Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen, dies

According to this BBC article, veteran comic actor Leslie Nielsen has died of complications from pneumonia on Sunday. He was 84.

Let’s check whether we can gather any information on his health condition, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

There are strong Wood elements (numbers 4 and 9) in Nielsen’s birth chart. In Five Elements, strong Wood will ‘repel’ and counterattack Metal. At the same time, strong Wood would also strengthen Fire. When Fire is strong, it will directly control Metal. Either way, Metal is “affected”.

If you are not sure what I am saying, please read up Chapter 3 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on the Five Elements theory.

Here’s an analogy. Woodcutters use the axe to chop trees. But when the tree (Wood) is strong, the blade of the axe (Metal) may be blunt or dented. Blacksmith usually apply heat (Fire) to weaken the metal so that they can forge and create the desired metal ornament. When Metal is strong (in liquid form), it can extinguish the Fire.

From the Health Symptom identification step in PON/EON, we can easily identify Nielsen’s health problems – it could be related to the Metal, Water or Earth elements.

In Five Elements, Metal is associated to the lungs, respiratory and immune system. Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Rapid breathing and Pneumonia are signs of immuno-deficiency associated to the immune system. When Metal (lungs) is weak, there’d be lack of oxygen to the lungs and brain. These may also affect Fire (heart).

If you have similar chart, the possibility of developing pneumonia, asthma, or breathlessness (including other symptoms related to immune and respiratory systems) may happen unless you take good care of your immune system from young. Regular exercises, balanced diet and taking nutritional supplements may help to minimise the health condition from worsening. Of course, that includes no smoking, binge drinking and drugs consumption as well since Fire is strong – these could lead to complications related to cardiovascular problems.

There are multiple 4s in Nielsen’s birth chart. He could be an excessively emotional person. Unless he can learn to relax and control his emotions, the emotional stress may affect his lungs and heart.

Let’s look at his PY2010 chart. Water is present and further ‘weakens’ Metal. Fire is extremely strong too, because of the support from strong Wood in his birth chart. In fact, if you looked at his Hidden Numbers, the presence of number 8 also indicated Fire is strong. Nielsen could be feeling stressful in his younger days. According to Internet sources, his father was a troubled and violent man; often stressing Nielsen. The signs are there – check the hidden number 8 (H1) in the father’s sector of his birth chart.  Refer to Page 67 and Page 199 of my book for more information on the Hidden Numbers.

When Fire is strong, it could affect Metal. Nielsen could have felt unnecessary excited and temperamental this year. The high anxiety PLUS the emotional stress could affected him strongly. Both the Fire and Metal energies are increasingly strong this year.

As I’m not a medical doctor, I’d not know the probable root cause to his death other an complications from pneumonia, as reported.  His health condition (pneumonia) could have worsened due to the lack of oxygen in his lungs, brain and the blood vessels. There may also be a possibility that his kidney (Water) could have contributed to the worsening condition, cutting off the “life essence” to the body.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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