Learning EON to build your own skyscraper

The other day, my wife quoted a Chinese saying while we’re taking our regular 4-5km evening walk. I thought it was suitable for this topic. Here it is (translated in English) – “No matter how tall a skyscraper is, you’d still have to build it from the ground.”

By now, thousands of people in Singapore would have learned the principles of the Power of Numbers (PON) method. Many people assumed there is no substance in the PON method, other than basic personality profiling.

Like the skyscraper, many people who practiced PON today have only touched on the surface of the system. Though it helps them in many ways, there is still a missing link when it comes to understanding the potential elemental influences. They’re just like watching the views at the top of the skyscraper, oblivious to the unique design and engineering masterpiece used in the foundation of the iconic structure.

A skyscraper build on solid foundation would be able to withstand the force of nature. When you focus on the fundamentals and understanding of PON and the Elements of Numbers (EON) method progressively, you can build up your knowledge and transform them into a life-skill where you can help yourself, and many others. Once you have extended your knowledge with the EON methods, you would be able to focus and identify the traits easily.

I’ve explained the fundamentals behind the EON principles in my book, and included case studies to explain how we can apply the principles in an analysis. This is mainly to teach you how to build up your own foundation so when your EON knowledge improves, you can help yourselves and many others as well.

To learn a new skill is easy. To take action to learn it, is not. The first step is always the most difficult one. Many people fear they may not be able to grasp the theories fully, or whether they can apply the knowledge gained to their daily life.

Learning EON through my book is unlike learning other numerology methods. Each number (1-9) has many meanings. You start by remembering the primary keywords during the first few lessons. You then learn the principles of EON progressively. With regular practices, you would be able to do a character profiling easily.

The basic “key words” associated to the numbers 1-9 in the EON/PON method are as follows:

1 – Alone

2 – Talk

3 – Fast

4 – Plan

5 – Obstacle

6 – Money

7 – Support

8 – Stress

9 – Success

It is easy to remember the short meanings to the numbers 1-9.  Take the case of the 5-7-3 number combination. 5-7-3 is now Obstacle-Support-Fast. As your memory improves, you add in more words. 5-7-3 now becomes Obstacle-Supporter-Stress. It can imply you are giving obstacle to your supporters (friends, others). Everything has to be done fast. You make them feel stressed. In the end, you are also feeling stressed because of your stubborn nature. 7-5-3 (Supporters-Obstacle-Fast) could imply your supporters (friends, etc) are mainly the stubborn ones.

And when your knowledge improves, you ‘add’ in the elemental aspects. You reinforce the foundation to strengthen your knowledge. The number 3 is Fire element. Fire burns in any direction, it can be fiery, and the temperature rises because of the heat. If you have a multiple sets of number 3 in your birth chart, you are temperamental, forceful, and may hurt other’s feelings. And when the temperature goes up too fast, the possibility of cardiovascular problems (heart attack, stroke, and hypertension) may surface.

When you add up 5-7-3, the total sum is 6, which imply money. That is why I mentioned in my earlier articles the number combinations 5-7-3 and 7-5-3 (7+5+3 = 15; 1+5 = 6) usually involves money (6) as well. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

Getting the EON fundamentals right will allow you to build up your own strong foundation. And when you’re ready to build your own skyscraper, you know you can build it on a solid, strong foundation.

Get a copy of the “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” book and start building your own skyscraper from the ground!

Regards, Ron


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