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I received a follow-up email from Zak, who read my case study article “On Zak’s health signs – Part 1” posted earlier.

You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safely. Elements of Numbers[Zak] I’m done reading my case study. Thank you for the insights. I’m also a nonsmoker. Analysis, especially with regard to my health symptom (which includes metal and earth elements) is spot on. I’ve had appendicitis before and had to undergo surgery to remove my appendix. My doctor has also confirmed I have a growth in my gallbladder. Fortunately, the growth is small at the moment, but I am required to undergo ultrasound every year to monitor its size. From now on, I will take extra care of my digestive health. 

One factor contributing to getting appendix is how we take our food without chewing it. In Zak’s EON chart, it’s a sign of the weakness of the Earth element. Now that Zak has mentioned himself suffering from gallbladder issues, it is also important, he monitors his diet consciously and avoid taking too many “hot, spicy food” that might aggravate his health. And his digestive problems may have something to do with his mental illness, or maybe not.

Hmm.. Why?” Some of you might ask. Let me share a true story.

CaseStudy_Zak_ElementalStrength_FEON+ProI’d frequent migraine in the late 1990s. I went for two full medical tests (MRI/X-Ray scan) and both medical reports stated that I am in good health. That’s a good thing for me. Whew! But the frequent migraine was cause for concern. One day, I discovered the migraine was gone. I realised I’d been consuming probiotic drinks for a week, one small bottle a day. I stopped for a week, and the migraine returned. I then continue consuming the probiotic drink, one bottle a day, for a few months. I told the doctor during the medical review. “No, there is no connection. As it works for you, continue” was his answer. After doing some research, I found out that there were many root causes of headaches and migraines, from a TCM perspective. In my case, it was caused by a weak stomach Qi (Earth element). Even though I don’t remember having the same migraine or severe headache since, I still drink probiotic drinks now and then.

That said, consuming probiotic drink worked for me, and may not work for Zak, unless he tests them too – a small bottle a day, for a few weeks.

From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, the Earth element is weak. And as shared in an earlier Part 1 article, the Earth element is also shown in his “Health Symptom” section of the FEON+ tool.

The Five ElementsFrom the Productive Cycle of the Five Elements principles (refer to Page 86 of my EON book), the Fire element produces or supports the Earth element. In theory, when the strong Fire tries to support the weak Earth, it is like forcing someone to take their food when they are full or have no appetite for food. The consequences – they may throw away food, vomit, have diarrhoea and ingestion. So Zak needs to improve his digestive system first. From a behavioural point of view, we associate the Earth element with signs such as humility (being humble), tolerance, understanding and benevolence.

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingWhen the strength of the Earth element is normalised with other elements, it will be able to support the Metal element. What this implies is that, when the Metal element is no longer weak, the health conditions associated with the element, might decrease when positive actions are done. The Metal element can then support the Water element.

[Zak] Regarding my mental condition (OCD), I suffer from unnecessary worries and sometimes hyperventilate. I am committed to learning meditation and calming exercises to keep myself grounded and realistic. I will also surround myself with positive people and have a positive outlook on life.

It is important that we’re aware and understand our weaknesses and strengths. We must also be conscious of our emotions, understand how our emotions affect others and understand the triggers.

Never put your happiness in someone's else pocket. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements Numerology. Power of Numbers. Universal Character Method of Human Profiling UCMHP Clarity of Numbers

I’m glad Zak has committed to learning meditation and other calming exercises to improve his mental awareness, patience and tolerance. In doing so, he might also be more aware of his emotions and understand how his behaviours and reactions to adverse situations might affect others around him.

The multiple 1-8-9 pattern in Zak’s EON chart shows strong “perfectionist” traits, which could directly accelerate his OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) conditions. It’s normal to be less-perfect. These shortcomings could lead to small initial setbacks (lessons learned) and significant potential successes due to resilience and determination.

His perfectionist trait could, in part, be caused by his upbringing experience, especially of his mother. And his impatience and low tolerance might be partly due to his father’s strong influence on him.

CaseStudy_Zak_EON_Chart_PersnalYear_FEON+ ProThe multiple 8s suggests signs of “obsessions” in managing things, which again, contributed to his OCD behaviours. The 8-9-8-8-7-6 pattern in M-N-O-P-Q-R location, indicates that Zak envisioned success and his desire to help others, without reservation. But his “heart and head” are not aligned and constantly in conflict. These have led to erroneous behaviours and actions, such as haste, rash, and impatience, and cannot tolerate the responses and attitudes of others toward his benevolent intent.

The multiple number 7s, were close to the number 8s as well. This is indicative of FireWater elemental interactions. The tendency signs include hot tempers (like a kettle boiling); uneasiness, perspiring and hyperventilating (like the hot vapour/steam); impatience and “suffocating” (like the hot water evaporating). From a behavioural perspective, it could lead to negative signs of sensitivity, rippling effects (like a small trivial issue exploding into big problems), wavering or swaying feelings (one moment it’s A, the next moment it’s B), and hopes/dreams unfulfilled due to incomplete actions. From a health perspective, this could lead to kidney problems, lameness (such as leg problems) and urological problems, if Zak continues to experience the behavioural effects I just mentioned.

Transformative Change. Mindset Shift. Elements of Numbers. Five Elements NumerologyThe popular phrase, “You can’t change what you refuse to confront.” is a suggested call to action for Zak. While there are some areas that I’ve identified, Zak might want to focus on areas related to his Earth element, i.e., digestive systems and calming exercises. At the same time, accepting and embracing a mindset shift – better understanding oneself, one’s emotions, behaviours and actions. He has to stay focused and commit to making a difference one thing at a time. Otherwise, his drifting thoughts, like wildfires, might make things worse, without achieving significant results.

[Zak] Besides focusing on healing my mental conditions, I am also curious about my destined career path. I believe my life-path number is 8. Thus, I am curious to know what kind of jobs are suitable for me to embark on?

I think there’s a lot of information for Zak right now. I believe the initial uncertainties are now clearer for Zak, about the contributing factors that might have influenced him over the years. He needs to take voluntary action to make things happen. Zak must find his purpose – his reason, his cause that goes beyond his fears, uncertainties, doubts and worries – and break down the tasks into achievable stepping stones to motivate him to truly follow through to completion. And transformational change is something he can accomplish when he believes that he will be a better, healthier person.

I’ll address his career question in the Part 3 article, and as well as the periodic energies that might have influenced him.

PS: If you have a mental disorder or depression, or if you know someone who has it, please seek professional medical attention immediately. Do not hesitate, as your emotions may affect your mental and physical health, as well as your family and friends.

And for now, stay safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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