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Kenny wrote in his recent email to me, “I have purchased your book on ‘Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ and have been putting in a lot of effort into understanding the system. As I was going into the relationship section, I noticed that there is an emphasis on the fourth set 5-5 on page 206. However, not much information was provided for.”

Kenny has started to have a keen interest on the Elements of Numbers (EON). He aims to know more about a person’s characters, behaviors, and their relationship with others. I could sense his passion as his last sentence was, “P.S.  I really enjoy the book that explains why I’m typing this email at 3am!”

“Do remember adequate sleep is equally important!,” I replied.

Do not read the book as a fiction book. Stop and practice the method on completing each chapter. You can then practise applying the profiling approach with the information. As there are different theories described in the book, the tendency to mix all vibes related to individual numbers are high and confusing. Often, you may find contradicting signs.

Here’s an analogy. When I tell you to imagine “Apple” what are you thinking of?  This word has different meanings, connotations, and correlations. You interpreted it depending on the experience and perceptions you have currently in mind. You could be thinking of the fruit apple, or an apple juice. Someone could be thinking of the popular company called Apple, the Apple Mac products, or even Steve Jobs. You may be thinking of the phrase “apple of the eye.” A person who likes watching movie or read fairy tales book could be thinking of “Snow White” or the “Little Red Riding Hood”. A health science person could be thinking of “Adam’s apple”. Perhaps I’m thinking of the alphabet-learning phrase “A is for Apple”.

The number 5, like the rest of the other eight numbers in EON method, have different characteristics, tendency signs, elemental vibes, and meanings associated to it. You cannot mix them and interpret it as a whole. The observation depends on what issue you want to focus at.  

If you focus on traits – you associated number 5 to stubbornness, demanding, and other traits mentioned in my book.

If you focus on external influence – you associated number 5 to challenges, freedom, adaptability and risk.

If you focus on elements – you associated number 5 to Earth element. You then think of mountain (mysterious, benevolent, awe), duality traits of rigidness and flexibility, and so on.

If you focus on health – number 5 is about digestive systems, large intestines, spleen, and pancreas. You think of health symptoms on the organs related to the Earth element.

If you focus on vibes – number 5 has duality energies, the “Yin and Yang” vibes. It also exhibits the tendency vibes from surrounding elements.

Incidentally, I’ve shared with the EON Workshop participants an extended method to remember the traits and characteristics of the numbers and elements through visual images. With this imagining technique, they could easily correlate everyday objects with the numbers.

Kenny asked, “On page 188, it says the number 5 for compatibility root number would be read as lots of obstacles waiting, worry unnecessary and chronic worry, stubborn, principle-minded. However, on page 207, it has been stated that the number 5 is a wedding number. Am I supposed to assume that 5-5 is a relationship full of obstacles or am I supposed to assume that 5 is good?”

You need to define clearly your purpose. When you notice many 5s in a Compatibility Chart, you think of the tendency signs like challenges, freedom, stubbornness and obstacles. Both could experience such vibes when they’re together, but that doesn’t mean they WILL experience its effects. How well they can coup with the changes and vibes while together depends on their personal characters, behaviours, mindsets, and habits.

How do we define compatibility and incompatibility?

Use the compatibility information as a guideline. Do not narrow your vision and view by strictly following the guideline without considering other equally important factors. These include human behaviours, characters, habits, perceptions and thoughts. You framed your perceptions through your personal experiences based on environment and social factors, family upbringing, moral etiquettes, and shared values.  Many happily married couples live through their old age together as loving folks, and many of them are within the “incompatible” group.

The number 5 has the capacity to inhibit the traits of the surrounding numbers. When you check on the marriage vibes, the number 5 could display traits similar to numbers 9 (success), 6 (home), 3 (passion) or 2 (communication). If you consider the positive vibes, the 9,6,3,2 could manifest into a loving phase for them.  When we look at the multiple 5s, it could manifest the essence of changes, carefree-like and loving vibes that could influence the couple to consider marriage. And when you add 5-5-5 together, you get 6 (5+5+5=15; 1+5=6) which is about home. The marital reunion thoughts become stronger when they like to have a home together.

Whether the couple can remain as married lifetime partners or not depends on their characters, shared values, perceptions, and actions.


Consider my book as a getting-started resource material to build up your knowledge on the basic EON methods. You need to practise the methods as much as possible. And when you’re ready to know more about your future through life path profiling, you may want to attend the EON WORKSHOP session. That’s where you get to learn the visual method of correlating objects to the element and traits, plus many other extended methods to improve your health, career, luck, wealth, and happiness.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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