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I’ve been busy over the past few months, and apologised for not posting any article. While taking a break from my higher-priority projects, I managed to squeeze time to check the searches done by many of you on this website. One particular search request stands out – “Bazi Day Master pillar.” Oh, it’s been a while since my last posting, so today’s article is a long one… *))

While we focused primarily on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for profiling here, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that every profiling or metaphysics system has its limitation, and can be complemented by other systems too. This means; we can be equipped with the know how to gather more clues from different perspectives using complementary methods.

I developed the EON method after finding huge limitation in what was in the PON (and other spin-off methods, including LifeQuest and UCMHP). My method included what I have acquired a few years earlier before I took the PON course in 2007. And in 2009, I released my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on a print-on-demand basis through a US publisher, and subsequently, self-published them for distribution through local major bookstores in Singapore.

My EON method incorporated the FIVE ELEMENTS principles which are commonly used in many traditional Chinese metaphysics systems. I realized that the numbers 1-9 is almost like an accompanying logo or a street sign for easier identification. Below the surface of the numbers 1-9, and similarly like the tip of the iceberg, are the in-depth data that could help you to understand more about a person better.

The Five ElementsThat’s why I called my method as “Elements of Numbers” for a simple and basic reason – you must understand the elements behind each number, to identify and understand a person better.

Now what has “Bazi Day Master” got to do with the EON method?

From a basic layer or profiling level, the Day Master (in Bazi) cannot be synchronized or associated with the Birth Root number (in EON). Both methods/systems are grounded on different structures and formula to derive its elements. For Bazi, it’d be the Heavenly Stem for the Day Master; and for EON, it’d be the specific number and associated element to the Birth Root number. You don’t mix both Bazi and EON method like creating a bowl of salad. You need to practice each method on its own basis, and understand its relevance, before you can adapt and associate them into the EON method.

That’s what I had been emphasising all this while, in the articles posted here, and in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses. One major topic in my FEN class is about the understanding and applying the FIVE ELEMENTS principles – it’s structure, formations, cycles, interactions, strengths, effects, impact, correlations, and its Yin-Yang forces. I introduced the fundamentals in my book published in 2009, and have been actively promoting the EON method here. It’s no wonder why many external trainers are adopting my Five Element principles and applications, and incorporating various EON techniques into their courses. I’m glad I’m doing the right thing by producing an East-West fusion numerology method. I’m also happy that many of my techniques have now been adapted by other trainers in PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest and others. It doesn’t matter to me (when they copied/used my methods) as long as these trainers shared the acquired knowledge to others in a proper, ethical, and affordable manner. Sadly, they don’t….

Now, let’s get back to the DAY MASTER (DM) in Bazi. Around 2004-2006, I was actively participating in one Bazi forum together with one FS course mate. We became the “unofficial” experts and shared our Bazi knowledge in the forum that was set up by one popular FengShui professional. After a while, we stopped because we felt the FS master knowledge in Bazi was rather basic and mediocre, and constantly talking about favourable and unfavourable elements based on the DM; plus aggressively promoting expensive symbolic FS ornaments. Gosh, it’s like telling you that your Birth Root number is number 9, and you will always be successful. And you MUST BUY my individually-blessed symbolic ornaments to boost the favourable energies to get what you hope to achieve.

Here’s a phrase that I’ve coined, by adapting my knowledge in NLP – “THE BIRTH CHART IS NOT THE PERSONALITY.” Your personality is based on a set of characteristics –  your behaviours, emotional states, and actions (or responses) evolved from an environment or a situation. That stated, it means we, as fellow humans, are frequently affected or influenced by the passing and moving energies around us. And each period, be they on the year, month, day, or even minutes – the Qi energies are different, and each person is affected or influenced varyingly.  When you have two people meeting each other, a fusion of energies would be manifested, like having varying concoctions of ingredients mixing together to create the perfect bubble tea. The outcome, experience, and the atmosphere – it could be sweet or sour, good or bad. That means relying only on favorable elements to boost you up, is ineffective as it doesn’t factor in the time period – the Qi energies around. What could be favorable to you today, might be detrimental and harmful another day. Similarly, the LifeCode used by some trainers for commercial-profiting purposes, like selling the specially-blessed symbolic FengShui ornaments, are just that – a symbolic object that’s simply based on your birth chart, and does not factor in the time essence. It could be useful to you today, but not tomorrow or the day after; and definitely not forever, for every one.

In earlier articles, I mentioned being influenced by the Rhythmic Cycles effect. The Rhythmic Cycle effects are influencing me again. Yes, I’ve developed the FengShui 24-Mountain Compass and BaZhai (8 Mansion) titles last year in 2019, as a productivity tool for FengShui professionals to do their FS location auditing timely. I’m nearly done with my BaziCalc+ title, with exciting new features added and tested. I’d presented the 5th pillar in 2004 through my BaziCalc (Palm) title. I’ve also shared how to maximise the 5th pillar to a few FS Masters and GrandMasters who used/promote my software. It has been only recently (more than a decade) that more FengShui professionals have begun to apply the 5th pillar. In my latest BaziCalc+, I added the 6th pillar that, incidentally, was ‘quietly” added into the Palm title too, for my research purpose.  Soon, FengShui and Bazi professionals might find the 6th pillar useful and handy.

Using an analogy from a popular Asian Bazi professional based in the West, the 5th pillar is like the “seed of the plant.” To me, the seeds tell an extra story of your capabilities, and the quality of your life. Still, it does not provide sufficient clues to your actions. You can have all the seeds on hand, but if you don’t harvest them, it’s limited. Henceforth, the 6th pillar – an extra pillar that I’ve devised and tested after years of research since 2004. It’s about the pollination of the seeds. In short, it’s about your passion, creativity and interests – your actions that you actively do, beyond the daily tasks. In a way, it puts your main career aside (the “fruits of the plant,” your achievement) and into your passionate work – the freelance work, the income generating tasks you did after work, and so on. What this means is that a person deemed to be lacking in wealth– according to their natal Bazi 4-pillar chart, might find the wealth coming from their 5th or 6th pillar. Both the 5th and 6th Pillars provide extra information that’s more relevant to today’s modern society than the earlier Life and Conception Pillars, that some of you might know of. The Life and Conception Pillars, while still handy, might not be practical and pertinent these days, due to modern-day health and medical technologies like IVF, caesarean birth, etc.

The DAY Master should be read as is from Bazi perspective. You cannot relate them to the Birth Root number of an EON chart. Even if you decided to look at the element itself, there are differences between Bazi and EON.  Take a look at the EON Birth Chart and Bazi Birth Chart of Donald Trump shown above. Donald has the Birth Root 4 (Wood element) in the EON Chart, while his Day Master is Ji (Earth element) in his Bazi chart. You can profile Donald from Bazi and/or EON, but not mix them into one as the key characteristics (Wood in EON, Earth in Bazi) are not alike.

However, from another view, it can be challenging and fun when both the Day Master (in Bazi) and Birth Root number (in EON) have identical element.

Look at the above Meghan Markle’s charts. She has similar WOOD element in both Bazi and EON charts. In such cases, you have more options to utilize either or both methods to profile her since both key elements are Wood. And by using the Five Elements principles, you are equipped with more options and choices, plus accessibility to retrieve additional data or information to assist in your profiling analysis. A word of caution here – be mindful about suggesting favourable or unfavourable elements unless you’ve checked and identified their periodic pillars.

The Wood element is strong in her Bazi chart, while it’s weak in her EON chart. In both charts, her potential health symptom is related to the Wood element. That stated, we cannot assume her health symptoms would forever be related to the Wood element. In the Five Elements, when Wood is strong, it can affect the Earth (like stomach, digestive organs) or Water (like kidney, urology organs) elements. When Wood is weak, it can exhaust the Water or be affected by the Metal (like mental stress, depression, cognitive organs). Oh, by the way, no worries about all these element interactions – I’ve fully described them in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that you can buy directly from me, even if you’re staying at the other side of the world.

Lastly, do not waste unnecessary time debating about favourable or unfavourable elements if you’re profiling from Bazi perspective; and/or wasting time and money relying on LifeCode ornaments if you are profiling from EON perspective. Either way, as highlighted earlier, “The Birth Chart is NOT the Personality” of the individual you are profiling. It’s like the floor plan of your house before you shifted in – minus the furnitures, fittings and ambience you’d created all these years, to become your home that’s so uniquely different from your neighbours with similar floor plan.

You need to consider the currency (the period, date and time) of the events that could influence your behaviours and reactions. It’s this behaviours and actions that determine the tone or path to your outcomes later in the day, and it could determine the quality of life that you could look forward to, tomorrow.  It’s also these temporary states of emotions – your behaviours and responses (reactions and actions to situations) – that you can take charge and control, positively, to create a better outcome.

Until then, do stay safe and be vigilant. Social distancing and responsibilities are what we all need to do for now…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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