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Somebody posted a search for “colours” recently, and I thought it could come handy to discuss about colours from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives.

There are basically five individual colours when we applied the FIVE ELEMENTS principles – green colour to represent the WOOD element; red colour to represent the FIRE element; brown/earth colour to represent the EARTH element; grey/silver to represent the METAL element; and blue colour to represent the WATER element.

The numbers and elements used in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is different from Chinese Metaphysics systems, due to different fundamental principles.

In the Western Numerology and astrology methods, there are only four elements – AIR, WATER, FIRE, and EARTH. Some human behavioural professionals also associate the four elements in their DISC profiling analysis. From my research findings, the four elements popularly adopted by the West, can be further expanded to be include the five elements, for deeper definitions. For example, I’ve shown in the last recent FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class how easy and fast it can be to tie in the DISC profiling method to the five elements. Once you’ve done that, it’s easier to remember the characteristics, behaviours, and potential activities of each of the D-I-S-C components, and how the additional fifth element could help bridge the initial four components into a better-connected relational flow pattern to highlight more behavioural traits.

In FengShui applications, the use of colours is common. FS professionals promote symbolic ornaments associated to each of the five elements to enhance, control, or suppress the energies, depending on the current Qi energies coming into the particular sector during the Month or Year (mainly using the Flying Star theories).

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can also use colours to enhance your beneficial vibes, to control the overwhelming ones, or to curb the negative energies. The following numbers are associated with the respective elements:

  • 1 and 6: Metal element. Grey/silver colour.
  • 2 and 7: Water element. Blue colour.
  • 3 and 8: Fire element. Red colour.
  • 4 and 9: Wood element. Green colour.
  • 5: Earth element. Brown colour.

During the past Chinese New Year’s family gatherings, some friends and relatives would request me to do a quick yearly profile for them. That’s primarily because many of them are frequently distracted by the once-a-year forecasts many FengShui professionals talked about, and what colour best suited them in that year. Yes, one common question would be about what colour clothings should they wear. Colours do influence your moods, and subsequently, your behaviours and actions – the states of your mind, much like how the external factors (smell, visuals, taste) and Qi energies could influence you. For example, some of you might not like certain colours as it makes you “feel uncomfortable” in a particular way, be they because of self-limiting beliefs, customary hearsay, or you just don’t like certain colours for any reason during that period.

If METAL element is a beneficial element to you, one simple way to enhance it, is to wear a grey or silver clothing when you meet prospective customers or for job interviews, and to boost your inner self-confidence. In a recent psychology article I learned on the Internet, many people, especially women, finds man wearing a red shirt more attractive because of the assertiveness and power that the red colour is associated with – intentionally or through subliminal influences. How accurate the survey is, is debatable and subjective, and depending on your personal preference on the colours. Fast-food outlets have red and/or yellow colours for a reason. Similarly, green colours are usually adopted by healthier-choice food outlets for a reason too. The light reflections on the clothing you wear, do influence your thoughts and feelings. Lighter shade clothing reflects the heat.  Then again, certain colours, particularly the darker ones like black, dark blue, dark purple – you tend to feel hot easily, especially in a non-air con room, because dark colours absorb heat. Oh, you’ll also be attracting the mosquitoes too with your darker coloured clothing.

Do not be obsessed with using colours and spending unnecessary – having a painting or coloured vase is cheaper (and easier to dispose) than painting the entire wall or having the curtains in certain colours.

Understanding the colours and its mixed combinations do help me at times when there are multiple beneficial numbers. For example, a person who needs “numbers 4,9,2,7” for whatever reasons could choose to wear blue, green, or turquoise-colour clothing. Oh, do not be so obsessed with covering yourself entirely with turquoise-coloured clothing, from head to toe, including your shoes. Remember, you are not dressed for a fashion parade or costume parties. You must always use practical judgment and common sense. For example, a man can wear white smart shirts, but with a turquoise tie, tiepins, cufflinks – these small ornaments could exert more focused energies than wearing both shirt and pants in same colour. Colours are not merely limited to clothing, which is why many enterprising FS professionals create unique FS ornaments to represent the specific Chinese Zodiac animals or colours for specific “cures.”  I regularly use distinctive crystals of different colours and sizes, for my personal crystal-grids too.

Understanding colours and its associated element are equally significant as it allows you to expand the characteristics of the numbers. For example, the number 2 and 7, is associated with the Water element. In my FEN class, I shared how we can look at the number 2 like a river, a small drain, or a canal. We can associate the number 7 as a big lake or ocean. We can also associate the number 2 with water pipes too. Water pipes when leaked, could flood the toilet or kitchen floor. Water pipes, when choked, could burst and damage the wall, toilet fittings, etc. And water pipes, when not sealed completely, could seep through cracks on the wall and floorings, and worst, could “wet” the ceiling of the house directly below your apartment unit. What I’ve just described are examples you can correlate the probable effects (useful but hurtful, handy but manipulative, quiet but forceful, flexible but relentless) of the water pipe to a person with Root 2, or has multiple 2s in close proximity in their Birth charts. And when it appears in a Personal Year Chart, that implies the impact could be felt in that particular year.

And that’s precisely why and how we are feeling now, with the COVID-19 virus, with the year 2020. It implies; the number 2 is in focused, and not just one number 2, but a pair. A pair of water pipes seeping through the cracks in human behaviours (like social irresponsibility, feeling sick but not wearing masks). Bursting water pipes could flood the floor and rapidly damaged equipments, just like how the COVID-19 virus is transferred fast to humans directly, or indirectly. Equipments (like the respirator organs and lungs) might fail for those already with weakening health conditions. The number 2 is also about feelings and communications. That’s one reason the primary topics on mainstream media and online sites, are mainly about the pandemic issue. The truth, the fake news, the false allegations, the half-truths, and the sceptics – these could invoke our feelings varyingly, from rational or irrational behaviours, from protection to overreaction, and from assurance to fears.

And then where is the COVID-19 in relation to the EON method of profiling?

I’ve shared with FEN students that we could associate the numbers 4 and 9 (both Wood element) with growth, education, health, and humanitarian. The resultant number of PY2020 is 4 (2+2=4) – that’s about medical and health-related topics. That means, besides the potential water pipes bursting or leaking, what’s in the water is the hidden unhealthy bacteria and microbes that could influence or impact the outcome.

And when we think wild and apply the visualisation techniques – a useful and easy method that I’ve shared in class – you can correlate the Year2020 with many possibilities. For instance, in my Numerological Predictive Observations 2020 article posted on 1st Jan 2020, I mentioned there might be more “ambulances or medical services.” Here’s a simple derivation – Water element is about communication and movement (transport); and Wood element is about healthcare and medical. When you have both, it means medical and healthcare services; and with movement, that’s about ambulance services, wheelchairs, and wheeled stretchers too.

Thus, don’t read an EON Chart or for that matter, any numerology chart if you attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, or Visiber courses, just on the numbers or number patterns only. It does not provide an in-depth reference or clues to an individual’s personality, behaviours, and probable actions.

Only when you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method that factors, by default, the five elements and its colours, you’ll be able to find out what’s at the top of the iceberg, and what’s beneath it – wider panoramic-like perspective horizon.

In short, there’s always the Yin-Yang effect on a number or element. For example, water, when strong, solidifies and is like the ice. Ice, when weak, melts and is just water.

Happy learning. Safe profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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