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I had an interesting email chats with James over the past couple of weeks. James attended the UCMHP course, and was confused about the methodologies and application theories learned, and decided to check with me.

Today’s Part-1 article would be more like a Q&A (Questions & Answers). I’m addressing some of James’ questions, which I know it’d resonate with many of you, especially those who have taken the UCMHP courses.

FEON+ Lite: The free software for Human Behavioural Profiling using the Elements of Numbers EON method. Not for Power of Numbers PON, Universal Characteristics Method of Human Profiling UCMHP, Clarity in Numbers, Science of Numbers LifeQuest, Visiber

[James] I found your site while looking for an UCMHP calculator as a UCMHP UAC generator cost 4 grand 🙁 and I feel it is not worth the cost and I cannot afford it.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityI’ve provided a basic online version where you can plot an EON chart from this link to get you started. The free online copy was a trimmed-down version of my FEON+ PRO software which has many features aimed at advanced users, or those who want to do PaaS (Profiling As A Service). Many of my latest articles posted last year, usually shows a screenshot of the full FEON+ PRO v2.x version, which has more features, including basic AI-like predictive algorithm to indicate potential traits and health signs (see below screenshot). As in my mantra, “The Birth Chart is Not the Personality,” these tendency signs are based on periodic charts as well. This means that the predictive signs shown in the FEON+ Pro v2.x software will be different for every year, month or day.

The price of the software depends on customer’s needs and perception of value. Hence, you need to decide if it’s worth your “4 grand ($4000)” as James mentioned, worth investing with your hard-earned money.

I’ve launched the FEON+ PRO v2.x software for current FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students last year. Currently it is compiled for Android smartphones only, due to some unresolved security concerns. The software is capable of supporting multiple devices, like what you have seen from the FEON+ Lite online version. Once I can fix the security issues, future versions of FEON+ PRO will support any compatible device installed on iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, or Mac OS.

The screenshot shows the birth chart and other charts, with potential tendency signs on health and others, based on James birth date. Screengrab was taken from the FEON+ PRO running on my iPhone 12.

As I finished the pilot trial, I will be releasing the current FEON+ PRO v2.x for “early adopters” shortly. Send me an email (to SunTzu2796@gmail.com) if you’re keen to pre-register for your interest, and be notified once released date is confirmed Pricing for early-adopters would be affordable and reasonable. Special ‘contra’ upgrade discounts would be offered to existing users of FEON v1.x to install FEON PRO v2.x (Android) software.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"[James] What is the differences between FEN and UCMHP?

My Elements of Numbers (EON) method was based mainly on the Five Elements principles as it is the underlying core of the entire profiling. I wrote and self-published my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” in 2010, as a result of my previous experience with Chinese metaphysics such as Bazi, QiMen, and others.

Nowadays, my EON/FEN techniques have been copied or adapted by many external trainers conducting other methods, mostly through my articles. The charting layout between UCMHP and EON are different. And since most of EON focuses on the five elements, you have more insight into the charts. I also promote EON on a non-commercial basis, because I believe we should be able to learn the basics at a reasonable price.

The UCMHP methodology is different from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Since James attended the UCMHP course, it is more practical and logical for him to consult with his UCMHP trainer for advice on his questions related to the UCMHP profiling approach. There are no good or bad answers, as we are all exposed to external influences and internal beliefs that are limited.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONCheck all my posts since 2010 because I am happy to be the only one to post regular posts. Once you’ve read my articles, you can tell the difference between different profiling styles, especially when you’ve attended classes conducted by other trainers earlier. In my opinion, the lessons and profiling methods must be logical, rational, and allow you to understand beyond the birth chart. After all, we are influenced differently each year and there is no sense in assuming that your character remains the same since birth.

[James] Does your chart have anything to do with Yin and Yang energies?

Of course, when the Five Elements are part of the essence of EON methods, the Yin-Yang metaphor is also part of my profiling metaphor and technique. This is why I found it disturbing to learn that the right and left sides of the UCMHP chart represent different strengths and weaknesses of the person. Imagine one side of your body represents the strength, and the other side, the weaknesses – doesn’t sounds logically, right?

Not the right Path. Use Elements of Numbers

[James] I attended the UCMHP course. What I got was great and eye opening. At the same time, I get the impression that a lot of information has been withheld. I have to pay thousands of dollars to get more information on the numbers like paired number, missing numbers, bankruptcy numbers, con man numbers etc. Another example, is that they say UCMHP is based on 7 different profiling method incorporated into a 90 percent accuracy. But I only learnt 2 of the 7.

We are destined to follow our unique path. However, it’s entirely up to us to decide how we want to experience the journey on our destiny path. This is why people experience different emotions, reactions and outcomes, even if they are twins or born at the same time.

You Really Can't stereotype people or put them in boxesYour Birth Chart is NOT your Personality and does not representing your destiny. These are the energies buried within your body and soul at the moment of birth. It is your self-control to manage your destiny, and not letting destiny control your life.

It does not matter whether a profiling system has 5, 7 or 20 different profiling methods. Bragging about it makes no sense or adds no value to the system. The bottom line is to understand each method individually and how best to apply it to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingIf a trainer says his profiling skills are so accurate (90%), ask him where he would be three years from now, his health and career. Why some trainers still bet on lotteries when they claimed they have the key to enrich your wealth by using their profiling techniques (I presumed no gambling technique is involved)? Nobody can predict with precision for anyone because all individuals – you and I, and many others – can change because of the influential energies. And what we change is because of our beliefs, emotions (positive and negative) and outlook. Last week, this week, and next week – our emotions and feelings would be different. So when someone claims to predict or profile other people with 90% accuracy, how does that happen and how do you quantify those results?

[James] Positive side is, when I read for my friends, they liked that it is pretty accurate. But I feel that it’s mostly because I did other research before and after the class to gather more information and how I interpret the interpretation.

Illusion of KnowledgeThis is true for all methods, whether you have learned the UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber or EON profiling system, because at a very low level, the fundamentals are similar. This means that if you use the basic profiling skills, you should be able to profile a person reasonably. Unless a person has made a behavioural change or has already used certain profiling practices, the likelihood of a change is low.  The same approach can be said to all other profiling systems like Bazi and ZiWeiDouShu (Purple Star Astrology) and even the Western Astrology, like the Star Signs of Aries, Leo, Capricorn, etc. However, performing an extended or advanced profiling, is entirely different due to varying techniques applied.

Personal GrowthLearning to profile a person is easy, as is playing chess and Othello. It is difficult to learn how to profile a person beyond their personality and to consider likely outcomes from what-ifs tendencies. Even though I know more than many of you, there are so many areas that I’m not familiar with and there are so many things that I need to know. Therefore, it is just as important us all (trainers, students, and users) to be curious and have a lifelong learning and growth mindset.

I’ve included more application techniques in the EON method, as an extended profiling approach, through FEN techniques. I incorporated in-depth elemental aspects that you can identify through visualisation techniques. I’ve added various techniques (such as EFV Flow/Span) to identify potential challenges and how you can act to deal with them.

Each profiling method has its limits, largely due to shared interpretations. While the principles of the techniques are shared, it is the interpretations, practices, and experiences of the students that matter most.

EON/FEN Elements of Numbers Five Elements NumerologyFinally, do you always ask, “What Is In It For Me?” (WIIIFM) about the reasons you wanted to learn profiling. Regardless of the reasons and excuses, try to identify your strengths, know your vulnerabilities, and learn how you can take measures to mitigate any potential obstacles, and manifest energies only at the right times. And make a conscious effort to change your behaviours, thoughts, feelings, habits, and mindset. 

It all revolves around Yin and Yang – the harmonization and balance of energies, the interactions of nature and humans. Its about the Five Elements, and your application approach through your habits and experience. In short, when you change your current lifestyle and bad habits, you can become a better version of yourself, free of charge. No need to pay for marketed symbolic ornaments or jewellery disguised as FengShui or LifeCode remedies. Behavioural and mindset change is FREE.

Change your lifeHarmful and negative emotions can derail you. You can learn to recognise negative emotions at the moment – and let them go. You can choose the life you lead. You can let your environment dictate your experience, and face some unhappiness. Or you get to take control of your own life experience. To me, that’s a better way. And that’s what professional and ethical profiling training should be – lessons learned, techniques and goal-settings applied, and expecting the desired outcomes.

That’s all for Part 1 of the article series. In the next section, I will delve further into James’ analysis of profiling.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun









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