On the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle

Good news, I’ve re-activated the buy link (click here) for the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle” Deck sets, as I’ve received the latest batch of stock.

I’d it printed by an established overseas company, which specialises in Oracle, Tarot and Poker Cards productions, for commercial quality consistency. I ordered them in limited quantities per batch, because of the logistic and high cost for the 110-card set  (108 Oracle cards + 2 information cards). As my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students know, I’m not commercial-driven. I apologised to those of you who wanted to buy NIPL Oracle earlier.

I’ve designed the NIPL Oracle Deck to include the essence of Elements of Numbers (EON) and the Five Elements. Colour combinations, geometric patterns, elemental interactions and colour palette (useful for traits’ identification and suggestion tips) are consciously integrated into the design of each Oracle card. Additional EON/FEN information is included on each Oracle card and can be readily identified by FEN students.

Experienced Oracle users could sense the energies of every card once they connected to the NIPL Oracle Deck. Oh, let me assure you that there are no negatives in the cards; I’ve always believed in the karmic consequences, and I’ve manifested goodness in the Oracle cards, embracing the philosophy of “do to others what you want others to do to you.” There’s an abundance of positive energies throughout the design phase of each of the 108 cards. Yes, there’s  the “spiritual” reason I decided to use 108 cards, so I started “with the end in mind” before the actual design started. As the paper size could accommodate printing of 110 cards, I’ve decided to use the two spare cards as “how to use” information, including sample card layout (3-card layout, past-present-future) for forecasting.

I received an audio message last year from an established and practicing Oracle numerologist (let’s call her Elizabeth). Like many experienced Oracle/Tarot practitioners, Elizabeth tested the NIPL Oracle Deck’s ‘power connection‘. And I’m glad she did it as she could connect and use the NIPL Oracle Deck for future Oracle forecasting exercises. Click on the below ‘play button‘ to hear an unedited version of Elizabeth’s message (mixture of English and Mandarin) to me.

Connecting energies with the NIPL Deck:  

The NIPL Oracle Deck is designed for a wide range of uses, not just for Oracle forecasting. As stated on the NIPL page (click here), you can use it as a “Numerology Learning” flash card to remember the associated traits of each number. The NIPL Oracle Deck can be used as a standard “Empowerment” Oracle/Tarot Deck, where each card has an affirmative message with specific meanings. Do check the NIPL page for others functions and uses.

Try out the “Numbers in Positive Light Oracle” (NIPL) Deck set. You don’t need to be like Elizabeth to use for professional Oracle readings/forecasts. You can use it for private readings as well, for yourself, or for friends. You can also use it as an flash-card learning tool to know more about the associated traits to the elements and numbers. Click here for more info, or to buy the NIPL Oracle Deck set, as stocks are limited.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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