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When you share interesting techniques to others, chances are, they will come back to you with more questions once they’ve noticed positive signs and decided to search to build up more knowledge that goes beyond the early curiosity state. That’s what I did at the last 9th EON Workshop session after sharing the ‘Qi Tapping’ and Annual Code methods.

Ricky wrote “I’m 60% done reading your book again. I’m doing a case study for someone. Is it possible for his wife to get pregnant in Dec 2014? (Her Annual Code is 41328) and then deliver in 2015 (Annual Code is 76747). Her birth Root is 3 and PY2014 is 3 – doubling the small Fire vibes.

KCAt the last workshop session, I presented the slide of Kelly Chen (HK artiste) and explained the Annual Code patterns present on her PY2010 chart. I also elaborated on her pursuit for success (on her childbirth) eventually even after first setback (miscarriage) in the earlier part of the year.  The Annual Code provides annual signs and you can apply it to any life aspects, including forecasting the influencing vibes present in a year.

EON_Workshop_ChildBirthLet’s analyse Ricky’s questions and the Annual Code 41328 from a ‘childbirth or conception’ perspective. First, the keywords: [Plan – Self – Fast – Delivery – Stress]. In short, it implies the need for self (woman) to plan for a fast delivery (2, for female – reproductive organs). We can associate the number 8 to stress and moving around ‘endlessly’. This imply that she must manage her stress carefully (probably delay or taking longer time to deliver than usual) to allow her to focus on carrying out her plans at controlled, managed stress levels.

The keyword for PY2015 is 76747 [Support-Child-Support-Plan-Support]. As mentioned earlier, we can also associate the Water element to female’s reproductive organs, and women needs ‘enough’ Water vibes for smoother child delivery. Too much Water present is undesirable. The PY2015 Annual Code implies there is a possibility that she could eventually deliver her child with minimal complications.

AnnualCodeBoth patterns (Annual Codes) mentioned only provide annual tendency signs that may influence the person. Ricky must also check for the presence of the Child sign in the Personal Year (PY) chart. Identifying the child sign is one of the many extended techniques I’ve shared at my workshop. It means that if the child sign is present in a person’s PY chart, the tendency to conceive or give birth is high.

Ricky could also check if there are unfavourable patterns or elements present in the PY chart that could manifest the negative vibes. When the negative vibes are strong, it suggest possible complications before or during birth, or C-birth. Occasionally, I noticed that if there is a different set of harmful patterns present, it could lead to severe complications. And at extreme cases, this could result in possible miscarriage. The good news is – as long as the woman remains healthy and stay positive, the negative influence and undesirable result is small. I’ve also shared my observations with the class on potential issues that may arise when the first trimester falls within the last quarter of the year.

Register for the EON Workshop now!Come and join me at the forthcoming 10th EON WORKSHOP next month on 11th Jan 2014. [Updated News: Workshop rescheduled to 25th Jan 2014] Besides knowing how to plot the Annual Code, you’ll also learn how to identify the tendency signs associated to conception, childbirth, and miscarriage. Call McCoy now at 8282-6593 to register!

Like the many previous EON students have experienced earlier, you’ll enjoy learning the extended techniques through compelling visual slides and participative case study explanations at the workshop.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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