On the Korean Summit – Part I

According to this ChannelNewsAsia article, it was reported that “North and South Korea will hold their first summit in more than a decade on April 27.” The article also quoted that “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearisation as tensions ease between the old foes.

Today’s article is different as I’m sharing my analysis from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives. It is normal that you have non-similar opinions and might disagree with what I’d be commenting later. To me, there are 360 main perspectives we can look at from a 360-degree “out of the box” analysis. Thus, unless the event scheduled on 27 April 2018 do take place, you can consider this article as a work of fiction. Otherwise, you can interpret this article as one of the many possibilities that might happen on that eventful day. And possibly go over this article again, after the summit day.

Here’s a disclaimer – do take note that my observations might be incorrect or inaccurate. In any case, what I’m about to share is based on the elements, numbers, and energies presented in the various charts, and the identifying the likelihood certain outcomes might arise because of the interactions of the periodic energies, including the day energies on 27/4/2018. Furthermore, the birth date of the two nations is based on data gathered from established internet sites, and the dates might be wrongly reported.

Most people fear and dislike the possibility of a 21st century version of the Korean War. It creates unwarranted global effects upon the masses, including financial and economic stabilities, and possible recessions and stock market cracks. Notwithstanding, like there are two sides to a coin, some people might want a war, so they can profit from it. Industries like arms and defence manufacturing, construction, logistics and procurement, and food manufacturing might benefit after a War have ended, as their services and products are in big demand during the country’s rebuilding stage.

This will be a multi-part article instead, as I felt there is so much to share on how I read the charts from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. Let’s begin with a chronological observation.

On 29 March 2018, both representatives of the two Koreas met and agreed to hold the summit on 27 April 2018. As mentioned in my article “Relationships: North Korea & USA, and others” posted last year, their Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart has the 5-5-1-6-6-3, which implies both might have their own ideologies and visions when together, besides the shared values and cultural similarities. The number 5 implies the stubbornness, hesitations, scepticism, and principle-mindedness nature from one side of the coin. And from the other side, it could imply forthcoming, magnanimous flexibility, sincerity, and willingness to take the risk for the common good.

The number 1 is like a double-edge blade, which can be used positively to cut aside the known knotted issues that have been impairing their ties (and kinships) for too long. It can also be used to cut off all ties, when emotions and tempers rising, when illogical and irrational thoughts took over. So it means, while there is hope to have a similar “ONE country, TWO systems”approach, there is always the urge to be at the leading forefront at the back of their minds. The 6-6-3 implies there might be potential focused on security, economic, and financial stability, which could ignite the passion and creativity of both nations. However, from another side of the coin, it could imply frequent loggerheads and disputes, just like siblings quarreling at home, and hasty actions taking place whenever they disagree to agree on what shared values, and common goals are all about.

From a “life force” numerical energy perspective, the primary and secondary forces are constantly like gases in motion – like oxygen and hydrogen, both having its own characteristics. When combined, both could be transformed into having like-minded feelings and communicative energies, just like the water. From another perspective, the primary and secondary forces are constantly in mood swinging Yin-Yang motions, which could imply one moment, there is mutual agreement, and the next moment, there is the stubborn disagreement. The prominent forces are similar in context, to the relationship between the primary and secondary forces. What is lacking is the need to concentrate more on the masses, on the humanitarian grounds – focusing on the welfare (health, prosperity, and progress) and unity of the people. Maybe, it’s just like the phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall.

Their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) shows the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern. This implies the urge for them to consider the risk, face the challenge, and look for opportunities to come to amicable terms. When they could relax, stay calm, and be adaptable, the number 5 could transform from a solid rock, headstrong mindset to a clear-like adjustable thinking which would be good for them. This means taking on the number 4’s traits as well – resulting in high emotional feelings this year. Sure, the 8-4-3 is there at location V-W-X of their PY2018 CYC chart, and it might suggest some hesitations and miscommunications between them. Only when there is true sincerity from the heads and hearts, the 8-4-3 inflictions are nothing serious since it’s located on the external sectors, which means as long as they don’t tune themselves to external gossiped, fake news, rumours, and hearsay, but in tune with their inner beliefs, there is hope.

On 29/3/2018, they met and discussed. Their Compatibility Day Chart (CDC) shows the 6-9-6-6-3-9 pattern. I read that as they have the [Stability – Vision – Security – Economic – Action – Success] vibes on that day. Hence, because of a joint urge to improve the stability of the two countries, their shared vision (of One Korea?), there is the need for them to strengthen their security (including political and financial stability) and economy together. And they need to take action, working cohesively as team members or as one extended family, to achieve the goals and success demanded.

Note to FEN students: identify the Birth Code, Annual Code, and Day Code. The Birth Code could suggest some sort of community approach to work in conjuction for better success, and they need to remind themselves to continue to fine-tune their plans to achieve what they want. In short, they need the people power; that is, the support of their people to help to build the visions jointly. The Annual Code is suggesting that while they pursue relentless on their plans and visions for a successful outcome, they have to stay focused, be tolerant, have patience, and understand each other’s needs, wants, prides, and egos. They also have to be prepared of obstacles, and challenges ahead, and be willing to take the risk for the betterment of current and future generations of their people. The tendency signs from the Day Code are suggesting the need for them to take passionate action, as a springboard, if they’re both sincere about strengthening their relationships (to unite as one country?) and stability (security, economic, financial) to achieve the visions they so desperately desired.

That’s all for Part 1 article. In Part 2, I’ll focus on the day charts relating to the summit day. Once again, I hope you have relished reading this article, and it could bring fresh insights on how a chart could be viewed differently from another perspective. What I have cited is based on the theories and methods that I have taught in my FEN WORKSHOP classes. These include the birth and life forces that allow you to find out more clues to a person’s potential interactions with others, and within their conscious and subconscious thoughts.

The 3rd FEN WORKSHOP is on 14-15 April 2018 (Sat-Sun). I’ll share more insights and the underlying reasons to my observations in today’s article with those who’d already registered for the class. Course details (to those who are interested for the early-bird offers which ends on 31 March 2018) and what I’ll share with you is available on this course link at my main domain site www.RonWZSun.com

Until then, have a wonderful day ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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