EON Signs of SG by-election Day


“I love reading your blogs – very informative. You are very patient in writing and explaining,” wrote Adele in her email to me, with some questions that I could share my answers with you in a future article.

Today’s article is special. I’m touching base on something that’s close to the hearts of many Singaporeans – the forthcoming by-election for Punggol East on 26 Jan 2013. Rest assured this article has no political agenda.

I’m focusing on the predictive forecast for the by-election day (26/1/2013, Saturday) based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. And I’m sharing with you some techniques on how you can expand your analytical skills to look beyond the number theories that you may have learned elsewhere.

20130126_SG_BiElectionLet’s plot Singapore’s EON Chart and look at the Day chart for 26/1/2013.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who took up my free software offer in late December 2012, or who’d attended my EON Workshop sessions, simply plot SG chart and then tap on the Day number26’ of the ‘Personal Day Pillar’ row. You will then see the Day chart displayed on the top right. And if you want to plot the Combined Day chart, tap on the area showing the date ‘DMY: 26/1/2013(see finger pointers on screenshot).

Due to the political sensitivity, it’s not proper for me to share my forecast in this article.

Wait, don’t despair too soon.  Phew! 😉

So what you’re about to read in following paragraphs are based on my research experiences using EON. I hope you can learn useful techniques to help you identify tendency signs for future forecast analysis.

I’ve mentioned various traits and meanings associated to the number 6 in my book, the articles posted on this site, and extra signs” at the EON WORKSHOP sessions. We can associate the 6-6-6 pattern on locations N-O-Q of the Day chart with political stability, home and security, and wealth; besides other traits that you may be aware of. “Heh, the 6-6-6 has a ‘omen-like’ association,” I know a good friend would reminded me on that whenever he noticed such pattern. There’s some evidence based on his observations, but I felt it was inconclusive… and more research needs to be done. Perhaps I’ll share the ‘omen’ associations on another day, or at my 7th EON Workshop session in Feb/Mar 2013 once schedule is confirmed.

We can associate the universal vibes and the day energies that influence the conscious thoughts of the political parties on that day, with the presence of the patterns 9-(6-6)-3-6-9 [Goals-Stabilities-Quick-Home & Security-Success] on the Day chart.

20130126_SG_BiElection2We can associate the charts to the ruling party since they’re the incumbent party. There are signs of stressing activities on that day when we look further at the Combined Day Chart. Even then, the tendency signs of the 8-9-8 [Stress-Success-Movement] patterns in locations M-N-O suggest that on that day in Singapore, there could be movements and relentless pursuits in the minds of the political parties.

In EON, we can also associate the locations P-Q-R to the actions and resultants which is 8-7-6 [Movement-Supporters-Stability]. This means the political party must strive to convince their supporters to vote for them, to achieve the success and stability needed.

As I stretched my creative imaginations into the Five Elements metaphor, its colours and vibes became more obvious. The tendency signs of 8-8-8 in locations M-O-P could suggest

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Which political party would win the seat for Punggol East?

Let’s not stress ourselves unnecessary over the tendency signs. I believe those residents staying at Punggol East constituency would be matured, educated, and smart to decide their preferred Member of Parliament.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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