced by the marketer. I remember one of your articles, this woman said she wanted to meet you 10 years ago, I felt it too when I read that part.

Stop waiting for things to happen. go out and make them happen. Elements of NumbersWhen a person has open up their self-awareness and a part of their emotional intelligence, it’s their choice to follow up and take action to improve their behaviours and mindset. I hope I’ve provided wide insights for James to create his own path, find the right directions, commit to the goal-setting, and start to live his life with purpose. While the road ahead might not be straight and smooth, James has to consciously take steps to inculcate behavioural flexibility, to create positive perspectives, and to show good leadership traits. As for the lady who waited 10 years for me, click this link to know more about my encounters with Elizabeth.

[James] I am very suspicious of people, and watching TV dramas makes me more paranoid for sure. Furthermore, you hear stories from friends and family too. For micro management, I think I do it subconsciously sometimes because I do not want people to waste their time since I already wasted mine. I like sharing what works and what does not for me.

Elements of Numbers - FEON+ Pro chartWhile his EARTH element is weak from an overall computation, the number 5 in locations T, P, and V in his Birth Chart, the 5-5 pattern in his Reflection Chart, and the 5 present in his 9-Year Cycle code, are creating abrupt manifestations, in recent years. An analogy – it created the “Black Friday 1-hour sale” effect where the person will rush in and grabbed everything they want and can take all. Only to regret later on his over-spending on “too good to miss” items, and compulsive behaviours.

Often, the contributing areas included the distraction nature and gullible traits. This implies, James might have more than one project on hand, and many of them are still less the halfway mark of completion timeline. That’s because while in the midst of working on his current project, his mind is already thinking of doing another new project.

The stronger Metal element, also a result of sudden manifestation of Earth element (in Five Elements principles, Earth supports or produces Metal), created overwhelming mental and cognitive-like symptoms, like hallucination, anxiety, paranoid, mental worries, suspicions, and distrusting nature. One consequential symptom – the thinking that “I know better, and I can share them with you; I don’t need your views” mentality is strong.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingJames has to remind himself that business success is NOT a one-person effort; it’s all about teamwork, trust, giving autonomy, providing psychological safety, encouraging self-directed tasks, and empowering his team to perform their best for a common goal, to achieve shared success. And showing the leadership with emotional intelligence traits.

James has to start relaxing his mind and work on ways to trust others. Doing meditation and other calming activities could help. Engage in team-bonding, external humanitarian or community-bonding projects, and beach-cleaning activities could help him to gradually improve his emotional intelligence and empathy. It takes time, and unless he do something about it, such undesirable conditions could aggravated his mental capacities.

[James] For profiling question wise, how do you know when 6 means money or family? As I recall in the book, the number can be multiple things. And when do you see 3 number patterns or 2 number patterns?

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling book by Ron WZ SunA sign of impatience, and wanting to know the “straight to the point” end-result without wanting to learn the steps along the learning journey. James can read my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and East Character Profiling” again. You can buy my EON book (click here) if you haven’t already done so. He’ll find the answers there, as long as he focused on taking one step at a time, to pause and understand how to correlate the associations with number 6. James could also read and digest the >1000 articles I’ve posted out, and correlate them with the birth charts shown, to understand and practise his profiling skills.

[James] 1-3-4 pattern and 4-8-3 pattern, I do have selective hearing. I believe mainly due to a hasty mind as my mind asks a lot of questions and I get distracted and I do not like re-hearing things unless I need to reconfirm topic concepts. If not, it is a waste of time. I am taking steps to try to understand things being shared. For example, the birth chart is not your personality, it was not easy to understand when you attended UCMHP and they told you your character is destiny and you can change it but using your strength to overcome your weakness. I Guess that’s why I take notes in point form and there is no real flow to it.

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand; we listen to reply. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingThinking you’re “good at listening” and consciously practising “attentive listening” is different. James has to give others the respect and listen attentively, as much as he want others to listen to him attentively when he talk. Change and improve his behavioural flexibility mindset, is the way to go.

Everyone has equal 24-hours each day, and there isn’t anything as “my time is more important than yours.” Unfortunately, it created the naïve and self-centric perception. James has to learn to understand that people perform at different speed, have different emotions, and responded differently. He must learn to accept others as equal partners, and every team member is an important pillar towards team success.

It took me a few years to research and test my understanding of the DISC method. Due to my earlier experience in developing Chinese Metaphysics software tools for PDA devices in 2004 – like developing the HSIA 10,000 Year Calendar and QiMenDunJia’s 1080 Charts – I’ve inculcated the “data mining” and identifying behavioural predictors, association-like mindsets.

FEON+ Pro software showing DISC - EON chartsThe C-D sign shown in James’ DISC-EON chart reaffirms the “Compliance-Dominance” perfectionist behavioural styles – displaying the “I want hard facts, and I want it fast.” mentality. From the additional text info shown from the FEON+ PRO software, a key reason is because James feared failure and lack of control. A perception change that’s needed to rid the phobias.

Generally, using your strengths to overcome your weakness, is a dangerous action, and is best avoided. Furthermore, it doesn’t align with the Yin-Yang values of harmonising the energies. An analogy –  you’ve exercised and strengthened your hands but neglect working on your weak legs. When you fall down, having strong hands can do little and you cannot stand up because your legs are still weak. Hence, when you take steps to strengthen your weak legs first, if you fall the next time, you can stand up and walk.

Character is destiny” is often interpreted differently by many people. The quality of your destiny mainly depends on your character (behaviours, mindset, actions). In short, you’ve a choice to enrich your journey towards your final destination, and need not be constrained by the tendency signs present in your Birth Charts and other periodic charts. Hence, using your strengths to overcome your weaknesses, is an incorrect and/or inappropriate application usage, and might lead to detrimental health issues.

[James] For the Reflection Chart, you are right in your analysis. I do want to do business online to improve my financial situation and family lifestyle so that they can have a better lifestyle. That is healthy and is what I feel they deserved. I am materialistic but more for increased security, and convenience. Mainly, I am thinking about the future and its consequences. And also the past, which sometimes leads to indecision because after getting the data, I do not know how to best move forward. Yeah, I was chasing money throughout the past 10 years and I am trying something different this year. I do have frequent headaches or migraines but how come, ah? And I’ve the “hallucination in unsound mind” tendencies when the chasing money fails. I realised that was what I’ve been when it also happened to a friend 2 years’ back. I am trying to make a change to this too.

Again, the signs associated with strong Metal element. My understanding of the tendency signs and my ability to provide relevant signs that James could resonate, is because of my research done, my understanding of the underlying signs, and my conscious practises over the years. And I’m aware I am still not perfect, and do not know many things. Hence, I can only share what I know. Oh, one more thing… the tendency signs are suggesting the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) symptom, present in James chart, are strong too.

You must gain control over your money, or the lack of it will forever control you. Elements of Numbers[James] Biggest one is the constant conflict and regret of behaviour and action. This is something I have been trying to solve for a long time. For example, I know how to set smart goals and I decide to do it right. But when I am doing the goals, I get distracted by my thoughts and or uncertainty. Then I ended not doing it and regretted it later. When I give in to my mind to do something else, I felt I’ve wasted my time. It has been a vicious cycle.

Many people started creating S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Actionable, Relevance, Time-bound) goal-settings, but after a while, could not accomplish their goals. Understanding how SMART Goal works, and applying (and following) the correct technique, is important. One common mistake most people made is setting BIG goals, and got distracted after a while. These are unrealistic and non-specific goals. Split the BIG goal into multiple SMALL bite-size goals, where it’s easier to achieve the specific goal within reasonable and actionable time frame. James might want to apply the correct SMART GOAL techniques, as it could help him in his professional career and personal life.

[James] For Job related/career, should I go into the Fire (I have a weak body due to not taking care of it so I cannot stand for very long) or the Metal industry to drain my strong element? How do I increase the element that is weak? My health was one of the reasons I took admin previously and lack of funds to solve my health issue is why I  do not really go into the more manpower centric or heavy-lifting part of the Fire element industry.

As his Birth Root is 1, it’d be easier for James to adopt the strategic thinking mindset – to be more open-minded, to accept wider perspectives, to look at strategic WHAT-Ifs scenarios, and list down all possible observations. Then list them into the IMPORTANT-URGENT quadrant checklist, on the highest prioritised-task to take action.

Its not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.As James know himself well and better than I do, it’s not possible for me to strictly provide a one-stop “one size fits all” solution. Instead, James has to find the answers to his questions as it all depends on his commitments, determination, sincerity to ensure he achieved his targets. James can ask himself what he can do to make them work, and how best he can work towards achieving his goals.

Meanwhile, he can read my over-1000 articles and search for strong Metal and weak Earth. And if possible, to re-read my EON book again, especially on the Five Elements interactions, strengths and weaknesses (Page 95-116) and body/health symptoms. The general answers are there. Eventually, James has to decide on what he’d like to do for his career. Perhaps, he could explore the true meanings of this common phrase, “Do what you love and love what you do.

The Greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but it is the illusion of knowledge. Elements of Numbers[James] Why did you choose to use numerology as a base to build EON on and not Astrology? Astrology seems like the wider view kind of perspective and they have elements too. What is the different strength and limitation of EON and Astrology? Partially asking it cause of comparing someone who use astrology to create a further in depth profile called psychological astrology.

Western Astrology is different from Chinese Astrology. Western Numerology is different from Indian, Egyptian and EON numerology. While some western metaphysics has four elements, the Chinese Metaphysics has five elements. Why waste time comparing and debating over whether one method is better than the other? As I’ve told James, all profiling methods have limitation and constraints. I’ve disclosed why I decided to formulate the Elements of Numbers (EON) method in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling“, and on my website. Perhaps, it’s the “unconscious” mind, the divine guidance, the challenge and desire, and a call to action for me to create my EON pathway.

Strive for progress, not perfection. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.

I hope I’ve summed up my analysis on James. As he has been adding more new questions – the mental distractions and trying to learn or do many things at one go – I could not accommodate them into this article. Perhaps, we can revisit them around Dec 2022. By then, I hope James would have worked to improve his weaknesses and other areas that I’ve mentioned and he’s shown interest to work on it. As the saying goes, “when problem is smaller, it’s easier to manage.”  So, it’s best for James to work on his mindset and behaviours first, as it could eventually, create positive impact on his health, career, and relationships with others. So, I’m looking forward to the year-end review session with James.

It doesn’t matter whether the truth hurts. We should know our vulnerabilities. Our understanding of others are based on our own internal belief system. There are many areas James can work on. He could seek another opinion by checking with others. He could consult a life or career coach to get him back on track and focus on what he needs to do. And he can seek medical help and/or professional counsellors, whenever possible and regularly, to release the energy blockages and clear the mental clutters in the mind.

It only takes one person to change your life: YOU. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingFurthermore, James could reflect on the question, “what was most useful for me about Ron’s 4-Part articles” to extract the value and decide one prioritised action to begin with.

For him, change must start now. He has the power in his hands to change the way he wants. He just has to own it. Change starts from within. With changed behaviours, he could create new outcomes and positive experiences.

Until my next article… Happy Learning. Stay Focused. Be Curious, Understand… and CHANGE!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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