When FS Cures are NOT OK

I received an email from Florence who in her own words “agree with the danger” highlighted in my recent article “When Thoughts Rule the Mind.”

One Feng Shui Master advised Florence to enhance the Metal element “heavily” – the colour for her room, personal clothings and others, as she has “very weak Water with zero Metal” in her Bazi chart.

According to Florence, her current state of mind is frustrating and it scares her. She feels “like a stagnant water, numb, unable to take form and get up and get going.” She asked whether the problem has anything to do with the current timing, or could she “do anything to just snap out” of the situation.

I have no comment on the Feng Shui Master’s analytical approach. Everyone has a different approach to analysing a chart. Through my own experience and understanding, it is very elementary to enhance a missing element without analysing the Bazi chart carefully. Every Feng Shui cure has to be done in moderation. In addition, there should be some follow-up visits to verify or adjust the remedial methods.

Now, let us look at Florence’s birth chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

At first glance, the Metal is strong. Her Health symptom may be related to the Water, Wood and Fire elements. However, as number 5 can change, it may take up the characteristics of Metal. This could imply the elements in location MQ is all Metal, and her Health symptom could be Fire.

When the health symptom is Fire, it may create heart, cardiovascular and liver related problems. Check out the section “Five Elements and Internal Organs” on page 132 in my book for more details on the possible health impact for Fire or Metal.

The utmost importance is to stabilise Florence’s mind and thoughts. Metal is too strong, and these influence her thoughts and worries. In a way, she may have suffered from some kind of maniac depression, and in her own words “for a long time.” She MUST learn to calm down and relax. She should take up meditation, and perhaps, seek professional help to ease the negative thoughts in her mind.

She also mentioned that no matter how hard she tried, it always lead to a “roadblock”. The 5-5 in locations MN is like a double obstacle. There is a lack of emotional balance in her chart, and somehow this affected her communication with others.

There are also signs in a person’s Personal Year chart where you can identify probable health condition of the spouse. I posted a few questions to her to verify my observations. She admitted that her husband was feeling stressed and temperamental this year, and often smoke and drink. This year, the 3,8 and 4 numbers are nearby and the presence of 5-8-4 which further strained the relationship with her husband. She divorced her husband recently as she could not take it anymore.

She also admitted that her intuition and spiritual senses are “strong at times.” Again, this is mainly due to certain number combination and the elements present in her chart.

She also has to reduce her sugar intake to minimise any possibility of getting diabetes. There may be a need for medical operation if she is not careful. She should listen more to the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – it can be a good inspiring phrase for her to constantly remind herself.

As there are multiple sets of number 6 in her birth chart, financial matters are often in her mind.

In cases like this, we need to take a more precautionary approach on the actions Florence can take to start her life anew.

1.       Check the section “Missing Numbers” on Page 157 of my book. She needs to take action to change her thoughts and mind. She mentioned she was “completely not worried about doing anything right” and currently “think-less and do-less.” Even though she may be thinking or doing “less”, the negative thoughts still run wild and could influence her mind. It’s like everything is “pressing on her”. “Being Still and Not Doing Anything” are two separate issues. She needs the spark and fiery action to take charge and “wake up from her worrisome dream” if she wants her mental health and wellbeing to improve.

2.       The “roadblock” in her life may be due to stubbornness. There could be a “mental block” in her mind and opinion on life. She may not be aware of, but the self-principled “I” could ideally be changed to We” in group decision-making. She has to change and learn to “let it go and set it free” her past resentments.  Seeking the help of professional counsellors or therapist may be a right choice. Every one of us suffered from varying degrees of depressions at one time or another, and it’s nothing to be ashamed. In fact, the earlier she seeks professional help, the possibility of being healed would be faster.

3.       Sadly, many professional Feng Shui Masters are still relying on simplistic approach to get their clients to paint the wall and wear clothing to a specific colour. Don’t they know the elemental influences and Qi (energies) changes? Don’t they know the elemental influence of the Year pillar for every year is different? There are just too much Metal influences affecting Florence’s mind. She has to suppress her mental worries.

4.       Perhaps the Feng Shui in her house was manifesting more negative energies than positive ones. Perhaps she should not paint her bedroom’s wall in Gold colour. Yes, you read it right – GOLD colour.

Out of curiosity, I decided to plot Florence’s Bazi chart.

In a typical Bazi chart, there are four pillars (Year, Month, Day and Hour). The extra two pillars on the left are not common, but useful. The fifth pillar (Minutes) allows you to look at a person’s inner characteristics. The sixth pillar (Lunar), devised by me some years back, focused more on the hidden traits and actions, and subconscious characteristics of the person. You can do your own analysis on her Bazi chart!

I have given a quick short-term advice to Florence. Can anyone here help her as well? It doesn’t matter whether you are Feng Shui Master, Bazi expert, professional counsellor, therapist, psychiatrist, or just a concern caregiver. You can send me the details and I will send them to her.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

could ideally be changed to

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