What Goes Around Comes Around

Many of you are here for a purpose. Some of you have received personal invitations from me, while some are here because your friends or “celebrity idol” mentioned this site. Then, there are many who are here after doing an Internet search. Many of you have visited this web-log many times and it shows that you want to know more about how you can improve yourself and others, using my Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I must have done many good deeds previously, and I’m glad I did and will continue to do so. When I decided to focused on doing more research on the Power of Numbers (PON) method taught by Dr. Oliver Tan, I had received many intuitive hints from my subconscious mind – including those from my meditations and dreams. Soon enough, I could identify more behavioural and health patterns beyond the scope of PON. I quickly documented my findings and released my first EON book.

The flow of the positive energies is moving constantly. What goes around comes around. The moment we stop the flow, the positive energies become stagnant and would slowly emptied.

After I released my book, I setup this web-blog to continue my purpose – to teach and spread my knowledge and experiences on EON to all deserving ones. The reason you are here shows that you are the deserving ones. Whether we continue to get “connected” or not depends mainly on you. For the past few months, my knowledge and keen observation skills on EON have improved tremendously. This is because I continued to manifest the flow of the positive energies. What I receive, I share it with you. So, the positive energies continue to flow through you and others, and then back to me.

I had a dream early this morning. I heard an inner voice telling me to continue to share my EON knowledge to others as much as I can.  I woke up suddenly and found that it was around 5am. I briefly wrote the details on the small notepad on my table beside my bed. I then decided to meditate instead of continue sleeping since it’s a Sunday. While bringing myself to the alpha level in my meditation, my subconscious mind was telling me the reasons I should continue with my purpose of sharing EON with you.

And the reason – what goes around comes around. My knowledge was “uplifted” because I could share them with you. I give it out. In return, I received more intuitive hints from my subconscious mind.

You can be the same. What is important is NOT to stop the flow of the positive energies. When I passed the energies to you, you have to pass it on to others. You are just one of the many contact links to allow the positive energies to manifest. The moment you stop sharing your knowledge with others, you become the weakest link. The flow of positive energies would stop. When you don’t share your knowledge with others, the intuitive and subconscious hints would become restricted.  It’s that simple. When you learned something useful from me, share it with other people who are also the deserving ones.

Share the good feelings about this site and EON to your friends. Don’t worry about them knowing more than you. Rest assured the fear is unfounded. The more you share and teach, the more you will learn. I have experienced it and it can happen to you too. It is all about the “Law of Attraction” – when you manifest the positive energies to others, you will in turn, receive even more positive energies. The flow of the energies is moving because you ensure it happens.

Write down your friend’s email addresses in the “Tell Your Friends” section (near the bottom right of this page). Send them out and let the positive energies continue to flow on to others. Try it out and you will know what I mean. Soon, you will receive the positive energies. Your EON knowledge will improve.

Whenever I manifested the positive energies, I noticed there are always people (“Nobleman”) who is ready to help me willingly, without favours. I gave an EON presentation recently to members of a local computer society. The presentation was supposed to be a preview talk, but I decided to teach them the basic EON theory. It became a free workshop for those who attended. And because I pass on the positive energies, I received them “automatically”. The next day, one member sent me an email with an Excel spreadsheet attachment. You simply enter the birth date and it plotted out the EON birth chart and Personal Year charts.  It is about “synchronicity”, and is all about receiving positive energies and manifesting it further.

So, let the positive energies flow on to others. When one good deed deserves another, what goes around comes around.  “A Better Tomorrow Starts From Today.” You have a choice – make it happen.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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