The 6-6 Temptations

Human beings are by nature, greedy. We are susceptible to temptations, and swayed by emotions. We want more than we need.

It’s OK to have the wish to want more, to aspire to be the next tycoon, and to have a better lifestyle. What comes around goes around. When it comes to payback time, we should always be mindful of our social responsibilities. Spare a little thought for the unfortunate ones, and do our part for charity.

These days, it is so common to see advertisements appearing in newspapers on “get rich” schemes. Are the experts so worldly-like to share their riches with you? Do you think they don’t benefit at all? Do you think they don’t get some your earnings? It’s all about rebranding. It’s like a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme where the one at the top hierarchy level stands to gain more. While you made your first million dollars, the top guy is already getting his tenth millions from you and the rest.

Why are these “get rich” advertisements still appearing on newspapers? Simple – everyone wants to be richer, for whatever reasons. As we aspire to get richer, we inevitably let down our guards and became easily swayed by temptations.

“No, I am not easily tempted. I am happy with what I am today,” some of you may say.

Fortunately, most people are rational, and not easily tempted by these “get rich” schemes. You may not be tempted now, and that does not mean you will never be susceptible to temptations in the future.

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Take the case of Jerry Ee, who on Christmas Day (25 Dec 2008) stole 386 luxury watches worth SGD$8 million (Singapore Dollars) and took SGD$27,137 cash from his former employer Cortina Watch at the Raffles City branch in Singapore. The 6-6 number combination is present in Jerry’s birth chart. There are other sets of number 6 present in his birth chart, and are in close proximity. The “get rich” temptation may be high but still within control.

Jerry would be experiencing the “Double Effect” in 2009.  With the “double sets” of 6-6 in both his birth chart and PY2009 chart, the negative vibes would be stronger. As the Year 2009 is just around the corner, the 6-6 temptation vibes are already “waiting at the doorstep”. Jerry couldn’t resist and succumbed to temptations. He took risk to steal the watches, a week before 2009.

Check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to find out more about other factors influencing Jerry.

In every YIN, there’s always a YANG. Don’t worry too much if you have a 6-6 in your Personal Year chart. It doesn’t mean you will be tempted to steal. Not everyone will start to steal when the 6-6 comes in. Our social life, family values and etiquettes do play a part in influencing our thoughts. The 6-6 could also imply money rolling in fast. Perhaps you may have the urge to gamble, or to invest in short-term stocks and share investments. You may be able to get more money quickly in that year, perhaps in the more proper, legal manner.

That’s all for now! Remember, what comes around goes around. Like a roller coaster, the money comes in fast, and goes out fast too. When money comes to you easily, give some of them to charity. These may help reduce the negative vibes from influencing your thoughts, and actions.

Regards, Ron


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