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The topic “Wealth, Luck and Success Directions” explained in my book provides basic theories on how you can select an ideal direction to achieve what you want to do. I have also posted an article “Directionology – Manifest the Opportunities” to further elaborate on the basic theories.

The “Directions chart” provides a general guideline on the directions you can proceed to achieve your goal. Often, we do need some help and luck to attract the optimal energies possible for better, faster and effective results.

I learned “QiMenDunJia” (QMDJ) from Master Peter Leung (FengShuiSOS) and have used it successfully to help friends in their job interviews before I began my EON research. I still occasionally use QMDJ to identify the optimal energies in a particular direction at a specific time frame.

I used QMDJ to complement EON sometimes. Check my article “EON and QiMenDunJia: Strategic Partnership”. I also received a few emails from users who wanted to know more about QMDJ and its applications.

Master Peter Leung would be conducting “Form School Feng Shui”, “Qi Men Dun Jia” and “Face Reading” classes in Singapore from 18 – 27 April 2011. You may want to check on this link to find out more on the courses and the contact person –

I remembered buying used (second-hand) books on physiognomy and body language during my teenage days. I would observe other’s facial features and their body language to reinforce the theories described in the books. I enjoyed “looking” (fortunately it didn’t become a “staring” habit) at others as it widened my knowledge.

It is important to know other metaphysics system as well as it allows a person the choice to adapt a method for specific purposes. Knowing some face reading and body language methods can help in your EON profiling when the subject (person) is present.

You may want to consider attending the above courses where time and budget allows.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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