Successful Head Start for Adam Khoo

The other day, Paul sent me an email with the birth date of Adam Khoo, a successful Singaporean entrepreneur who became a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Paul wanted to know whether it is possible to identify any success attributes in Khoo’s birth chart.

Let us look at Khoo’s birth chart, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Khoo was a stressful and active kid when young, and do not like to plan for his future (locations IJ). There was a hidden obstacle (hidden 5) and stubbornness in him. However, he could overcome these obstacles and his turning point came when he was 13 years old. His wealth was rising (1-2-3 in locations KLN).

It doesn’t matter whether his sudden change was because of the Super-Teen Camp he attended. Even if his parents did not sign him up for the residential program, Khoo would still be as successful as he is today. Maybe the success and entrepreneurship level may be different.

Khoo is still enjoying the wealth luck now. In the next few years, there may be aggressive efforts to outreach and expand his resources. The money would come real quick, and sometimes, goes out real fast too.

The 4-5-9 number combination reinforced the risk-taking attitude in him. In fact, many decisions made are not purely out of guts, but rather, the head (brain) and intuitions. He thinks hard, plays hard, and work smart! The three sets of number 9 denote success, properties, and high goals. It implied that Khoo would still enjoy a wealthy life until his later years. The fast and passionate character in him brings about the wealth and success for him. Smart and Lucky guy!

He needs to remind himself constantly not to be overcome by greed. He has to stay within the ethical line if he still wants to enjoy the success and wealth until his last breadth.

Now, let us look at other areas.

The 8-4-3 number combination is present. He has to spend quality time with his family, especially his wife. Communication, trust, and knowing the moral lines are important. The charismatic and “fiery passionate” traits may “misguided” him and these could manifest the negative energies instead. There may be cases of elderly person coming into his life, perhaps, straining the relationship further. Career and money is important, and so is family support.

Khoo is experiencing a “Double Effect” year in 2010. He is enjoying his “Double Blessing”. Hopefully, the “Double Whammy” energies are suppressed by the positive ones.

Apart from the money chase, Khoo has to take care of his health. He needs to tone down his temper and emotions, as these may hurt other’s feelings. He needs to cut down his sugar level too and take healthy meals. If he’s into fried and oily food, then he should lessen these as well to minimise any possibility of bad high cholesterol levels. And yes, drink enough water (not liquor).

He has to be wary of his investments next year as it may turn into a roller coaster effect for him. This may further stressed him up, to the point of affecting his relationship with his loved ones. He should avoid engaging in extreme or active sports, as there may be a possibility of getting injured on his head or limps (hands?). He needs to learn to relax too, to minimise overstraining his heart, emotional and mental health.

In his later years, the humanitarian trait in him would be more obvious. The need for him to do more charitable work may happen too.

If you happen to have the same birth date as Khoo, you could also be a successful and wealthy person in your own unique way. If you are not, then check your past actions and try to identify lost opportunities that you have missed. Perhaps your fear was more than your risk-taking feat. Perhaps, it could be your habits, the social lifestyle you had, or the family upbringing and family values.  Not everyone born on the same day would face the same “life path”, as the living and social environment you’re in also influenced the energies around you. The negative energies may vary depending on your positive actions.

The three people listed below have the same birth date as Khoo.

Derek Keith Barbosa (Chino XL)

Holger Hott (formerly Holger Hott Johansen)

Nnedi Okorafor (previously known as Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu)

They have similar traits, and have varying degrees of leadership and success energies in them.

Having a good successful and wealthy head start in life is great! But at the end of it all, having a life full of love, happiness, humbleness and gratitude would make life more fulfilled.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

Head Start for Adam Khoo

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