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My heartfelt apologies to those who’d faced problem accessing this website the past few days. This site was a victim of a serious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. According to this Wikipedia page, DDoS implies “Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of efforts to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.

EON_AnswersI apologise again should you encounter intermittent denial of access to this site. The people who’re involved in this DDoS are using their determined traits for the wrong purpose. Once they could redirect their useful traits for ethical and moral pursuits, they’re creating a better life path ahead where they have the chance to enjoy a happier and purposeful lifestyle.

I could imagine the frustration and disappointment some of you had when you found you could not access this site. What’s done cannot be undone since it’s no fault of yours or mine. Think positively and not let the stumbling block creates more negative thoughts in our minds.

There’s another meaning on the acronym DDoS that we can apply to human behaviour profiling. It’s about a person habitually re-enforcing their ‘Determined Discipline on Self’ mindset. When there’s conviction and discipline, there’s hope and success. But when there’s lack of commitment and conviction, the person loses hope and procrastination becomes a habit. The person is creating a ‘denial-on-self’ preventing them to enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle.

Each time you plotted a person’s chart and analyse them using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you get excited. And when you plotted your own chart and identified the positive and negative vibes, did you do anything to harmonise the vibes so you can look forward to happier times ahead? Chances are, many of you did. Probably some of you did it for short while and suddenly lose interest because of your DDoS mindset. You lack the persistency and determination to transform the thoughts into a habit which in turn could help you work towards completing your goals.

DETeRMINATIONThe keywords are discipline and conviction. Most successful people created the discipline mindset and follow them through religiously until project completion. Most successful people took extra steps to experience failures as they know they’d be closer to success eventually. These people do have an extra DDoS habit – the Determined Drive on Success. They “begin with the end in mind” and they relentlessly chase their goals, and eventually reach the success they need.

How can we correlate these DDoS traits and habits to the EON method?

From basic level, identify the positive vibes present in the numbers 6 (Money), 7 (Luck), and 9 (Success) in your periodic charts. Are they present in your PY (Personal Year), PM (Personal Month) or PD (Personal Day) charts? If you can find them, it implies opportunities are abound. All you need to do is to ACT fast. That’s easy, isn’t it? No, besides your actions, you need to commit the time to transform the opportunities to reality. You need to start building up the knowledge and discipline to carry out your plan to successions. Can you identify the tendency signs associate to the tenacity, knowledge, and discipline? Sure, just identify the RESOURCE and SKILL traits present in your natal (Birth) and periodic charts.

EON_Workshop_20131109As you progress further into the extended EON methods, you’ll find it easier to identify the STREET SMARTS and BOOK SMART traits which could drive you quickly towards the success path. And when you also noticed you have the ACHIEVEMENT trait, it’s a positive sign that possible success is imminent when you carry out the right actions quickly.

You’ll get to learn the behavioural traits at my forthcoming 10th EON WORKSHOP session on 11 January 2014. [Updated News: Workshop rescheduled to 25th Jan 2014] I’ll provide more details on the workshop soon.  I’ve also shared the Rhythmic Cycles of a person’s life path and it implies that your actions today could affect your experiences some years later. The positive experiences depend on your decision, commitment and discipline.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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