Volcano Eruptions and Earthquakes in 2010

Two words searched by users within the past 7 days attracted my attention – volcano and earthquake.

It seemed like these natural disasters are occurring more often than in previous years. Of late, we have typhoons, strong gusty winds, floods, smog and haze, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disaster.

Did the Mayan predicted doomsday or are they just running out of resources like stones to carve? What will happen to us on 21 December 2012? Will the people living in the East (like Asia, Asia Pacific) experience doomsday first than those living in the West (like Europe, America) due to the time zone difference? Are we able to celebrate the New Year and watch the fireworks display on 1 January 2013?

Perhaps you may want to check out this article to find out what the optimistic disbelievers are saying.

Now, doomsday or not, we still have a life to live on.

I have mentioned some of the possible events that may happen in 2010, and in some articles, hints on the possible events that may occur in 2011. Check out the following articles to find out the numerical observations on why it may happen.

The Need for Insurance
New superbugs emerging
Numerological Prediction Observations 2010

For other related articles, simply enter “forecast” in the search field and it will display a list of articles related to forecast.

Now, let us try to see whether we can associate the volcano eruptions and earthquakes with numbers, specifically using the Elements of Numbers (EON) theory.

The year 2010 in numbers

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Can you correlate the above elemental associations to the following incidents that happened in 2010?

  • The recent Tsunami, earthquake and Volcano eruptions in Indonesia and some other countries
  • The coal mine disasters in Chile, China, and in some other countries
  • The oil tanker collision and accidents resulting in oil spills this year
  • Cars recalled by manufacturers because of faulty parts
  • Fireworks and gas explosion
  • Floods and dam accidents

I have included more meanings associated to the elements in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Get a copy and check them out.

You would be able to understand why the year 2010 in EON could also suggest more people are suffering from depression and mental stress, and becoming more violent and abusive lately. And more people are suffering from heart-related problems caused by poor immune, lungs (respiratory) or kidney (urinal) health conditions.

Check my article “The Need for Insurance”. The symptoms on new, emerging viruses have already surfaced in recent months, and may intensify further next year. The recent announcement of new medical breakthrough in polio vaccine is a good healthy sign. There may be more medical breakthrough announced in 2011.

The energies are constantly in motion and do not start or stop on specific day. What may happen in 2011 could have already started, with the symptoms surfacing now. You may want to try out your own D-I-Y forecast on what may happen in 2011.

Oh yes… prevention is better and cheaper than cure. Get yourself medically insured for your own health’s sake!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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