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In my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, I provided students with a customised Excel worksheet, allowing them to plot a person’s chart from any device, as long as they have an Excel viewer installed. This means students can plot EON charts on their iPhones, iPad, PCs, Windows PCs, and Mac too. The reason – my current FEON+ software was developed just for Android devices. 

In the Excel file, I included the biorhythm charts that FEN students can use, to understand a person’s holistic health condition for a specific day. The student version includes standard biorhythm sine-wave profiles (like Physical, Emotion, Intellectual) that are commonly available, in mobile apps and online sites on the Internet. It’s offered as an easy reference to students keen on exploring the Biorhythm method to complement their EON/FEN profiling. I also showed them a separate research-version that I’ve formulated to include other aspects not included in student-version. It’s a result of my passion for research on the underlying factors, which in this case, is on the Biorhythm system. I remembered buying books on Biorhythm in the late 70s. I also want to check on its relevance to other methods, like the EON method and Bazi.

In an earlier article “About EON and Bazi Day Master,” I mentioned that I almost completed developing the BaziCalc+ software with new features that have been tested. I included the biorhythm chart into the BaziCalc+ software, with three specially created cyclical sine-wave profiles that I’ve categorised as MIND, QI, and LUCK.

The MIND profile is about the physical, attitude, aptitude, and general life aspects of a person. It’s like consolidating a combination of cyclical energies on a person. You can include the physical strengths and health, their mental/cognitive thinking and alertness, their emotional feelings, and overall holistic states of the mind, body, and soul. The QI profile is about the influencing Qi energies around them during that day, which could influence a person’s feelings, for better or worse, on their behavioural states and reactions. The LUCK profile is about the good energies that could support (enhance) or reduce (dilute) a person’s lucky vibe on a specific day.

Well, the Biorhythm charts can be used as a quick and easy visual reference, a guideline to identify the various energies – beneficial or detrimental – on a person. You should not assume it to provide an accurate representation of the energies, as it does not consider one critical componentYOU. Yes, while it can influence you, it has no control over you, as your behaviours, attitude, mindset, and responses can vary when you are in different environments and situations, or be influenced by those around you at that time. In a way, you can look at the MIND, QI, and LUCK cyclical profiles like the daily almanac or weather forecast that provides general information. The three cyclical profiles (MIND, QI, LUCK) are not “near-perfect” signs – due to human behavioural mood-swinging mindsets – but it does provide me with the necessary references that I need, to broaden my perspective horizons to enhance my profiling analysis.

Here’s a screenshot of Dr Mahathir’s Bazi chart showing the Biorhythm section. I selected the date for 24 Feb 2020; the day Dr Mahathir resigned as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. From the Biorhythm chart (left screenshot), you’d noticed his QI profile has reached the critical line, and on a downward drift. This implies the Qi energies could create a “make-or-break” impact on him. His MIND profile is on a similar downturn, which might be why he was flabbergasted and/or agitated over the impending issues leading to his resignation. His LUCK profile has reached the bottom of the “curve” while gradually moving up, but is, however, still showing a weakening or less impactful influence. That is not a good day for him to give up.

Now, if you look at the right screenshot, the LUCK cyclic profile has crossed the critical line on 28 Feb 2020 (Friday), which again, can influence a “make-or-break” outcome. However, as he has just crossed the critical line, he has weak control (low energies) to manage the situation in his favour. On 29 Feb (Saturday), his interim-PM position was short-lived as the king has officially appointed a new PM of Malaysia. The assumed favourable tide has somehow turned against him, just like the biorhythm cyclical sine-waves…

There are twelve biorhythm cyclical profiles that I have added in BaziCalc+. Other than the MIND, QI, and LUCK profiles that were uniquely created by me, the rests of the nine profiles are common ones. One unique feature of the Biorhythm chart in BaziCalc+ is – you can turn on/off each cyclical profile, if you just want to view at most one or a few profiles, and not be distracted by too many profiles on the screen. For example, I have turned off the nine common profiles as shown on the left screenshot that‘s configured for 24 Feb 2029, leaving just the MIND, QI, and LUCK profiles. I have turned on all twelve profiles on the right screenshot, configured for 29 Feb 2020 to illustrate the various profiles with majority showing downtrend patterns.

It was interesting (and  can be fun too) when you have access to these visual charts as easy reference to assist in your profiling. Biorhythm charts can be handy once you understand its application usage. There’s nothing secret about it, and you can easily read about how it was first devised and how to interpret it, on the Internet.

A new major version for FEON+ is on the “vision board” where development has not started yet. I’ll include similar biorhythm charts, including the MIND, QI, and LUCK cyclic profiles. Oh, one more thing… before I receive emails from non-Android smartphone users, the screenshots attached to today’s article were captured from my primary mobile device – an iPhone.

The BaziCalc+ and FEON+ are just productivity tools, that automate the mundane job of plotting various charts within seconds, and provide extra information that you can use as clues to assist in your profiling analysis. How excellent a tool can be, depends on how knowledgeable and adaptable the person who applied it. Unless you learned the fundamentals of Bazi from a good mentor, you’ll not be capable of utilising the software fully. Likewise, unless you understand the fundamentals of the Five Elements and the various advanced EON techniques from a good mentor, you’d not be able to maximise the potential capacities of the FEON+ software.

Now that I’ve briefly described how you can add biorhythm charts to complement your numerology profiling analysis, I know many external trainers (yes, they’re regular visitors to this site to learn as well) will soon be adding biorhythm charts in their training lessons; and profiling professionals using biorhythm references in their analytical reports.

Lastly, with some of you still with lockdown, quarantine, work-from-home, or stay-at-home restrictions, please safeguard yourselves and your loved ones. You might want to use the extra “free time” (when available) to practice your profiling skills. Perhaps, check out my articles and learn to understand why I’ve explained the interactions and influence of similar numbers in a different way. Anyway, you might want to explore the reasons why I’ve mentioned distinctive traits and characteristics of the same number (or patterns) in different articles too. The reason is simple – I’m also influenced by the biorhythmic energies at the time of drafting each article, and my analytical perspective varies between articles. 

Stay healthy, stay safe. 

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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