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It takes seconds to form an opinion of someone you met. However, the first impression you have on that person may be different from subsequent opinions. Occasionally, someone’s action and behaviours may contradict their appearance. Their spoken and nonverbal message to you could be different from your interpretations.

Today’s topic is on complementary methods that you can use with the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to strengthen your profiling skills, useful when in direct face-to-face interaction with someone.

Tom read some books on face reading and told me excitedly his observations on the people he met recently. He realised he could complement his EON profiling knowledge with face reading. “That’s great,” I told him.

It is useful and handy to know other methods to support certain observations when communicating directly with someone face-to-face. Knowing a little on face reading could help you be aware of the person’s personality even before they started to speak.

Today, you have to be cautious when judging a person using face reading.  While face reading is still usable and practicable, we cannot assume that every observation made on a person’s face is accurate. With modern advancement in health and beauty improvement techniques, an ugly-looking woman can now look like a gorgeous-looking lady. Some celebrities resorted to cosmetic surgery, facial enhancement, or simply applying cosmetic makeup to hide their “flaws” to “perfect” their looks and boost their self-esteem while in the public. A mole on a person’s face today can now be gone tomorrow.

I told Tom he need to be cautious when applying face reading techniques these days as people (both genders) have the ability and capacity to change their looks anytime. We should not stereotype a person based on face reading theories. When a person hides their true personality behind the mask of a new look, it becomes harder to unveil their true self.

Compare the different faces of Michael Jackson from the 90s to his later years. Can you tell his personality from his different faces? You can also look at the photos of popular metaphysics experts. Check if their face features (for example, eyebrows, moles, and nose) are similar today and in their earlier years. It doesn’t matter much if the person’s face looks thinner, firmer, prosperous, or chubby looking. In the art of face reading (physiognomy), a person’s key features don’t change much in their lives.

Some time ago, I found it amusing and irony when I saw the photos of some face reading experts. It was obvious some of them did some improvement work on their face to make them “look perfect” in accordance to face reading principles. When a person could not accept their flaws and facial features and goes under the knife to change their appearance, could we still identify their “true personality”.  If these professionals can hide their face behind a perfect mask, other people could do similarly.

A beautiful looking girl with the perfect look may not be what she looked like previously before she undergone a cosmetic surgery to get her face look perfect. Just imagine you are profiling her characters through face reading and telling her she should have enjoyed all the positive vibes, when in reality she’s not. You could have boosted her self-esteem but your face reading observations are not accurate.  It’s not because your skills are so bad that you cannot associate different facial features with the possible characteristics. It’s not your fault. It just so happened that you are looking at a false face with “mismatched” destiny path.

Fortunately, face reading is still an essential method for quick observation as many people don’t worry much about the features on their face. Here’s one suggestion – if you’re interested in attending face reading course, go for the trainer who has not done anything to enhance or tweak their facial features. If you can learn from a successful mentor who can accept their facial flaws, it could imply they have found a cheap solution to overcome their imperfections – by changing their characters and behaviours positively. These mentors deserve more students than those who hide beneath the perfect face mask.


When you’re unsure if the face you’re looking is “original”, you can always rely on their body language to look for signs that may contradict the conscious actions and unconscious body movement. Learning the art of body language is equally important.  Sure, you can change your face by applying makeup or through cosmetic surgery. But your body language can reveal much about your true intention that you may not unconsciously be aware of.  I used to buy books on body language in the 80s. I enjoyed watching peoples’ unconscious body actions which often contradicted to what they said. It’s much easier way to know if a person is telling the truth or not by noting their body language after you’ve spent some time chatting with them.

Face reading and body language are two visual personality observation methods that you can use to improve your profiling skills. Learn and practise the methods to increase your profiling knowledge.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. Gan says:

    Hello Ron,
    Bought your book few month ago and found out it very useful and wish to learn advance stuff from YOU, is it possible? 1st – Does the position of number in different location e.g 72=9 at location ST=U have the same meaning in location PQ=R? What about 21=3 in MN=O in location ST=U and VW=X? Are those number in different location represent different meaning? 2nd – I was told by Oliver Tan that there are more than 20 combinations of interpretation of number in the inverted triangle and what are those numbers and from which location should I read, appreciate if YOU could englighten me, thanks and happy NEW YEAR 2013:-)

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