Memories of Leslie Cheung on April Fools’ Day

Today is 1st April 2011. It’s April Fools’ Day. You may have come across articles that poke fun of people. Some people like to play pranks on others while others tell sick jokes. Some even cracked jokes that someone has died.

Seriously, it’s not a laughing matter to crack jokes that someone has died on April Fools’ Day. Sadly, it happened to one person. People thought it was an April Fool’s Joke but the laughter soon faded off and turned to sadness eight years ago on this day in Hong Kong. One of Hong Kong most successful singer and adaptable artiste Leslie Cheung committed suicide on 1st April 2003. According to sources reported in various media, he left a suicide note that he had been suffering from depression. He was 46 years old. You can click on this Wikipedia link if you wish to read up more information on Leslie.

From his EON Birth chart, it’s obvious the Wood and Fire elements are strong. Look at the numbers 3 and 9. Can you co-relate his creativity, adaptability and success-driven traits (amid a stressful one) to the numbers?

In the Five Elements concept, we associated Wood to the emotional traits. In 2002, the presence of Water, Wood and Fire is present. The thoughts rule the mind. The mind gets emotional. In 2003, the fiery wish becomes stronger.

If you’ve just learned the Elements of Numbers (EON) method or new to this site, check out the articles I have posted. There’s much information you can read and learn about the traits and characteristics. I wrote the articles to complement my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

If you have a similar chart, or have strong Wood and Fire elements in your Birth chart, or because of “supporting” elements in your Personal Year chart, take drastic action to cool down the negative thoughts. Don’t let the mind sway towards the emotional side. Some people took the wrong path by drinking, taking drugs and smoking to stimulate the pleasure of ‘escapism’. In reality, they’re lying to themselves. It hurt themselves more – on their pockets, true happiness and health. In fact, it hurt more than them – their families and loved ones suffered too.

Here’s some links for you to read on:
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If you come across friends, relatives or clients who have strong Wood or Fire elements, advise them to learn to control their emotions. Taking up meditation or some form of relaxation or stress-relieving exercise will benefit them. Some took yoga, some seek professional help, and some practised neuro-tuning exercises. It helps to calm the thoughts.

Suicide is not the END ALL to solve a problem. In fact, it creates more problems to their loved ones. It’s unfortunate Leslie has chosen this path. Many of his fans have seen and recognise the creative and artistic side of him.

Depression is not a diseaseit’s a mental condition that can be treated with professional help. Always seek help early as this would enable the person to manifest the positive thoughts (of happiness and self-actualisation) further. And it lets them live the meaningful life they deserve.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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