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Last Sunday (28 Nov), I went to InterContinental Singapore hotel to promote my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to the PON students. They were attending the Power of Numbers (PON) course conducted by Dr. Oliver Tan. Special thanks to Dr. Oliver Tan for allowing me to promote my book to his PON students during the course. And to the PON students who bought my book – THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

Some of the PON students took the opportunity to ask me questions during the afternoon tea-break, and after the PON lesson has ended. A few gave me their birthdates to analyse, perhaps to find out whether I could identify more signs (and traits) using my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I then advised them on the other areas (including signs related to certain health conditions like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, urinal problems, etc) that they should take care.

Perhaps it is easier for me to identify more symptoms and signs through EON since I had done my “homework” by doing my own research and releasing a book to share my findings with others. That was why I couldn’t resist sharing my analysis with those who asked since there was time to spare. I am certain they have left the place after our discussions with confidence on EON after listening to my quick analysis from a different perspective.

There is one question that kept popping up during my discussions with some other PON students – what is the difference between PON and EON?

The PON and EON methods are like the Yin and Yang of a numerology system. While PON is about the numerical energies in the numbers (the numerical traits), EON is about the elemental energies in the numbers (the elemental traits). Both are independent and yet, interdependent analytical methods. When combined, it can provide you the means to further your analytical skills.

When you look at the Yin aspect of an issue, you could identify the potential signs and symptoms related to the Yin focus. Now, when you look at the issue from a Yang focus, you could identify signs and symptoms related to the Yang aspect. By focusing on both the Yin and Yang aspects of an issue, you can gather more information and identify more signs. Both PON and EON methods are complementary.

Here’s an analogy. When you look at a person’s birth chart using PON, you can identify certain traits associated to the numbers. When you look at the same birth chart using EON, you can identify different traits associated to the Five Elements. When you can apply both PON and EON methods to look at a birth chart, you can identify more traits!

What this means is the discoveries made by both Dr. Oliver Tan and I could benefit many PON and EON students.  The information gathered can help build up your knowledge in this unique numerology system to a different level.

What if you have learned another method similar to PON from some other trainers? Are you able to benefit from using PON and EON as well?

I wouldn’t know as it all depends on the information the trainer has taught you. I also noticed the way information given to students between trainers and researchers are different. One will teach based on the teaching materials and their experiences. The other would teach with pride, and value-add the teaching materials from their experiences and research’s findings (discoveries). You have a choice to make. Hopefully you made the right choice.

Having a good vision in the number patterns and understanding the traits is good, but could be inadequate for real-life profiling applications. You need to know the holistic energies of the number vibrations. When you apply both PON and EON methods in your profiling analysis, you can gather more information from different perspective. You will see the true power in numbers and its elemental influences.

PON and EON gives you the capacity to identify more signs and traits in your profiling analysis. You can then take charge to improve your wellbeing, and others.

Regard, Ron WZ Sun


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